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Revisionist History

  1. summer preview
    Summer Podcast Preview: 6 Shows We Can’t Wait to HearNew seasons from Malcolm Gladwell, Leon Neyfakh, and more.
  2. the chain gang
    Malcolm Gladwell Takes Surprising Stance Against McDonald’s French FriesThe noted contrarian claims they’ve tasted “like cardboard” since 1990, the year they lost their beef tallow.
  3. revisionist history
    Miles Teller Is Still Upset About Being Called a DickHe wants to set the record straight.
  4. education
    American Exceptionalism 101 Now Being OfferedAfter complaints, the College Board makes some changes. 
  5. revisionist history
    See a Video That ‘Fixes’ the Game of Thrones FightSimply the best. 
  6. Looking Back at the Edits Made in TV Comedies After 9/11Usually with “Checking In,” I look back at a show or movie or Off-Broadway musical and tell you know what the cast and creators (and wonder […]