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  1. now streaming
    The 30 Best Movies on Netflix Right NowCrimson Peak, Fury, The Babadook, and more.
  2. performance review
    J.Lo’s Never-Ending Love StoryIn This Is Me … Now, she returns to her rom-com roots. Is she tired of repeating herself?
  3. art review
    The Met’s Tremendous Harlem Renaissance Show Redefines ModernismJerry Saltz says we’ve gotten everything wrong about the big bang of 20th century art.
  4. it’s theater season
    Amy Herzog and Sam Gold Are Just a Couple of Ibsen LoversEarly in their relationship, they decided never to work together. But neither could resist adapting Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People for Broadway.
  5. the national interest
    Trump Has Finally Remade Republicans Into Putin’s PlaythingsHis admiration of Russia no longer renders him strange or suspect within the party.
  6. listings edit
    This Week’s Worth-It New York City Apartment ListingsFrom Brighton Beach to Hudson Yards, this week’s best “beach” houses.
  7. how i got this baby
    The Mom Who Left Her Husband at 20 Weeks Pregnant“He had been lying about being in a master’s program for a year and a half. I had thought he was going to be graduating in June.”
  8. it’s theater season
    The Playwright on HIV Med StrikeThree months ago, Victor I. Cazares decided to stop taking their pills — until the New York Theatre Workshop calls for a cease-fire in Gaza.
  9. restaurant review
    Alma Negra Is a Perfect Neighborhood RestaurantLittle buzz, no influencers, and excellent tamales in Gowanus.
  10. street view
    The Showman Becomes the RealistBjarke Ingels and the limitations of building in New York.
  11. vulture sports
    Before the Show, It’s the BAFTA PartyThe fortunes of the Barbenheimer twins continue to sadly diverge.
  12. drug wars
    The Empty Adderall FactoryA drugmaker’s feud with the DEA is exacerbating the ADHD meds crisis — at a rate of 600 million missing doses a year.
  13. now streaming
    30 Essential Movies to Stream on the Criterion ChannelRenoir, Lynch, Tarkovsky, and other treats for film buffs.
  14. parenting
    Can Parents Prevent Their Sons From Sliding to the Right?It might feel dangerous to let a teen explore reactionary and unformed pseudo-ideologies. But no one should get canceled at the dinner table.
  15. now streaming
    The 25 Best Movies on Hulu Right NowCall Me by Your Name, 12 Years a Slave, Heat, and more.
  16. look book
    The Look Book Goes to Mohan MatchmakingMore than 1,000 South Asian singles gathered at the Times Square Sheraton for a two-day dating convention.
  17. spring fashion
    Bring Back These ’00s TrendsBallet flats, Juicy Couture sweat suits, UGGs — the early-aughts fashion revival seems to be sticking around.
  18. are u coming?
    Packing for Paris With Alex ConsaniThe massively popular TikTok star–slash–model is doing all of Fashion Month with a carry-on.
  19. spring fashion
    Where New York City Tweens Actually Like to ShopWhat we learned surprised us.
  20. spring fashion
    Paloma Elsesser on the Price of Being ‘First’I made modeling history. Then the internet made me wish I hadn’t.
  21. first person
    How I Got Scammed Out of $50,000I’m still trying to understand why I fell for it.
  22. spring fashion
    Would You Spend $860 on These Stretchy Pants?How High Sport made something so basic so coveted.
  23. decisions
    The Lure of DivorceSeven years into my marriage, I hit a breaking point. Since then, I’ve had to decide whether life would be better without my husband in it.
  24. screen time
    Is Jacob Elordi Too Tall to Be a Movie Star?The six-foot-five heartthrob appears to be breaking Hollywood’s height barrier.
  25. spring fashion
    Greta Lee Is Getting Used to ThisTwenty years into her career, she got her first starring role in Past Lives. Now she’s all over red carpets and on best-dressed lists.
  26. the national interest
    Trump to Put Election Deniers Lara Trump, Michael Whatley in Charge of GOPRemoving “Romney” from Ronna McDaniel’s name wasn’t enough loyalty.
