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  1. foreign policy
    Tillerson Says U.S. May Shut Down Cuba Embassy Over Sonic Attacks on DiplomatsAt least 21 American diplomats and their families have been injured in a series of bizarre incidents.
  2. Trump May Be More Dangerous Than His Handlers RealizedTrump is starting to follow through on his most destructive ideas. And he has tariffs and the death of the Iran deal on his to-do list.
  3. politics
    Rex Tillerson Won’t Say If Trump ‘Speaks for American Values’“The president speaks for himself.”
  4. U.S. May Bomb ISIS in the Philippines: ReportAs Tillerson meets with Duterte, the Pentagon mulls opening a new front in America’s war against the (so-called) Islamic State.
  5. Tillerson Denies He Wants to Quit, But Doesn’t Appear to Be Doing Much LeadingDiplomats complain that the former Exxon CEO is a surprisingly ineffectual manager — but that may be what Trump wants.
  6. Shockingly, Trump Doesn’t Know Who Hezbollah Are or What They DoWho’da thunk it?
  7. Trump Brought Up Russian Meddling at Top of Putin Meeting, Says TillersonAt a meeting than ran 90 minutes longer than expected, Trump and Putin discussed Russian interference in U.S. elections, the secretary of State says.
  8. Secretary of State Gives Up on Diplomacy, Berates White HouseTillerson is tired of the White House blocking his hires and letting the president’s son-in-law usurp his authority. And he’s done holding his tongue.
  9. politics
    Human-Trafficking Report Blacklists Country That Makes Ivanka Trump’s ClothesAlmost all Ivanka Trump–brand clothes and shoes are manufactured in China.
  10. Trump Trashes Key U.S. Ally in Defiance of His Diplomats (Again)The administration was trying to reassure Qatar that it has America’s support, when Trump declared Doha a funder of terrorism at a “very high level.”
  11. ‘Shadow Secretary of State’ Jared Kushner Is in Hot WaterAfter an overseas trip in which he played a role well beyond his job description, he’s returning home to a much dicier situation.
  12. Trump Admits He Shared Classified ‘Facts’ With the RussiansThe national security adviser, secretary of State, and Russia all offered Trump cover. It only took Trump two tweets to make them all look like liars.
  13. Alec Baldwin Impersonates His Latest Trump Target: Rex TillersonFrom a staged reading of Trump’s cabinet hearings, All the President’s Men?
  14. diplomacy
    Trump Had ‘Very Good’ Meeting With Russian Officials Hours After Axing ComeyVladimir Putin also weighed in from Russia, while wearing a hockey uniform.
  15. Trump Reportedly Leaning Toward Exiting Paris Climate DealThe U.S. may isolate itself from every other country so as to abandon a deal that doesn’t even legally restrain its right to pollute.
  16. State Department Moves to Rein In High-Flying Nikki HaleyForeign-policy novice Nikki Haley has been a freelancing star at the UN, and the State Department seems to be quietly trying to reassert control.
  17. geopolitical crisis
    Trump Warns of ‘Major Conflict’ With North Korea As Tillerson Talks NegotiationsNew strategy: good cop, incredibly scary cop.
  18. Rex Tillerson Is in No Rush to Fill Vacant State Department PositionsHis spokesman compared his restructuring process to mapping out the wreck of the Titanic.
  19. Treasury Denies Exxon’s Request to Ignore Sanctions and Drill for Oil in RussiaThe oil giant stood to make gobs of cash, so it requested a waiver on sanctions imposed after Russia’s annexation of Crimea.
  20. North Korea Threatens ‘Super-Mighty Preemptive Strike’The warning comes after Secretary Tillerson says the country may be designated a state sponsor of terrorism.
  21. Exxon Seeks Permission to Ignore Sanctions, Drill in RussiaRex Tillerson’s old company wants a waiver to work with Russia’s state-owned oil company on a variety of drilling projects.
  22. Tillerson Meets Putin in Moscow With U.S.-Russia Relations at ‘Low Point’“The world’s two foremost nuclear powers cannot have this kind of relationship,” Tillerson said.
  23. early and awkward
    Tillerson Asks Diplomats Why Americans Should Care About UkraineThe offhand remark stirred confusion, since the secretary recently said Russian sanctions would remain in place.
  24. Putin Predicts More ‘False-Flag’ Chemical Attacks in SyriaThe White House says Putin’s claim is fake news – and they have the intelligence to prove it.
