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  1. [redacted]
    James Comey Is Serving Up Cheeky Cocktails at His Book Party[REDACTED].
  2. [redacted]
    U.S. State Department’s Anti-Censorship Strategy? Funding the BBCTo develop anti-jamming technology so citizens in Iran and China can access the news.
  3. iraq movies
    Jarhead to Hurt Locker: How Iraq Movies Got GoodHas Hollywood finally beaten the Iraq Curse?
  4. Review Of The Week: Well, If Your Wife Says So!
  5. leak of the week
    Oscar Screeners Leak Online, Pirates Saved a Trip to the Movie TheaterIf by some crazy chance you’d like to watch excellent brand-new movies for free in the privacy of your own home while other chumps trek all the way to the theater to pay for them, you’re in luck!
  6. apropos of nothing
    Which Awards-Bait Movies Are Actually Making Money?Answer: Hardly any!
  7. apropos of nothing
    Box-Office Shock: Families Spurn Dylan Biopic, Iraq War Drama in Favor of Family FilmsUnbelievable!
  8. news reel
    Brian De Palma Gives Up in the Battle Over ‘Redacted’Brian De Palma’s exit strategy.
  9. the projectionist
    De Palma Versus Cuban: Edelstein Enters the RingToday David Edelstein throws his considerable critical weight into the controversy over whether real photos of injured soldiers belong in Brian De Palma’s Redacted.
  10. the industry
    Master P and Seth Green Together at LastR.E.M., Halloween, and more!