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  1. housing
    The Eco–Yogi Slumlords of BrooklynHow did a couple who built an empire of yoga studios, vegan restaurants, and homes with “living walls” end up as pandemic villains?
  2. landlords
    Restaurants Need Rent Relief. Are ‘Recovery Leases’ the Answer?A new proposal aims to aid struggling small businesses.
  3. my two cents
    How Do I Get My Landlord to Lower My Rent?We’re barreling toward a national housing crisis. Get ready to negotiate.
  4. the top line
    COVID-19 Is Changing Many Things — But Not Apartment RentsEven during this extremely unstable time, the cost to rent a home has so far remained surprisingly stable.
  5. winter tca 2019
    Fox Exec Probably Wishes He Didn’t Tell Rent: Live Cast to ‘Break a Leg’“Sunday morning, I came in early and rewrote a lot of notes.”
  6. rent
    From the Desk of an Obsessive Rent FanA Rent-aholic reviews the pre-recorded Rent Live.
  7. no day like yesterday
    Why Rent: Live Wasn’t Actually LiveThe actor playing Roger broke his foot in a dress rehearsal, and Fox didn’t have an understudy.
  8. tv ratings
    Rent: Live Was the Least-Watched Live TV MusicalBut it’s not all bad news for Fox: Rent didn’t reach a big audience, but it did reach a desirable demo.
  9. no day but yesterday
    Did You Catch All the Changes in Rent: Live?Maureen super cheated.
  10. no day but yesterday
    The Highs and Lows of Rent: LiveThe live musical that wasn’t actually live. Until the very end.
  11. no day but yesterday
    Here’s Footage From the Actually Live Version of Rent That Fox Didn’t Air Roger in a wheelchair.
  12. musicals
    Vanessa Hudgens Broke the Cardinal Rule of All Theatre KidsI know, it’s awful.
  13. tv musicals
    Brandon Victor Dixon, Vanessa Hudgens to Go Ouuut Tonight With Live Rent MusicalTake them or leave them.
  14. tonys 2018
    Marjory Stoneman Douglas Students Sing Rent’s ‘Seasons of Love’ at the TonysAfter Stoneman Douglas drama teacher Melody Herzfeld received the Excellence in Theatre Education Award.
  15. vulture lists
    What’s New on Netflix: January 2018The Truman Show, The Godfather trilogy, Bring It On, and more.
  16. roll clip!
    The Riverdale Teens Let Loose and Sing RentWhere can you go out tonight in Riverdale anyway?
  17. closings
    Bobby Flay Will Close Bar Americain in MidtownMidtown’s 13-year-old brasserie shutters in January.
  18. cast recordings
    The Hamilton Cast Recording Has Officially Sold More Than Rent’sHamilton now moves into sixth place on the all-time list for Broadway’s best-selling cast albums.
  19. musicals
    Fox Is Giving Rent the Live Musical TreatmentFive hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes of … something.
  20. A New Report Finds New York City Really Is Too Expensive for RestaurantsIt’s not just the rent, it’s everything.
  21. The Weird Socialist Logjam That Gives Stockholmers 20-Year Apartment WaitsMaybe Scandinavia isn’t the best at everything after all.
  22. vulture festival 2016
    Vulture Festival Is Hosting a Rent Sing-along!It’ll take place at Milk Studios on Sunday, May 22.
  23. RENT: The Oral HistoryTwenty years after Jonathan Larson’s posthumous triumph arrived on Broadway, the cast relives the rise of a musical that changed theater.
  24. who can still afford to live here?
    Stuyvesant Town Sale Will Keep Half of the Complex AffordableWell, for another 20 years, anyway.
  25. The Chain Gang
    It Won’t Be Long Before Most U.S. Restaurants Are ChainsMom-and-pops account for 54 percent of American restaurants, and that number’s dropping.
  26. Closings
    Another 20-Year-Old New York Café Is ClosingCafé Pick Me Up is the latest victim of rent hikes.
  27. Welcome Back
    Bonnie Slotnick Has Reopened Her Treasured Cookbook Shop in the East Village“It’s so nice to be in a place where the people who own the building want me here and care about me.”
  28. Interviews
    Bonnie Slotnick on the Struggle to Save Her Cherished Cookbook Shop“I am the store and the store is me.”
  29. Rent
    Danny Meyer Says Rising Rents Are Crushing New York’s Neighborhood“There are neither victims nor villains in this story,” Meyer writes.
  30. Temporary Closings
    Union Square Cafe Will Close and Move to New LocationThe good news is that you’ve got until the end of 2015 to get in there.
  31. Rent
    Little Italy Restaurateurs Grapple With Huge Rent HikesIt’s time to go eat some ziti.
  32. Rent
    Enormous Rent Hike May Close Big Nick’s on the UWSNick Imirziades says his rent has increased by $20,000 a month.
  33. pop culture memory lane
    How Casey Wilson Kidnapped a Rent ActorIn this new co-production with the Upright Citizens Brigade, Wilson (and her animated self) remembers her near-kidnapping of a Rent understudy.
  34. Big Head Todd
    Todd English in Hot Water (Again) Over Missed Rent PaymentsAnother day, another lawsuit for the woebegone chef.
  35. Real Estate
    Former Life Café to Be Split in HalfTwo spaces for ‘Rent.’
  36. Rent
    Rent’s Life Café Is Officially La Vie B’OverSupport the Bushwick location.
  37. real estate
    You Probably Can’t Afford to Live in ManhattanRents are back up to pre-recession levels.
  38. The Chain Gang
    How Much Rent Does IHOP Pay for Its 14th Street Location?Quite a bit! But we bet they can afford it.
  39. stage dive
    The Return of RentIt’s turned into cutting-edge nostalgia.
  40. people who are unsatisfied with the current state of gasoline
    Jimmy McMillan Apparently Done Caring About the RentHe’s more concerned with gas prices now.
  41. real estate
    New York Is a Bright, Red Beacon of Hope for RentersOr is it a beacon of slavery?
  42. Lawsuits
    Tom Vicari Is Fighting for the Life of Casa HavanaHe says his landlord tried to rip out his security alarm wires at 4 a.m.
  43. people who are unsatisfied with the current state of rent
    Jimmy McMillan and Up, Together, FinallyAlso, Jimmy McMillan might not pay any rent.
  44. Closings
    Ennio & Michael Is Set to Close While Neighbor Rhong-Tiam Opens in Murray HillAfter three decades, a Village institution is in danger.
  45. homelessness
    NYC to Begin Collecting Rent From Homeless With JobsShelter residents would owe up to 44 percent of their income in first year of program.
  46. Empire Building
    Why Are So Many Celebrity Chefs Checking Into Hotels?The economics of a hotel deal.
  47. Financial Woes
    Can $1 Cappuccinos Save Ray’s Candy Store?Business is not so good at the East Village time warp.
  48. Closings
    The Pink Tea Cup Has a Backup PlanA Pink Tea Cup manager looks to buy the business and keep the 55-year-old restaurant’s doors open.
  49. Closings
    Owner Lisa Ford Says Pink Tea Cup Is ‘Pretty Much Done’Third-generation owner Lisa Ford tells us why she’s closing the soul-food spot after more than 50 years.
  50. Foodievents
    Tavern on the Green Will Not Go Quietly on New Year’sDetails of the troubled restaurant’s last bash have been released.
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