  25. Is Nikki Haley Improvising Her Way to Great Power?The U.N. ambassador appears to be making up a chaotic administration’s foreign policy. That’s dangerous — but it’s working for her so far.
  26. Assad Allies Russia and Iran Say U.S. Crossed ‘Red Line’ in SyriaAs Secretary of State Rex Tillerson prepares for a meeting with his counterpart in Moscow.
  27. quagmire watch
    White House Officials Indicate Vague Support for Regime Change in SyriaThe Trump administration is out trying to explain their brand-new post-strike Syria policy — if one exists.
  28. Jared Kushner Is One of Trump’s Top Advisers on U.S.-China PolicyTo prepare for his meeting with Xi Jinping, Trump is relying on the expertise of his son-in-law, an oil executive, and a 93-year-old man.
  29. Tillerson: Sanctions Will Remain Until Russia Leaves Ukraine“We do not, and will not, accept Russian efforts to change the borders of territory of Ukraine.”
  30. Diplomats Say They Were Told Not to Make Eye Contact With Rex TillersonState Department staffers are sharing paranoid rumors about their reclusive leader.
  31. trump administration
    Tillerson Didn’t Want to Be Secretary of State, But His Wife Talked Him Into ItYou’re welcome, America.
  32. rebels
    Tillerson May Skip NATO Meeting, Head to Russia Next MonthHe doesn’t care about appearances, which is a weird trait for a secretary of State.
  33. the body politic
    The Men of the Trump Administration Want You to Know How Manly They AreWhy Rex Tillerson’s email pseudonym isn’t funny.
  34. Rex Tillerson’s Dangerous SilenceSometimes the world hears alarming things when America doesn’t speak.
  35. early and often
    Tillerson Recuses Himself From Keystone Review, Speaking to the PressHe’s avoided questions from reporters, and won’t take any members of the press on his trip to Asia.
  36. First State Department Press Briefing of Trump Administration CanceledAfter six weeks of silence, they were supposed to resume Monday. They didn’t.
  37. Will a Former Exxon CEO Save the Paris Climate Deal?Bannon is pushing for Trump to pull out of the agreement. But Rex Tillerson and Ivanka oppose needlessly undermining America’s standing in the world.
  38. the national circus
    Trump’s Rollback on Transgender Bathroom Rule Is Just the BeginningIt looked like Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s warm-up act in loosening protections for all minorities.
  39. In Mexico, Trump Administration Promises There Will Be ‘No Mass Deportations’Hours after Trump called his plan for immigration enforcement a “military operation,” DHS secretary Kelly assured Mexico that it is no such thing.
  40. early and often
    Secretary of State Tillerson Looks to Media to Get President’s AttentionSome worry that his low profile is a sign that the State Department doesn’t hold much sway in the Trump administration.
  41. diplomacy
    Tillerson Takes First Official Trip Abroad, Meets With Russian CounterpartAmerica’s top diplomat got off to a bit of a stilted start.
  42. Trump Nixes Plan to Appoint a War Criminal to the State DepartmentThe president was fine with Elliott Abrams’s history of fomenting coups and abetting genocide — but not with the neocon’s NeverTrump past.
  43. parlor game
    Ranking the Trump-Administration Appointees, From Bad to MonstrousA race to the bottom.
  44. Senate Confirms Rex Tillerson As Secretary of StateIt’s official: America’s top diplomat is now Vladimir Putin’s favorite Exxon CEO!
  45. Trump Just Replaced the State Department’s Senior ManagementRex Tillerson will begin his tenure at the State Department with no one experienced at managing its bureaucracy to guide — or constrain — him.
  46. government gazillionaires
    The Billionaires (and Mega-Millionaires) Trump Wants in His CabinetPopulism has seldom been so rich. A nominee dossier.
  47. Rex Tillerson Basically Promised the Senate That He Would Start a War With ChinaThis week, Trump’s pick for top diplomat vowed to block China’s access to its islands in the South China Sea. That would require military force.
  48. Here’s a Liveblog of the Trump Presser and Tillerson and Sessions HearingsThe GOP designed today to have too much news — and that was before someone leaked a memo about how Russia has “compromised” the president-elect.
  49. Rex Tillerson Will Cut All Ties With Exxon If He Becomes Secretary of StateWith his confirmation fight looming, the Exxon CEO reveals a plan to sell off his Exxon shares before becoming Trump’s top diplomat.
  50. Warmer Relations With Russia May Mean a Warmer PlanetThe U.S. imposed sanctions on Russia to punish its incursions into Ukraine. But those sanctions have also helped keep Arctic oil in the ground.
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