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  1. celebrity
    A$AP Rocky Will Stand Trial on Shooting ChargesHe’s accused of firing a gun at his former friend, A$AP Relli.
  2. fashion
    Now We Can Dress Like RihannaThanks to Loewe.
  3. celebrity beauty encyclopedia
    An Encyclopedia of Celebrity Beauty BrandsHere are over 60 products that famous people have made for your face.
  4. awww x 4
    Rihanna, Rocky, and RZA Are Having a RiotIn our first sighting of the new member of the Fenty Fam.
  5. baby fenty
    We Finally Know What Rihanna Named Her New BabyIt was unguessable, as expected.
  6. fashion
    Victoria’s Secret, This Looks FamiliarSomething about its upcoming fashion show’s set feels eerily similar to Savage X Fenty.
  7. my new baby is dropping
    Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s Latest Collaboration Is HereThe baby reportedly arrived on August 3.
  8. my single is dropping
    A$AP Rocky’s New Song Fuels Rihanna Marriage Speculation“My wife is erotic / I’m smokin’ exotic.”
  9. death by tweet
    Rihanna Deals Yet Another Blow to Rihanna Fans With Celebratory TweetShe broke a Spotify record without having released an album since 2016.
  10. campaigns
    Rihanna’s Second Baby Is Already a Campaign StarAnd dripping in Pharrell’s Louis Vuitton.
  11. hot shot
    Rihanna Is Also a Master of Pregnancy UndressingShe dropped a sexy throwback photo shoot on Instagram.
  12. what if she’d named it r9
    Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s Baby Name Proves Wu-Tang Is for the ChildrenWill they name their second child GZA?
  13. hardcore parkour
    A$AP Rocky Sorry for Using a Girl’s Face As a Ladder“LOL MY FAULT”
  14. royal family
    Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Arrive at the Met Gala Fashionably LateThey were thought to be missing like R9…
  15. met gala 2023
    This Is Not a Drill: Rihanna Made It to the Met GalaYou can go to bed now.
  16. cinemacon 2023
    We’re Probably Getting Rihanna’s Smurf Songs Before R9She’s playing Smurfette in Paramount’s new movie.
  17. cheat sheet
    Who’s Your Favorite Artist?A guide to music’s biggest stans and what they stand for.
  18. oscars 2023
    No One Does Maternity Style Like RihannaShe blessed us with four glorious bump-forward looks for Oscars night.
  19. oscars 2023
    Rihanna Brought IG Boyfriend A$AP Rocky to the OscarsA$AP and Courtney B. Vance should hang out.
  20. oscars 2023
    Rihanna Lifts Up the OscarsPerforming a salute to Chadwick Boseman.
  21. category is: categories!
    How to Watch the 2023 Oscars (Rihanna Included)The full slate of presenters includes little mermaid Halle Bailey and non-mermaid Halle Berry.
  22. oscars 2023
    Rihanna Will Perform at the Oscars, Answering the Navy’s PrayersThe drought is over.
  23. behind the memes
    Adele Knows Y’all Tried to Read Her Lips at the Fenty Bowl“It’s hard work being a constant meme.”
  24. r9 watch
    Rihanna Agrees ‘It’d Be Ridiculous’ to Not Drop an Album This YearBut really, she just misses making music videos.
  25. baby fenty
    Rihanna’s Baby Already Has His First Vogue CoverAnd we still don’t even know his name.
  26. culture
    Rihanna’s Radical Performance of PregnancyHer Super Bowl show was all about confidence and control.
  27. into it
    Rihanna Should Take Notes From These Super Bowl Halftime Performers“We’ve seen Lady Gaga jump off the roof, we saw Katy Perry come in on a giant lion, and you will never top Diana Ross leaving in a helicopter.”
  28. r9 who?
    Best Rihanna Memes From the Fenty BowlCue product placement.
  29. rihview
    Rihanna’s Halftime Show Was More Than EnoughIt hit the points it needed to — and then got going.
  30. super bowl lvii
    We’re Still Confused About Rihanna’s Super Bowl DancersWere they supposed to be minions? Marshmallows? Sperm?
  31. tremendous content
    Trump Attacks Rihanna From His Failing Social-Media SiteIn a devastating turn of events for the Grammy winner, Trump told his 5 million Truth Social followers that her Super Bowl show was an “EPIC FAIL.”
  32. baby alert
    Rihanna Announces New (Pregnancy) Collab With A$AP RockyAnd it’s not #R9.
  33. sports!
    Rihanna Makes Second Half of Football Game IrrelevantYes, she’s pregnant.
  34. vulture sports
    The Music Fan’s Guide to Super Bowl LVIIPlan your chip breaks wisely.
  35. celebrity
    Not Even Rihanna Has Work-Life Balance Figured Out“Work is always something that’s going to rob you of time with your child.”
  36. same
    Adele Is Going to the Super Bowl ‘Just for Rihanna’Does she need a 1+?
  37. super bowl lvii
    Stephen A. Smith Is Sorry for Comparing Rihanna and BeyoncéThe ESPN commentator called his remarks “a horrific mistake.”
  38. culture
    The Countdown to Rihanna’s Halftime Show Has BegunThis year’s Super Bowl is actually just a Rihanna concert.
  39. the celebrity’s celebrity
    In at the Golden Globes: Showering Rihanna With LoveNiecy Nash, Jerrod Carmichael, and Billy Porter saw an opportunity and took it.
  40. don’t bless this mess
    Let’s Not Do This AgainToo many musicians spent the year gleefully abandoning their better judgment.
  41. celebrity
    Rihanna’s Baby Is Already a TikTok StarThe first photos and video of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s baby boy have arrived.
  42. kids turned out fine
    Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s Baby Is on TikTokAfter paparazzi tried to take photos of RiRi’s baby.
  43. q&a
    Catching Up With Adam SelmanThe beloved fashion designer and his signature mustache have a big new gig.
  44. my soundtrack single is dropping
    Rihanna’s Music Career Is ‘Born Again’ (Again)With her second ballad for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.
  45. ?!?!?!
    Why on Earth Is Johnny Depp in the Fenty Show?It appears Rihanna has joined the effort to rehabilitate Depp’s image.
  46. r9 watch
    Rihanna Says Her Super Bowl Performance Doesn’t Mean an Album Is Coming“Super Bowl is one thing. New music is another thing. Do you hear that, fans?”
  47. lagos to cdmx
    The Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Soundtrack Is HereFeaturing Burna Boy, Tems, in addition to, you know, Rihanna.
  48. ick
    Rihanna Inexplicably Includes Johnny Depp in Savage x Fenty, Vol. 4Didn’t want to put him in the trailer, though.
  49. song review
    Rihanna’s Return Is a Careful Balancing Act“Lift Me Up” is closer to a prayer than a proper comeback single.
  50. the drought is over
    Rihanna Remembers She Does Music and Drops ‘Lift Me Up’The Black Panther: Wakanda Forever track now has a glowing music video.
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