  27. spring fashion
    17 Designer Handbags That Reflect the Real YouIt all used to be simple. Now, there are a gazillion niche bags that say something precise about their carriers.
  28. spring fashion
    The Return Grift Is OverOnline retailers have finally caught on to shoppers abusing their too-easy return policies. The punishment? Lifetime bans.
  29. spring fashion
    You Can’t Box Yseult InMeet the French singer, model, and bag obsessive — who’s here for more than just luxury labels.
  30. encounter
    You Don’t Know The Whistler?Molly Lewis is L.A.-famous for her very particular skill set. Now, she’s coming to New York.
  31. early and often
    Inside the Three-Way Race to Fill California’s Senate SeatAdam Schiff, Katie Porter, and Barbara Lee each represent a distinct way forward for liberals. But the decision might have already been made for them.
  32. housing
    The Eco–Yogi Slumlords of BrooklynHow did a couple who built an empire of yoga studios, vegan restaurants, and homes with “living walls” end up as pandemic villains?
  33. song review
    Beyoncé’s New Country Songs Are Plain Ol’ FunAnd bound to upset the worst kind of people.
  34. esther calling
    ‘I Lost My Husband to Suicide. How Do I Recover Who I Was Before?’Your joy is still alive within you, Esther Perel tells this week’s caller, and if you remember it, you will find love again.
  35. spring fashion
    Bryanboy Hasn’t Missed a Fashion Week in Over a DecadeBryan Yambao, the front row’s most enduring influencer, looks back at his most memorable runway-adjacent moments
  36. spring fashion
    What It Actually Costs to Be a Fashion DesignerThey can dress celebrities, win awards, and still be one paycheck away from shuttering.
  37. bars
    The Best Alt-inis in New York, RankedThey’re called martinis, but each of these drinks is something else entirely.
  38. spring fashion
    Julianne Moore’s Dangerous HousewivesThe actress doesn’t believe it’s possible to know yourself. That’s why her best characters are searching for an answer.
  39. foreign interests
    What Happens If Israel Is Found Guilty of Genocide?The specter hanging over the U.S. at the ICJ trial.
  40. the money game
    Bill Ackman Strikes BackHis fight has made him the public face of a billionaire class anxious it no longer rules the world.
  41. the national interest
    Final Proof That Trump’s Appeal Was Never About the EconomyBiden delivers working-class prosperity, working class still loves Trump.
  42. screen time
    Apple’s Vision Pro Isn’t for Everyone — But It’s Still a Home RunConsider it a revolutionary experiment to prove that goggle computing can work.
  43. the national interest
    Trump Says He’d ‘Encourage’ Russia to Attack NATO Allies Who Don’t Pay UpSo much for Russia being afraid to start wars if he were in office.
  44. now streaming
    The 30 Best Movies on Paramount+ Right NowPast Lives, Titanic, Clueless, and more.
  45. now streaming
    The 30 Best Horror Movies on ShudderA guide to the streaming service’s most chilling offerings.
  46. trending
    When a Tell-All Documentary Is Just Another Press ReleaseThese days, docs about pop stars feel publicist-approved — and they always seem to contain the same safe elements.
  47. books
    Lucy Sante: Here She Comes NowThe author of ‘Low Life’ and ‘Kill All Your Darlings’ tried to keep a safe distance from herself — and her own desires. Until, at 66, she broke free.
  48. on with kara swisher
    On With Kara Swisher: Rahm Emanuel on the Appeal of Post-COVID Political CalmThe U.S. Ambassador to Japan shares some thoughts from abroad on the looming Biden-Trump rematch.
  49. announcements
    Introducing the Love Is Blind Club NewsletterWatch and dissect the sixth installment of reality-TV’s great “experiment” alongside New York’s writers and editors.
  50. how i got this baby
    The Mom Who Told Her Cousin She Could Adopt Her Next Baby“I wrote explaining my reasons for not wanting to do it anymore — later, she saw me in a parking lot and tried to hit me with her car.”
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