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    The Long (and Surprisingly Well-Manicured) Arm of the Law Reaches Out for Bear Stearns ExecThe Feds paid a little visit to Bear Stearns former asset-management head Rich Marin, the guy who was responsible for managing the two hedge funds that collapsed over the summer, CNBC’s Charlie Gasparino reported this morning. According to Reuters, Gasparino also said an indictment of the firm was possible. DealBreaker took a screen cap of Marin’s personal blog over the summer, during the height of the Bear Stearns crisis and a couple of days before Marin was canned: “Nothing like a good dog fight 24X7 for a few weeks to remind you why you chose the life you chose. The good news is that after two embattled weeks both I and my loyal staff are still standing to fight another day. If you want details…pick up any WSJ for the past week and we were in the top three stories every day. It’s nice to know you can have an impact on the world…next time I’ll try to make it a slightly more positive impact.” Would being the face of the federal investigation of the subprime mess count? Prosecutors Question Former Bear Stearns Exec: Report [Reuters] Rich Marin Questioned: Will Bear Stearns Be Indicted? [DealBreaker]