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  1. Why Rand Paul May Not Want the GOP to Find Its Obamacare BillThe Kentucky senator is undermining the only version of Obamacare repeal that has any chance of passing — and he may be wise to do so.
  2. Fox News Congratulates Rand Paul For Being Loyal Trump Stooge [Updated]The task of suppressing dissent against the president’s authoritarian tendencies falls to the GOP’s libertarian.
  3. While You Were Sleeping, Senators Took the First Step Toward Obamacare RepealParty unity generally held, but GOP senators were placed on record casting some politically dangerous votes.
  4. Trump Supposedly Opposes the GOP’s Obamacare Repeal PlanAt least, that’s what Senator Rand Paul is claiming. What now?
  5. Principled Libertarian Pledges to Support Authoritarian Strongman in NovemberRand Paul says he will support Donald Trump if he is the nominee.
  6. Why Rand Paul Went Nowhere FastHis non-interventionism and strategies for expanding the GOP base never caught on — and now he’s dropping out. 
  7. Rand Paul Gets Debate Demotion, Declares ‘War’ He’s not willing to “accept a designation as a minor campaign.”
  8. Rand Paul Will Boycott Undercard Debate Because He’s Not ‘Second Tier’On this Festivus, the senator is attempting quite the feat of strength.
  9. Ted Cruz’s Foreign-Policy Stance Is Outdated, But It Might Still WorkMaybe being between Rand Paul and Marco Rubio and near Donald Trump is the right place to be.
  10. Rand Paul Only Wants the Rich RefugeesOn Wednesday, the Kentucky senator called for ending welfare assistance to refugees and applying more screening to French visitors.
  11. GOP Candidates Whine About GreenroomsRepublicans believe in equality of opportunity, not of outcome.
  12. GOP to Rand Paul: Maybe Just Stick With SenateThey want him to focus on his Senate seat.
  13. Rand Paul: Let’s Not Impinge on Your Boss’s Freedom to Fire Gay PeopleHe is having another libertarian moment.
  14. Rand Paul and the Fizzling of America’s Libertarian MomentIt was overhyped from the start — but he certainly didn’t help.
  15. Rand Paul Reminds Ted Cruz That No One in the Senate Likes HimFinally, a 2016 beef that doesn’t involve Trump.
  16. Rand Paul Says Employed People Don’t Have Time for HeroinHe argued more jobs could help solve the addiction epidemic.
  17. Government Ashley Madison Users Have a Friend in Rand PaulHe said he doesn’t want to see them prosecuted — once someone explained what the site is.
  18. Rand Paul Won’t Have to Give Up His Senate Seat to Run for PresidentNow he just needs supporters. 
  19. Rand Paul Tries to Reason With Supporters of ‘Fake Conservative’ Donald TrumpThat’s not really their thing.
  20. The Winners and Losers of the First GOP Presidential DebateThe pundits have weighed in.
  21. Why Rand Paul Types Never Make It Past the PrimariesThey don’t have the type of authenticity voters really want.
  22. No White House for You, Rand PaulThe candidate who Rand his campaign into the ground.
  23. voting on style
    The Best and Worst of the 2016 Campaign MerchHillary Clinton pantsuit T-shirts, Rand Paul sports bras, and so much more.
  24. How the 2016 Presidential Candidates Have Responded to CharlestonWhile the Democrats bring up racism and gun control, the Republicans are talking about evil.
  25. the national interest
    Desperate-for-Attention Rand Paul Unveils Flat TaxCandidate wins coveted endorsement from team of kooks.
  26. Rand’s Favorite Band Thinks He’s RacistRush’s drummer says he’d never vote for Paul.
  27. U.S. Surveillance Powers Lapse After Senate Deal Is BlockedThree parts of the Patriot Act, including bulk phone data collection, have temporarily expired after Rand Paul blocked a deal on surveillance reform.
  28. Rand Paul’s Bizarre WWE-Style Super-Pac AdIt’s way too early for this.
  29. An Annotated Guide to Rand Paul’s Us Weekly FactsOld Rand loves a good root-beer float.
  30. Rand Paul Uses ‘Filibustering’ As Excuse to Give Really Long Campaign SpeechThe presidential candidate wants to talk about privacy even if it means no one gets a three-day weekend.
  31. Rand Paul’s Son Pleads Guilty to Driving Under the InfluenceWilliam Paul was cited for drinking and driving in April.
  32. Rand Paul Courts Cool Young Voters With ‘Don’t Drone Me, Bro’ T-ShirtsThe presidential candidate is reaching out to tech-savvy voters using catchphrases like, “What you do on your phone is none of the government’s damn business.”
  33. Rand Paul’s Son Cited for Drinking and DrivingWilliam Paul was issued a citation on Sunday for operating a vehicle while under the influence.
  34. 2016 Candidates Are Still Evolving on Gay MarriageEven some Republicans.
  35. Megyn Kelly Schools Rand Paul on His Terrible Interview TechniqueCalls him “thin-skinned” and “overly emotional.”
  36. Rand Paul Tells Savannah Guthrie How to Do Her Job in Cringeworthy InterviewThat would be a better way to approach an interview.”
  37. Rand Paul Promises to Illegally Trade Weapons for Hostages With IranIf we take him at his word, anyway.
  38. Rand Paul — Sorry, Doctor Rand Paul — Is Running for PresidentNot that you had any doubts.
  39. Stop the NSA From Spying on You With an Official Rand Paul Laptop-Camera BlockerBrowsing through the merchandise at the Rand Paul Store.
  40. Rand Paul Is Interesting, Said EveryoneSometimes, it feels like the only adjective people have been able to apply to the soon-to-be candidate.
  41. How Rand Paul Tried to Distance Himself From His DadTheir relationship is fine, but the senator has grown increasingly agitated by talk of his “daddy issues.”
  42. Rep. Peter King Is Not a Fan of Ted Cruz, Ex. 27I hope that day never comes.”
  43. Harry Reid Thanks Rand Paul for the Eye TipsThe possible presidential candidate is basically Congress’s WebMD.
  44. Rand Paul Looks for ‘Pot-Smoking Austinite’ VotersLooking for young Republicans at SXSW.
  45. Real-Life Ron Swanson Afraid of Being Compared to Ron SwansonFrankly he should be more afraid of comparisons to Ron Paul.
  46. Rand Paul Won the CPAC Straw Poll for the Third Year in a Row But that doesn’t mean much.
  47. At CPAC You Have the Right to Get WeirdAnd can be sure that a reporter wants to cover it all.
  48. Pinterest Deletes Parody Page Rand Paul Made to Troll Hillary ClintonRand Paul will troll on.
  49. Rand Paul to Enter Presidential Race, Escalate Trolling of 2016 Rivals in AprilApparently his Festivus tweet wasn’t an official announcement.
  50. Sorry, Rand Paul, Ronald Reagan Did Not Give Us the Clinton BoomIt’s only, like, his 79th craziest belief, but still.
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