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  1. reminders
    Reminder: Just Be Kind to the People Who Ensure You Get to Eat“We just need to get out of our heads right now to gain some perspective…”
  2. reminders
    You Should Really Go Eat This SaladThere are two weeks left to try Grub Street’s latest signature salad.
  3. by the way
    Dear World, We Still Don’t Want to Talk About Climate Change. Love, the GOPP.S. If the globe is warming, why do we still have snow? XOXO
  4. best bets
    Here’s a Fun Way to Set Reminders for YourselfDo it analog-style.
  5. reminders
    A Boss Who Used to Roll Her Eyes at Moms RepentsA female manager says she was blind to her biases against working parents — until she had a kid of her own.
  6. reminders
    All of Vulture’s Orange Is the New Black RecapsRemind yourself.
  7. Reminder: Tonight’s ‘Community’ Was Written by Oscar Winner Jim RashThis is just a reminder that Jim Rash, who plays weirdo Dean Pelton on Community AND won an Oscar last year for co-writing The Descendants, […]
  8. Reminder: Vote For the Best Sitcom of the SeasonIf you have yet to vote in our poll to determine what the best comedy series of the season was, there’s still time! Vote now! The polls close […]
  9. reminders
    This Is Your Last Chance to Join Our NCAA Tournament PoolYou have until 12:15 p.m., so get picking!
  10. reminders
    You’re Running Out of Time to Join Our NCAA Tournament Pool!The deadline is 12:15 p.m. tomorrow.
  11. reminders
    Don’t Forget to Sign Up for Our NCAA Tournament Pool!It’s quite easy. Also, it’s free.
  12. Two Things You Should Really ReadIn case you missed them last week when I was not posting newsy linky things, here are two great longer reads worth your attention: Patton […]
  13. spring ahead fall back
    Wait, What Time Is It?It’s Daylight Saving day, and your iPhone might be lying to you.