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  1. reality bites
    Big Brother: All Stars Begins Production, But Coronavirus Is Always WatchingMany franchise favorites are poised to return.
  2. reunions
    Ethan Hawke Roasts Ben Stiller at Reality Bites Cast ReunionAnd credits Winona Ryder with getting him the part of Troy.
  3. bachelor nation
    Shocker: Bachelor in Paradise Couple Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray SplitGuess she finally listened to the haters.
  4. reality bites
    A&E Green-Lights Live Police Reality Show Live PDThe show will air with a delay, of course.
  5. Ethan Hawke on Chet Baker and Surviving Showbiz“Anytime I did a play, I would play a game with myself that Philip Seymour Hoffman was in the audience. ‘Okay, Phil’s out there, so you better do your best.’”
  6. 20th anniversaries
    Reality Bites’ Vickie Is the Ultimate Movie BFFTo celebrate the 1994 film’s 20th anniversary, Vulture pays tribute to Janeane Garofalo’s sassy Gap manager.
  7. vulture essays
    The Holden Caulfield Effect: Perspective’s a Hell of a ThingIt’s not just the characters who come of age.
  8. 90s nostalgia
    NBC Wants a Reality Bites TV ShowLet’s sit at a diner, smoke a hundred cigarettes, and talk this through.
  9. Ben Stiller Is Remaking ‘Reality Bites’ as an NBC ShowNearly 20 years after its release, Ben Stiller is prepping a TV adaptation of the first movie he ever directed. Deadline reports that Stiller […]
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    Don’t Forget: Watch Lifetime’s Anna Nicole Smith Biopic This Sunday“I’ll be buried as international celebrity and a balls to the wall party girl Anna Nicole Smith”
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    Brooklyn D.A. Gets Reality Show, Says Primary Challengers Are Just ‘Jealous’Charles Hynes is a D.A., plays one on TV.
  12. reality bites
    Fat Girl Revenge to Make Us Eat Many FeelingsAnd then how will we fight off bullies?
  13. reality bites
    The Bachelor Continues Boring-White-Dude Streak“Congratulations,” Sean Lowe.
  14. reality bites
    Whitney Houston’s Family Gets a Reality ShowOn Lifetime.
  15. reality bites
    TLC Defends Fake-Seeming Breaking AmishWe dub this scandal “Faking Amish.”
  16. reality bites
    Lance Bass Sells Celebrity Tag-Sale ShowCalled Celebrity Sellouts.
  17. reality bites
    The X Factor Bloodbath Indicates Simon Doesn’t See the Real ProblemBy making the firings public a week before last year’s winner airs her Super Bowl ad, it makes it clear this show is not about the singers.
  18. reality bites
    The Reality Stars’ Guide to BrandingBranding experts help us put together six rules for anyone wanting to build their own brand.
  19. movies
    The Reality Bites Reunion That’s NotA horror movie based on an Edith Wharton novel. Paging Winona Ryder!
  20. Reality Bites
    Bourdain Dodges Paula Deen Drama, Plays With BarbiesHe’s back home with a man tan and a new episode.
  21. propaganda
    Working at Morgan Stanley Is Fun and Sexy“Nothing is so intense. Nothing is so fun. Nothing is so interesting.”
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    Naomi Campbell Reportedly Couldn’t Commit to Britain’s Next Top ModelShe didn’t have enough time, so she never signed a contract to be a judge on the show.
  23. reality bites
    Big Brother Winner Turns Out to Be Big LoserAdam “Baller” Jasinski got arrested with over 2,000 OxyContin pills in his possession.
  24. reality bites
    Vera Wang Won’t Be on Dancing With the StarsShe’s probably focusing on, you know, finishing up her collection.
  25. reality bites
    NYC Prep Stars Inspire Line of Kooba HandbagsAnd they’re only $595 each.