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  1. vision 2020
    Two People Linked to Kanye West’s Campaign Have Ties to GOPA 2020 RNC Trump delegate from Vermont and a longtime Republican operative have both been connected to the rapper’s presidential bid.
  2. republican national convention
    Trump Says He Will Accept the GOP Nomination in North Carolina After AllThe president has given the RNC quite the runaround this summer, all to end up returning to the original host state for his acceptance speech.
  3. Steve Wynn Resigns As CEO of Wynn Resorts Amid Sexual-Misconduct AllegationsIt’s unclear whether this is enough to make the RNC give back donations from its former finance chairman.
  4. Trump Bragged to RNC About Passing ‘Hard’ Cognitive Test“There aren’t a lot of people that can do that,” he said at the GOP’s winter meeting.
  5. Steve Wynn Resigns As RNC Finance Chair After Sexual-Misconduct AllegationsThe casino mogul has been accused of long-standing sexual misconduct toward his employees.
  6. RNC Makes Kayleigh McEnany Its National SpokespersonMcEnany once mocked Barack Obama for having a brother who lives “in a hut in Kenya,” and expressed support for the birther movement.
  7. select all
    Your Old Social-Media Posts Are Being Used by Political GroupsThey’re reading what you said on Reddit.
  8. Wary of More Legal Trouble, White House Outsources Comey Response to RNCThe response to Comey’s testimony will include GIFs, video clips, and contradictory talking points – plus whatever Trump tweets.
  9. early and often
    Meet Ronna Romney McDaniel, the Next Head of the Republican National CommitteeThe Trump loyalist (and relative of Mitt) has been credited with helping Trump carry Michigan.
  10. White House May Have Worked to Contain Clinton Email ScandalEmails obtained by the RNC are purported to show the White House coordinating with the emerging Clinton campaign as the email story broke.
  11. early and often
    Reince Priebus Caps Off Controversial Weekend by Feuding With John KasichThe Ohio governor did not appreciate the GOP chairman’s stand against Republicans who won’t back Trump.
  12. The RNC Hasn’t Tweeted About Donald Trump This MonthThe RNC hasn’t tweeted about the GOP nominee since July 28. But losing the committee’s social-media support may be the least of Trump’s worries.
  13. Trump Asks RNC to Open Field Offices for Him in All 50 StatesTrump has only one field office in must-win Florida. But he wants the RNC to fund a get-out-the-vote operation in Hawaii.
  14. Shocking Look Inside the RNC’s Secret Flea MarketXavier Rotnofsky is literally the only person who knows about the RNC’s (before now) secret flea market, run during convention time, and he […]
  15. Watch Tim Heidecker and Vic Berger’s Two-Part Convention SpecialOver the past few weeks, Tim Heidecker and Vic Berger have been road tripping across the country, visiting both political conventions to create […]
  16. #1 Trump Fan Conner O’Malley Visited The RNCTrump enthusiast (and Late Night with Seth Meyers writer) Conner O’Malley – aka Truth Hunter Mark Seevers – recently visited the Republican […]
  17. politics 101
    Nick Jonas Offered $2 Million for RNC ConcertTell us more about this “private donor.”
  18. America Ferrera Has Some Feelings About TrumpShe shared them on Real Time with Bill Maher.
  19. the ratings game
    Trump RNC Speech Ratings Not That ‘Big’Not much higher than what Mitt Romney drew. 
  20. last night on late night
    Jon Stewart Returned for a Throwback RantAn angry Jon Stewart encountered the perils of live TV.
  21. unwelcome interruptions
    Emily Deschanel Is Mad Trump Preempted Bones“Politics shmolitics they should have just forgotten about the convention and shown @BONESonFOX !! #fail.”
  22. The Flag-Burning Protest in Cleveland: My Minute-by-Minute DiaryThere’s finally some insanity in the streets outside the Quicken Loans Arena.
  23. last night on late night
    SNL’s Michael Che Catches ‘Minorities’ at RNCGotta catch ‘em all?
