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  1. two and a half men
    Sheen Will Enter Rehab, Men to Suspend ProductionThe actor is to appear in court for further proceedings on March 15.
  2. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods Reportedly Not Good at Sex RehabWhy does this not surprise us?
  3. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods Seemingly Photographed Outside of Sex-Rehab FacilityHeh, Gentle Path.
  4. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods Isn’t Allowed to MasturbateSources at a Mississippi sex-rehab clinic gave writer Benoit Denizet-Lewis a peek into what the disgraced golf great is going through.
  5. aerosmith
    Steven Tyler Heading to RehabHe plans to resume “writing, recording and performing with Aerosmith as soon as things are handled.”
  6. the industry
    Samuel L. Jackson Kills Congressman for CBSPlus: Wilmer Valderrama! Monsters! Dashed dreams!
  7. Closings
    Performance AnxietyRehab closes; the Knitting Factory reopens (in Tribeca??).
  8. On the Market
    Former Save the Robots Space Is for SaleOne of New York City’s most infamous nightlife addresses can be yours.
  9. in other news
    Richard Quest Enters RehabThe CNN reporter, arrested earlier this week in Central Park for meth possession, has checked into the ‘hab.
  10. run through
    Rehab Shmehab! Mendes Lands Another Calvin Klein CampaignEva Mendes can’t lose. When most other starlets hit the damage-control circuit post-rehab, Mendes remained the face of Calvin Klein fragrance and even got a free shopping spree on her birthday.
  11. run through
    Eva Mendes Gets Out of Rehab and Gets SweatersEva Mendes’s plans to appear in Calvin Klein perfume ads were thwarted when she went to rehab several weeks ago. But Mendes is out — yay! — and it appears her relationship with the label is still going strong.
  12. gossipmonger
    PETA Causes a Ruckus in the House of Donna KaranA PETA protester accosted designer Donna Karan inside her Central Park West apartment after an assistant mistakenly let her in. Kyle MacLachlan and his wife are expecting a child. Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore, and a host of other stars all turned out for Madonna’s “Raising Malawi” (Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon did not, however, after learning that the event was sponsored by Gucci). Rachel Zoe came to Fashion Week with eight suitcases, two of which were for accessories. R.E.M. played a series of impromptu shows on the Lower East Side earlier this week.
  13. loose threads
    Lacoste Is So Over the Celebrity Thing• Lacoste doesn’t like famous people. No, seriously: “We don’t really care about personalities,” said Lacoste designer Christophe Lemaire. “We feel it’s a stupid game to play. There are so many famous people wearing Lacoste anyway, we don’t need to pretend or show off.” [WWD]
  14. it just happened
    Marc Jacobs Goes to Rehab Marc Jacobs went into rehab today, his business partner Robert Duffy announced, and it’s hard not to feel bad for him. He’s struggled with addiction for years, and it’s a relief to see that he’s on top of the problem this time around. He pulled off fantastic shows in New York (Marc Jacobs), London (Marc by Marc Jacobs), and Paris (Louis Vuitton) last month, and is expected back the second week in April, which should give him plenty of time to get to work on the collections for the September shows. We’ll be waiting for his next chapter. —Amy Larocca Lost and Found [NYM] Marc Jacobs in Rehab [WWD]