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  1. protests
    The Police Are Still RiotingCompton, California; Columbus, Ohio; and Richmond, Virginia, all saw outbreaks of police violence against protesters on Sunday.
  2. what's past is prologue
    Trump Is Reviving the Disgraceful Legacy of ‘Law-and-Order’ PoliticsTrump’s rhetoric echos Nixon and Reagan — but unlike his predecessors, he’s incapable of posing as a force for unity as well as repression.
  3. george floyd protests
    Trump Mulls Declaring an Insurrection and Sending Military Into CitiesIf deployed widely without requests from state officials, such use of the military would be unprecedented.
  4. george floyd
    The Rioters Aren’t Here to Convince YouCriticism that focuses on their strategic imprudence is misguided.
  5. george floyd
    The Lies We Tell About RiotsHow America mystifies the wages of its racism.
  6. coronavirus
    Coronavirus Fears Spark Prison Strikes, Protests, and Riots Around the WorldFrom Colombia to France to the U.S., prisoners are struggling to protect themselves where their jailers won’t.
  7. racism
    Oklahoma Will Require Its Schools to Teach the Tulsa Race MassacreThe decision comes as the state makes plans to memorialize the tragedy’s centennial.
  8. Who Are the ‘Black Bloc’ Protesters Who Rioted on Inauguration Weekend?They have a particular hatred of Starbucks.
  9. letter from
    Last Night There Was a Riot in My NeighborhoodFewer neighborhoods had been destroyed than I expected. But the city still looks terrible.
  10. smashing pumpkins
    New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival Turns Into Full-on Riot This is not how you celebrate the beauty of autumn.
  11. crimes and misdemeanors
    Rocks, Bottles Hurled at Cops in Brooklyn After Shooting Victim’s VigilThings are tense in East Flatbush right now.
  12. kim kardashian
    Kim Kardashian Is Now Causing Riots in the Middle EastIn Kuwait and Bahrain, specifically.
  13. strikes
    Foxconn Factory Workers Strike Over iPhone 5 ProductionThey say Apple’s quality standards are too stringent.
  14. funerals
    Rodney King Buried in Los AngelesAl Sharpton gave a eulogy.
  15. Mediavore
    Beer-Throwing UMASS Students Arrested After Pats Loss; American Chinese FoodPlus hotels go gluten-free, and more, all in our morning news round-up.
  16. occupy everywhere
    Police Tear Gas Protesters to Clear Occupy Oakland [Updated]Chaotic clashes captured on video.
  17. the great recession
    Bloomberg Warns of Riots If Economy Doesn’t ImproveHe’s not exactly soothing.
  18. scary things
    NYPD Practicing Riot DrillsJust in case.
  19. london riots
    U.K. Cities See a Lull in ViolenceBlame it on the rain.
  20. london riots
    London Riots Blamed on Economic Malaise“The storm has been brewing for a while.”
  21. riots
    London Hit by RiotsPeaceful protest turns into a full-scale riot.
  22. Clubbin'
    Riot at Tammany Hall Marks Latest Setback for LES BarsThere’s even video, if you’re up for it.
  23. photo op
    Riots: The Ultimate AphrodisiacAn amazing photo of a kissing couple in the midst of a riot. But is it real?
  24. riots
    Here Is a Hysterical Local News Report About an Odd Future Riot“Several hundred people came out to see, uh, Tyler, the Creator … “
  25. the brits
    ‘I Do Think This Was the Classic Example Where the Prince of Wales Should Have Been Using His Armoured Bentley — It’s Far Less Conspicuous’That’s former royal-protection officer Ken Wharfe talking to the BBC about Prince Charles and Camilla’s close call last night.
  26. the rest of the world
    Greece Is in Very Bad Shape Right NowStriking and rioting after government-imposed “austerity measures.”
  27. bieberpocalypse
    The Latest Victim of the Justin Bieber Traveling Riot: Justin Bieber’s HatSomeone stole it!
  28. bieberpocalypse
    New Zealand Braces for Hurricane BieberExtra security has been called in to deal with Justin Bieber’s appearance.
  29. bieberpocalypse
    Justin Bieber Inciting Riots Internationally NowAustralia, you are not safe.
  30. Justin Bieber Brazenly Defies Authority, Defends His Jailed Manager“My mother and I are 100% behind my manager. He is someone of high moral character and principle.”
  31. riots
    See Footage of the Metallica Riot in BogotaYikes!
  32. Freebies
    The KFC-Oprah Fustercluck: Day TwoThe madness continues.