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  1. sober questioning
    Ask Ana Marie Cox (Almost) Every Question You’ve Ever Had About SobrietyThe Cut’s new biweekly column is talking drinking, not drinking, and everything in between.
  2. recovery
    Demi Lovato Was Legally Blind Following Her 2018 Overdose“I didn’t leave myself time to really feel sad about it. I just was like, how do I fix it?”
  3. recovery
    John Mulaney Has Checked Out of RehabThe comedian is reportedly “doing well” and will continue his sobriety work at an outpatient facility.
  4. recovery
    Addiction in IsolationAdjusting to video-chat 12-step programs.
  5. recovery
    Metallica Postpones World Tour As James Hetfield Goes to Rehab“He has now, unfortunately, had to re-enter a treatment program to work on his recovery.”
  6. q&a
    She Was a Brain Expert — Until She Lost Her MemoryHow neuroscientist Jill Bolte Taylor rebuilt her career after a health crisis.
  7. recovery
    Jonathan Van Ness Reveals He Was a Former Sex and Drug Addict“I was too fat, too femme, too loud, and too unlovable.”
  8. this! is! wonderful!
    Daily Double Dose of Joy: Alex Trebek Is ‘On the Mend’ and Back at Jeopardy!He’s Treback, baby!
  9. recovery
    Jussie Smollett Returns to Stage Days After Attack: ‘I Will Only Stand for Love’“I had to be here tonight.”
  10. recovery
    Demi Lovato Says She’ll ‘Someday’ Share Her Overdose Story“Until I’m ready to share that with people please stop prying and making up shit.”
  11. recovery
    Aerosmith’s Joe Perry Hospitalized After Collapsing at Billy Joel ConcertThe duo performed “Walk This Way” before the health scare.
  12. recovery
    Demi Lovato Is Out of RehabShe was seen looking “happy and healthy” in Beverly Hills on Saturday.
  13. recovery
    Demi Lovato’s Mother Says She is 90 Days SoberShe has been in rehab since July, after an overdose.
  14. celebrity
    Demi Moore Says She ‘Never Felt Good Enough’ Before Recovery“I had absolutely no value for myself.”
  15. science of us
    Is There Such Thing As an Addictive Personality?It depends how you define addiction.
  16. recovery
    Demi Lovato Speaks Out Following Her Drug Overdose: ‘I Will Keep Fighting’“I now need time to focus on my sobriety.”
  17. exercise
    Working Out Too Much? There’s a Fitness Class to Fix That.The backlash to bootcamp has arrived.
  18. Puerto Rico’s Recovery Depends on Updating Economic PolicyThe temporary suspension of the protectionist Jones Act is a good start.
  19. recovery
    Will Harvey Make Houston’s Boom Go Bust?The storm dealt a severe blow to the backbone of the U.S. oil refining and petrochemical industries, but Houston’s economy may be able to bounce back.
  20. sober companion
    SNL’s Pete Davidson Is Happy to Say He’s ‘Sober for the First Time in 8 Years’“I quit drugs and am happy.”
  21. recovery
    Amy Winehouse Foundation Opens Home for Women in RecoveryAmy’s Place, in East London, is a residence for women recovering from drug addiction.
  22. recovery
    What It’s Like to Be on the Heroin-Blocking Drug VivitrolThere’s only ordinary life to contemplate — in all its beauty and banality.
  23. first person
    Getting Engaged Meant Facing My Anorexia AgainAfter being proposed to, a terrifying thought appeared in my mind like skywriting: I’ll have to get in shape.
  24. Good Causes
    Parm Is Donating All Opening-Day Sales From Its Battery Park City Outpost toHe suffered a serious spinal injury during the May Amtrak derailment.
  25. recovery
    Hurricane Sandy Aid Money Does Not Come Quickly, in a Dump TruckMayor Bloomberg outlines the plan for the first $1.7 billion, arriving in the spring.
  26. Recovery
    Checking In on Court Street Grocers and La Newyorkina’s Post-Sandy PlansTwo food businesses are trying to bounce back after the storm.
  27. recovery
    Green Day Front Man Billie Joe Armstrong’s Rehab Is Going WellThe band’s touring again.
  28. Video Feed
    Stephen Starr on the Fiscal Cliff: Keep Calm and Continue Eating and DrinkingStarr’s plans for 2013 are to keep going about his business.
  29. hurricane sandy
    The State of the City: Picking Up the Pieces After Hurricane SandyWhat’s working and what’s not?
  30. Artie Lang Is Working on His Second BookArtie Lang has been out of the spotlight since a suicide attempt at the beginning of last year. He’s been dealing with his demons and getting […]
  31. eminem
    Eminem and Katy Perry Were the Best-Selling Artists of 2010Eminem’s ‘Recovery’ is the best-selling album since 2007.
  32. recoveries
    Eminem’s Recovery Tops the Billboard Charts’Eclipse’ and ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’ were up there, too.
  33. eminem
    Eminem Has 2010’s Biggest Sales DebutIn fact, ‘Recovery’ sells more in first week than any record since October 2008.
  34. words
    Breaking Down Eminem’s Recovery Lyrics“Now you get to watch her leave out the window / Guess that’s why they call it window pane.”
  35. money
    Eminem’s First Week Sales: Huge!He’s looking at somewhere around 600,000 units shipped.
  36. music
    Download Two Bonus Tracks Off Eminem’s Recovery“Session One” and the Dr. Dre–produced “Ridaz.”
  37. music
    See Pauly Shore’s Homemade Eminem Commercial’Recovery’: not enough accents.
  38. music
    Vince the Shamed ShamWow Guy Shills for Eminem NowAs seen on last night’s Celtics versus Lakers game.
  39. leak of the week
    Leaked: Eminem’s Back! Again!His self-billed true return to form is here.
  40. music
    Hear Eminem’s Songs With Rihanna and Lil WayneTwo new tracks off ‘Recovery.’
  41. music
    Eminem Plays Superhero in His ‘Not Afraid’ Video’Recovery’ drops June 18.
  42. recovery
    Lil Wayne and Rihanna Guest on New Eminem AlbumRead the full track list.
  43. announcements
    Wait, Eminem Is Putting Out a New AlbumIt’s just not called ‘Relapse 2.’