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  1. encounter
    How Flavor of Love’s Tiffany Pollard Invented the InternetNew York will always be in the motherf*cking house.
  2. nothing can terrace apart
    This Episode of Terrace House Ends on a Cliff-hangerWe finish on an apparently fraught trip to the grocery store.
  3. advice
    What 10 Reddit Men Learned Watching the New Queer Eye“I would recommend it to anyone looking to see positive masculinity.”
  4. too real tv
    Nothing Can Terrace Apart: A Terrace House RecapLet’s discuss your favorite Japanese reality show.
  5. house rules
    The Bachelor: Winter Games Won’t Let Contestants Get Too DrunkNo more than two drinks per hour.
  6. profile
    Lisa Vanderpump Is the Royalty America CravesHow one Real Housewife rules the franchise.
  7. life of kylie
    Life of Kylie Leaves Us Knowing Less About Its StarI’ll take you through the dates each Life of Kylie episode was filmed, and tell you what would make better television.
  8. siesta key
    Here’s the Problem With the New Laguna BeachIts name is Alex.
  9. Thank God the World’s Most Boring Reality-TV Show Is BackIn praise of Eric & Jessie: Game On.
  10. bachelor in paradise
    DeMario Jackson’s Lawyer: Footage Will Show BiP Incident Was Consensual  Because “there’s video” is less awful?
  11. abc’s the bachelorette
    America Finally Has Its First Black BacheloretteRachel Lindsay, do you accept this fantasy of post-racial dating?
  12. is this real life
    Trump Is Basically Holding a Rose Ceremony for His Supreme Court PicksIs this the American government or an episode of The Bachelor?
  13. There’s Now a Dating Show in Which People Judge Each Other’s Naked BodiesSuddenly, Tinder is looking pretty great.
  14. q & a
    Paulina Porizkova: ‘I Feel Sorry for the Girls Who Are Modeling Now’The outspoken icon on aging and Photoshop.
  15. chat rooms
    UnREAL’s Mary on Her Tragic, ‘Heartbreaking’ Scene“I cried for, like, three weeks.”
  16. six degrees of kardashian
    The Kardashians Are the Center of Reality TVKeeping Up With the Kardashians is the Kevin Bacon of the genre, essentially.
  17. all the real girls
    Here Is Your First Girls Reality Show Girl: Hailey GlassmanReality television imitating scripted television imitating reality.
  18. reality television
    Bravo Is Making a Psychologist Reality ShowTitled LA Shrinks
  19. reality republicans
    Ann Romney Will Not Dance With the StarsSorry, America.
  20. cable news news
    CNBC Wants That Reality-Show MoneyIf you can’t beat ‘em …
  21. full circle
    Ted Williams Scored a TV ShowWell, how else did you think this story would end?
  22. pickup lines
    Roseanne Getting a Reality ShowThis should have happened like ten years ago?
  23. casting couch
    New Cast of Celebrity Apprentice Pretty WackadooLa Toya Jackson, Star Jones, Gary Busey, and Richard Hatch are just some of the contenders.
  24. oh em glee
    Ryan Murphy to Be Involved With Glee Reality Show After All“You’re never going to see the name ‘Glee’ and not know that Ryan’s involved.”
  25. hellivision
    LuAnn de Lesseps Apologizes for Her Daughter’s Lack of ClassBet that stung.
  26. unlikely fans
    James Gandolfini Prefers Real Housewives to Jersey ShoreHe has no love for ‘Jersey Shore,’ however.
  27. rhony
    Real Housewives of New York Gets New Cast MemberBravo confirms spa-owner Cindy Barshop will replace Bethenny.
  28. pickup lines
    Jersey Shore’s Pauly D Gets a SpinoffSorry, Snooki, he beat you.
  29. gays of our lives
    Bravo’s Gay Reality Show Still in Planning Phase, Would Feature ‘Less Drama’Than the drama-filled Logo show ‘The A-List,’ that is.
  30. pickup lines
    NBC to Air Idol Rival This SpringCan Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez stave off ‘The Voice of America’?
  31. ’mocialites
    Why Andy Cohen’s New Gay Show Will Hopefully Succeed by Failing at Its Goal [Updated]We have some thoughts about ‘From the Bottom to the Top.’
  32. exclusive
    A&E Pulls The Hasselhoffs Off Its ScheduleTwo little-seen episodes is all the Hoff will have.
  33. beef
    Ken Burns Really Hates Reality TV“What I reject is the idea that this has any intrinsic value whatsoever other than voyeurism.”
  34. keeping up with the kardashians
    The Kardashians Make Writer Daphne Merkin Feel GoodWhich is actually no small feat.
  35. america’s sweetheart
    Sarah Palin’s Viewership Dives With Second Episode of AlaskaAfter a big debut, the show lost young people.
  36. america’s sweetheart
    And Now, Watch Sarah Palin Smack a Giant Fish in the HeadAll that and more from last night’s ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’!
  37. pickup lines
    NBC Making a Reality Show About CatchIt’s extreme catch!
  38. american idol
    Changes Coming to American IdolThe show will cut out a round and add new challenges, like making a music video.
  39. real sex
    The Playboy Channel Learns Women Aren’t Wild About Stupid, Gross, Cheap PornBut they’ll watch people have sex if it’s part of a reality-TV show.
  40. casting couch
    Johnny Weir to Host Skating With the StarsHe’ll judge Bethenny Frankel’s toe-loops.
  41. america’s sweetheart
    Premiere of Sarah Palin’s Alaska Breaks TLC Record With Nearly 5 Million ViewersTake that, ‘What Not To Wear.’
  42. afflictions
    Rachel Uchitel Is Addicted to LoveThat’s what her affair with Tiger Woods was about. Romance.
  43. reality tv
    NBC Officially Orders the Bachelor-Survivor Reality Hybrid Love in the WildNext summer, look for outdoor adventure to meld with outdoor making out.
  44. america’s sweetheart
    Sarah Palin’s Alaska Is Big (and Small)“You can see Russia from here! Almost.”
  45. inevitablity
    Congress Welcomes Its First Former Real World–erSean Duffy, of ‘The Real World: Boston,’ is now a Republican congressman.
  46. casting couch
    Bethenny Frankel, Sean Young Sign Up for Skating With the StarsVince Neil and Rebecca Budig have also volunteered to fall down a lot on national TV.
  47. early and awesome
    Dancing With the Stars Is the Most Bi-partisan Show on TelevisionThe show has brought in the most ad purchases for both parties.
  48. hellivision
    Multiple Countries Believe Tricking Parents Into Thinking Their Kid’s Marrying a Star is a Good IdeaIt’s a concept that transcends nationality.
  49. teen mom
    MTV’s Teen Moms Can Provide For Their Children Thanks to MTV’s Teen MomThey make up to $65,000 per season.
  50. breaking
    CBS Develops a Reality Show for Celebrity NamesakesIf you share the name of, say, Betty White, and none of the talent, you could be a star! (For a night, anyway.)
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