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  1. press pause
    House Passes Bill to Block RefugeesSince it still seems unlikely the bill will become law, it probably won’t do much else than that. 
  2. Virginia Mayor Praises Japanese InternmentHe approvingly cites Roosevelt’s policy of Japanese internment.
  3. De Blasio Jumps Into Scrum Over RefugeesThe mayor said turning them away would be “to hand terrorists a victory over our democracy.”
  4. Jeb Bush Says He Wouldn’t Ban Syrian RefugeesJeb Bush may be low-energy, but when it comes to Syrian refugees, he isn’t low-empathy.
  5. last-ditch fearmongering
    Vitter Campaign Goes All In on Refugee HysteriaTrailing badly, Vitter portrays his Democratic opponent as soft on Syrian orphans.
  6. migrant crisis
    The U.S. Will Accept More Refugees, But That Won’t Help Many SyriansFor most people displaced by the Syrian civil war, America’s response is too little, too late.
  7. Croatia Overwhelmed by Thousands of MigrantsThe European Union’s muddled response to the crisis is now on full display.
  8. Pope Francis’s Refugee Morality PlayFrancis applies familiar Catholic values and waits for the world’s knees to buckle.
  9. United States Will Accept 10,000 Syrian RefugeesAfter Kerry said Wednesday that the U.S. would increase the total number of refugees to 75,000.
  10. birthdays
    Malala Marked Her First Day of Adulthood by Opening a School The Nobel Peace Prize–winning activist spent the day with Syrian refugees in Lebanon.
  11. international intrigue
    Lebanon Would Like Syria to Please Stop Sending Refugees AlreadyPlease.