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Responses To Things

  1. trumped!
    Heidi Klum Is Not Letting Trump Get Her DownShe had an excellent response to his weird assertion that she’s “no longer a 10.”
  2. The Fantasy of the Perfect ResponseWe’re actually not one zinger away from the ultimate takedown.
  3. response
    Former Terry Richardson Models Respond to New York Profile“It was revolting and humiliating.”
  4. what have we wrought
    Sorry We’re Delighted You’re Still Confused About Normcore A incomplete catalogue of what you’ve been thinking. 
  5. what have we wrought
    Sorry We’re Delighted We Alerted You to NormcoreWhat is it, and are you it?
  6. sili-dong valley
    What’s Really Wrong With This All-Guy Tech ListAnother day, another sexist list to incite the Twitter masses.