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  1. rhetoric
    Ilhan Omar Is Facing Death Threats. It’s Good That Democrats Are Defending Her.The Atlantic’s David Frum argues that Democrats are making a strategic mistake by rallying behind Ilhan Omar.
  2. abortion
    Why Republicans Keep Talking About Ultrasounds Anti-abortion rhetoric is likely to play a big role in the upcoming presidential election.
  3. rhetoric
    Foxy Brown Still Gives Good Quotes“You’d have thought Obama was in the building when I walked in [to Riker’s].”
  4. rhetoric
    Mitt Romney Won’t Let You Catch Him In a Gaffe“You have to be careful these days.”
  5. revolt like an egyptian
    U.N. Security Council to Discuss Libya TodayDiplomats circulated a draft resolution that calls for an investigation into crimes against humanity.
  6. america's sweetheart
    False Alarm: Sarah Palin Hasn’t Changed One BitShe has NOT ditched “don’t retreat, reload.”
  7. ground zero mosque mania
    Obama ‘Recalibrates’ on Ground Zero MosqueRights vs. Wisdom.
  8. health carnage
    Obama Gets Emotional, Targets Health-Insurance IndustryPrez warns against giving in to “political fears.”