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  1. politics
    Mayor Pete’s Wine-Cave ProblemVoters are going to wonder whether Buttigieg is listening to them, or to the rich.
  2. rich people
    Ellen Once Gave Melania a Golden Stroller With a Built-in ChandelierImagine hanging a chandelier over an infant!
  3. rich people
    So, How Did Those Much-Protested Trump Fundraisers Go?The president’s reelection campaign raked in $12 million at two separate events in the Hamptons, including a lunch hosted by the founder of Equinox.
  4. rich people
    Rich Guy Makes Fake Driveway So Neighbors Always Get TowedWhen wealth makes you think you’re above the sidewalk laws.
  5. college admissions scandal
    Olivia Jade Was Reportedly All-In With the College Admissions Scam“She trusted her parents.”
  6. rich people
    Why Is Jeff Bezos Avoiding Gwyneth Paltrow?“I’ve emailed him. He won’t email back.”
  7. l’amour
    Two Hours Beneath the Billionaire’s Gigantic Banner of LoveNew Yorkers react to an extremely petty and expensive wedding gift.
  8. l’amour
    I Guess This Is How Billionaires Express Their Love?A bafflingly large mural that doubles as a proclamation of affection and a jab at your ex.
  9. power
    The Housing Department Spent an Obscene Amount on Ben Carson’s Dining Room SetWhile the secretary was busy planning cuts for poor people.
  10. The World’s Wealthiest Racked Up Another $1 Trillion in 2017In 2017, as ever, it was good to be rich.
  11. best of 2017
    The 7 Craziest Celebrity Real Estate Stories of 2017Some light reading for your Friday.
  12. money money money
    Rich People Are Hiring Filmmakers to Take Videos of Them on VacationWe can thank the popularity of video on social-media platforms.
  13. the one percent
    Parents Who Pay to Be WatchedArmed with Nest Cams and 24/7 surveillance, one company promises to fix even the most dysfunctional child — for a price.
  14. The Megarich Are Reportedly Preparing for the End TimesThink underground apartment complex with an Astroturf ‘pet park’ and mini–Whole Foods.
  15. How GOP Donors Learned to Love Donald TrumpHis demagoguery isn’t racist — it’s “entrepreneurial.”
  16. goop glop
    Gwyneth Paltrow’s Gift Guide: Helping the Rich Survive Impending DoomWater, sex, and survival.
  17. Rich People Feel Ignored by de Blasios, Write Them Off As ‘Socially Irrelevant’“They have made themselves socially irrelevant. It is a major shortcoming not to mingle with all classes.”
  18. A Quick Reminder Before Our Rainforest Expedition Begins, by Blythe […]Gentlemen, welcome to the annual Millionaires Club Rainforest Expedition. Before we begin, I’d like to run through a few quick reminders to […]
  19. mo’ problems
    Are You Suffering From Perfection Anxiety?: A Diagnostic GuideMo’ money, mo’ problems.
  20. couples retreat
    Rich Couples Choose to Use the Bathroom TogetherFor some reason. 
  21. billionaires
    Tory Burch Is a Billionaire Now, Don’t ForgetToday’s runway show was a very decadent reminder.
  22. early and often
    Jay-Z, Beyoncé to Host $40,000 Obama Fund-raiserIt’s at the 40/40 Club on September 18, and you can’t afford it.
  23. rich people
    Taylor Swift Made $57 Million Last YearWhich makes her the highest-paid star under 30.
  24. rich people
    Downton’s Lord Crowley Among Richest CharactersNot as rich as the dragon in The Hobbit, though.
  25. rich people
    Billionaires Still Saying the Darndest Things“Somebody’s got to live this life.”
  26. rich people
    Bravo’s New Series Are Very Bravo-yRich people stuff, etc.
  27. white men with slightly less money
    Wall Street Bonuses Will Be Way DownAll indications point to the lowest levels of compensation since 2008.
  28. real estate
    The Six-Figure RentalThey’re few and far between, but they exist.
  29. rich people
    Karl Lagerfeld: Rich!Breaking news about the wealth he stands to make next year.
  30. rich people
    L’Oréal Heiress Liliane Bettencourt Declared Mentally Unfit to Handle Her MoneyThis could be the beginning of the end to a two-year-long court battle over the L’Oréal fortune.
  31. It’s Probably Smart to Just Serve Alec Baldwin His Latte with a Smile .bbpBox111477401468407808 {background:url(http://a0.twimg.com/images/themes/theme1/bg.png) #C0DEED;padding:20px;} […]
  32. education
    New NYC High School to Try Out That Whole Experimental ThingThe library “will focus on information, not printed books.”
  33. tiny violins
    Yacht Enthusiasts Are the Real Victims of the RecessionEspecially owners of multiple yachts.
  34. the new normal
    Breaking: Rich Are Rich Again, Poor Still PoorThe “new normal,” it turns out, is pretty much the same as the old normal.
  35. Craig Rowin Would Like You to Give Him One Million Dollars Craig Rowin would like a million dollars. There are lots of people out there with many millions of dollars. Is it so much to ask that just one […]
  36. rich people
    Three GOP Candidates Spent More Than $243 Million CampaigningCombined, just three of ‘em spent that out of their own pockets.
  37. the march toward death is more comfortable if you’re wearing tod’s
    Rich People Have a Special Hormone That Helps Them Live LongerLife is nasty, brutish, and short — unless you are wealthy.
  38. mo’ money mo’ problems
    Contrary to Popular Opinion, Being Rich Is Not a Bed of Roses“To be rich now means to live with anxiety.”
  39. the rich hunt
    Only a Few Rich Homeowners Are Ruthless, ShamelessThe ‘Times’ figures about wealthy people who default on their home loans are a little misleading.
  40. the rich hunt
    Times: All Rich People Are ‘Ruthless,’ ‘Shameless’Until they’re not rich anymore.
  41. rich men with sensitive undercarriages
    Blind Item: Which Plutocrat Will Only Wipe With ‘Ultraplush’ Tissue?Four Seasons staff scrambles to find toilet paper worthy of touching wealthy behind.
  42. statistics
    At Least 1,200 New Yorkers Pay to Shuttle Their Fine Art From Manhattan to the Hamptons Each SummerBecause decorating with seashells is not enough.
  43. mavericks
    Some Rich People Get to Live in Rent-Stabilized ApartmentsNot rich-rich people. Just compared-to-the-rest-of-the country-rich.
  44. Rich New Yorkers Don’t Want to Fill Out the Census EitherThe residents of some luxury apartment buildings were the worst at mailing back the Census.
  45. rich people
    Thanks to Writing Side Job, Obama Earns Over $5 Million Last YearVice-president took in about $333,000.
  46. america’s sweetheart
    Sarah Palin Has Earned $12 Million in Nine MonthsThat is not the kind of money “real America” makes.
  47. rich people
    Hooray! Rich Folks Are Buying ThingsYachts, jewelry, and planes are pretty much flying off the shelves.
  48. rich people
    Getting to Know the Now Very Wealthy Natalie MassenetThe Net-a-Porter founder just made a killing selling her business.
  49. rich people
    JCPenney’s CEO Could Get an $11.4 Million Pay Package This YearHe will at least get something worth $4.6 million.
  50. first-world problems
    Recession Radically Transforms East HamptonLuxury retailers close up shop, residents forced to wear plaid.
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