  24. People at the RNC Are Breaking Party Lines to Eat at Food TrucksBecause who doesn’t love food?
  25. Reports: Melania Added Plagiarism on RevisionNBC News and the New York Times report that Melania Trump was provided with a plagiarism-free speech. Then she decided to try and make it her own.
  26. worlds collide
    UnREAL, the RNC, and TV White PrivilegeFlipping between Giuliani screaming about police brutality and what happened on last night’s UnREAL was enough to make a person’s head explode.
  27. Black Lives Matter Supporters on Police“They’re scared. We’re scared.”
  28. Black Lives Matter Protesters Clash With Trump Supporters in Downtown ClevelandIt stayed peaceful.
  29. art in public
    100 Women Posed Nude to Protest the RNCSpencer Tunick photographed 100 women for “Everything She Says Means Everything.”
  30. Your Guide to Cleveland’s Security NightmareThe GOP convention looms over Cleveland like Godzilla over Tokyo. Here’s a quick tour of the security challenges facing the city, and how its authorities hope to meet them.
  31. gop
    RNC Chair Reince Priebus Probably Won’t Seek Reelection, for Some ReasonCould it be that the current nominee called him “a disgrace” who “should be ashamed of himself”?
  32. RNC to Paint Clinton’s VP Choice As an Insult to Bernie Backers“Project Pander” will attack Clinton’s VP choice for being too conservative — and/or too liberal — for Sanders supporters.
  33. today in donald trump
    Could Desperate Republicans Buy Trump Out of the Presidential Race?From #NeverTrump to $NeverTrump.
  34. #NeverTrump Lives: Dozens of GOP Delegates Are Planning a CoupWhen it comes to #NeverTrump, never say never.
  35. Jeb Bush Won’t Help Donald Trump Take Over the Family BusinessIn a low-energy Facebook post, Bush says that he will not vote for the Republican nominee this fall.
  36. Trump Supporters Send Death Threats to DelegatesYou can take the paranoid rage out of the Donald’s messaging, but you can’t take the enraged paranoiacs out of his coalition.
  37. early and often
    RNC Shuts Down Effort to Change Convention RulesRobert Yue’s proposal may have limited the GOP’s ability to nominate a “white knight” candidate.
  38. Trump May Get Shut Out in ColoradoTed Cruz picked up another three delegates in the Rocky Mountain State Thursday night, with a bit of help from Team Trump’s incompetence.
  39. Trump Campaign Calls Ted Cruz the Establishment’s ‘Trojan Horse’Team Trump suggests the Establishment’s second-most-hated man has become their plaything.
  40. Roger Stone to Trump Delegates: Be Loyal or Else“We will disclose the hotels and the room numbers of those delegates who are directly involved in the steal.”
  41. The GOP’s Candidate Loyalty Pledge Is Dead — Now Things Might Get Really MessyTrump, Cruz, and Kasich are all backing off their promises to support the eventual nominee. All of the third-party threats are back on the table.
  42. the gop
    The National Republican Congressional Committee Has Seen the Internet #OnFleek.
  43. GOP to Nominate 2016 Candiate One Month EarlierMore money, less primary craziness.
  44. RNC Names 2016 Convention Finalists What happens in Vegas.
  45. cable news news
    MSNBC Fires Writer of ‘Offensive’ TweetAnd apologizes to the RNC.
  46. lawsuits
    Illegally Arrested RNC Protesters Finally Getting PaidNearly a decade later.
  47. dubious claims
    The Republican National Committee Seems Pretty Sure That Racism Has EndedOthers are less certain.
  48. campaign 2012
    Michelle Obama Is Not Watching the GOP ConventionBut there might have been some Todd Akin talk in the White House.
  49. politics
    Live From Tampa, Roger Stone’s Steakhouse Politics: Charred and BloodyThe GOP consultant likes presidential campaigns just like his New York strip.
  50. grand old party
    Lifetime Movies for Republicans Who Don’t Understand RapeMovie night at the Tampa Hilton, anyone?
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