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  1. games
    Winning Ain’t What It Used to BeThe twin goals of maximizing profit and maximizing championships aren’t aligned anymore for modern sports franchises.
  2. white house
    The White House Welcomes the World Champion Boston ‘Red Socks’That’s not how it’s spelled.
  3. baseball
    Boston Celebs Absolutely Cannot Get Over the Red Sox Win Last NightSpotted: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, post-divorce.
  4. select all
    The Red Sox Used an Apple Watch to Cheat at BaseballFinally, a use for the Apple Watch.
  5. boston bombing
    Ortiz to Reenact Boston Bombing Speech for MovieOf course.
  6. the sports section
    ESPN Fires Curt Schilling for ‘Unacceptable’ ConductA transphobic Facebook post was the last straw for the former Red Sox pitcher.
  7. photo ops
    David Ortiz Takes Latest Presidential Selfie Is this over yet?
  8. the sports section
    Red Sox Fans Celebrate World Series Win at Marathon Finish LineThe first victory at home since 1918.
  9. early and awkard
    Bill de Blasio Admits He’s a Huge Boston Red Sox FanScandal.
  10. Beer
    Can the Red Sox Drink Beer Again?“The Red Sox had a chance over the winter … to sweep out the problem children, and jettison the “I Like Beer” backup singers to parts unknown,” one reporter laments.
  11. yankees
    The Yankees Take BostonAhhh, Yankees–Red Sox. It’s been too long!
  12. Mysteries
    Batter Up IndeedClemens eats Kowloon; Ortiz goes for sausage.
  13. early and awkward
    Yankees President Randy Levine Donated $2,500 to Scott BrownTraitor!
  14. Springtime
    Local Restaurateurs Breathe a Sigh of ReliefMarathons and Red Sox games make people eat out.
  15. Mediavore
    Red Sox Unveil Private Dining Club; McDonald’s Burn Victims File LawsuitsPlus Alicia Silverstone’s spawn and more, all in our morning news round-up.
  16. World Records
    Just So Long As There’s No Beer or Fried ChickenFenway tries to break a grape juice world record.
  17. Beer Me
    But What About Fried Chicken?The Red Sox won’t be swilling beer in the clubhouse this season.
  18. It’s A Wrap
    Will the Sox Eat Wraps in the Dugout This Year?Bobby Valentine just might have invented the wrap.
  19. Red Sox
    Where Should the Sox Eat, If Not Popeye’s?We’re guessing their fried-chicken days are over.
  20. Red Sox
    Five Reasons to Go to Occupy Fenway TonightChange the world, one beer at a time.
  21. Fried Chicken
    Maybe There’s Something to the Red Sox Fried Chicken Rumor After AllTerry Francona, it’s not all your fault.
  22. Vices
    Were the Red Sox Brought Down by Too Much Fried Chicken?Junk food and beer are blamed for the Red Sox’s downfall.
  23. Folks Were Pretty Confident in Those Red SoxA collection of inauspicious predictions.
  24. Finally, Boston Gets Some RecognitionThis ESPN The Magazine has news for you.
  25. Erik Bedard Got Served by a Yankees FanThe rivalry gets litigious.
  26. While the Red Sox Sink, the Yankees Tread WaterThe Yankees puttered through another weekend while the Sox tumbled further.
  27. Foodievents
    Bleacher Bar’s Seeking Sandwiches and Offering RewardsThe Bleacher Bar wants you to design them a sandwich.