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  1. movie review
    Hubie Halloween Lets Adam Sandler Be Adam Sandler AgainRejoice! The weird voice is back.
  2. you can do it!
    Rob Schneider Announces New Netflix Special, Shows Off His TushYou can do it!
  3. impressions
    Alec Baldwin’s Trump Impression Is Ruining SNL, Says Rob Schneider“Alec Baldwin is a brilliant actor … he’s not a comedian.”
  4. where’s the beef?
    Seth Rogen and Rob Schneider Had a Bizarre Feud on TwitterA story for the modern times.
  5. the internet disapproves
    Internet Noticed Rob Schneider’s MLK TweetSchneider’s lesson about Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t go over well.
  6. oops
    Rob Schneider Emerges to Bring Disgrace to PaellaJosé Andrés is here to save him.
  7. Norm Macdonald Shares a Big ‘SNL’ Secret He Learned from Chris Farley on […]Adam Sandler, David Spade, Nick Swardson, Rob Schneider, and Norm Macdonald were guests on last night’s Conan, and during their interview with […]
  8. trailer mix
    Hey, Look, Rob Schneider Got His Own Louie, TooIt’s called Real Rob.
  9. The Trailer for Rob Schneider’s Netflix Series ‘Real Rob’ Has ArrivedFrom ¡Rob! to Rob to Real Rob, SNL alum Rob Schneider sure has had a lot of eponymous shows in the works in recent years. The latest project – […]
  10. Rob Schneider’s Sitcom ‘Real Rob’ Premieres on Netflix in DecemberRob Schneider has found a home for his self-financed autobiographical sitcom Real Rob – not to be confused with his previous autobiographical […]
  11. Rob Schneider Is Self-Financing His New Sitcom ‘Real Rob!’Rob Schneider has a new autobiographical sitcom in the works. According to Deadline, the SNL alum is shopping a new half-hour show called Real […]
  12. Reading Jack Handey’s Lost Screenplay ‘Harv the Barbarian’ “The Script Pile” is a biweekly column on Splitsider that takes a look at the screenplays for high-profile movie and TV comedies that never […]
  13. the national interest
    California Democrats Hurting Rob SchneiderA cultural catastrophe.
  14. Rob Schneider: Makin’ MoviesThis week, I decided to write about Rob Schneider after listening to him on Marc Maron’s WTF. The man who starred in dreck like The Animal, The […]
  15. Nick Swardson Is Taking Rob Schneider’s Place in ‘Grown Ups 2’ It looks like one of the stars of Grown Ups will be missing when the inevitable sequel comes out this summer. Rob Schneider is the only one […]
  16. Saturday Night’s Children: Rob Schneider (1990-1994)Saturday Night Live has been home to over a hundred cast members throughout the past 36 years. In our column Saturday Night’s Children, we […]
  17. The Lost Roles of Norm MacdonaldWhile not the most versatile SNL cast member ever, Norm Macdonald is certainly one of the most beloved in the show’s storied history, having […]
  18. tv review
    Seitz: ¡Rob! Is Not the Comedy ApocalypseThat doesn’t mean it’s great, mind you.
  19. rob schneider
    See a Drab Preview for Rob Schneider’s SitcomRob is undoubtedly going to ask all the tough questions.
  20. These Twenty Seconds of Rob Will Make You Bleed From the Ears Rob may have lost its upside-down exclamation point, but it hasn’t lost its feisty Spanish-inflected spirit! Because people of different […]
  21. CBS Gives in and Changes ¡Rob! to RobEveryone breathe out. CBS has given in to popular demand and common sense and changed the title of Rob Schneider’s new show from ¡Rob! to Rob. […]
  22. name game
    CBS Comes to Senses, New Sitcom ¡Rob! Now Just RobPraise the punctuation gods.
  23. Trade Roundup: ¡Rob!, Chelsea Handler- Rob Schneider’s midseason sitcom has been given an inverted exclamation point and a start date. ¡Rob! will premiere on January 12. Lord help […]
  24. Is Adam Sandler Birthing A Three Men And A Baby Remake?Hold onto your butts, because child abandonment just got a whole lot wackier! Rumors of an Adam Sandler Three Men And A Baby remake emerged […]
  25. Rob Schneider’s New Sitcom: Now With More Cheech MarinLike sands through the hour glass, so has Cheech Marin joined Rob Schneider’s sitcom. Marin will play Schneider’s father-in-law Fernando, and […]
  26. CBS Orders Rob Schneider Pilot For Mid-SeasonScratching that itch you’ve had since Surf Ninjas, CBS has ordered a pilot of Rob Schneider’s new sitcom, most likely for mid-season release. […]
  27. rob schneider
    CBS Orders a Rob Schneider Pilot RedoFor mid-season.
  28. The Lost Roles of NewsRadioCasting is one of the most important processes in television. Placing the right actors in the right roles can determine whether or not an […]
  29. roasts
    What Was the Meanest Joke Told at Today’s Quentin Tarantino Roast?It came from Rob Schneider, surprisingly.
  30. Adam Sandler Rewarded His Grown Ups Costars With $800k Worth of CarsAdam Sandler bought all four of his Grown Ups costars $200,000 Maseratis, just because. Seems like a reasonable thing to do! After all, those […]
  31. Rob Scheider Bringing an Autobiographical Sitcom to CBSRob Schneider is coming back to TV. To CBS, specifically, in a show that is “based on Schneider’s life and centers on a solitary guy who […]
  32. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Lost Producers Relocate to Small Town MainePlus: CBS is ready for Eugene Levy and Rob Schneider.
  33. tv
    What Swear Word Is Rob Schneider Calling Al Franken?Whore? Hamburger head?
  34. gossipmonger
    Snooki Loses Her PoufThe Snooks and the Sitch represented at last night’s Grammys, and more in our celebrity gossip roundup.
  35. trailer mix
    Grown Ups Trailer: Nineties-Era SNL Reunion Leaves Us Missing Chris FarleySad to say, but Kevin James doesn’t cut the mustard.
  36. the industry
    Adam Sandler Is Building an ArmyPlus: Snoop does late night.
  37. quote machine
    Things Could Be Worse for Rob SchneiderPlus: Shawn Wayans on why ‘The Munsters’ was clearly superior to ‘The Addams Family.’
  38. the industry
    Announcement of New Rob Schneider Movie Strategically Buried on Day After ElectionPlus: Important Tom Selleck news!
  39. quote machine
    Woody Allen Doesn’t Think You’re Mean or StupidPlus: Rob Schneider compares ‘Zohan’ to ‘Star Wars.’
  40. gossipmonger
    Busta Rhymes and Rob Schneider Are FriendsThe rapper and ‘Don’t Mess With the Zohan’ star hang at Marquee, Paris Hilton refuses to be photographed for the first time in her life, and Lance Armstrong and his new blonde enjoy their brief happiness, all in our daily roundup of the juice from today’s columns.
  41. the take
    The Summer of BrownfaceCross-race casting has been one of Hollywood’s obvious taboos for decades now. No more.
  42. the industry
    Jesse L. Martin Would Like to Meet Your ParentsThe good news: With his run on ‘Law & Order’ ending this week, Jesse L. Martin is planning his return to Broadway. The bad news: It’s not a musical.
  43. new york fugging city
    The Fug Girls Pick the Worst of 2007Oscar bigwigs released this year’s crop of nominees Tuesday, but after the flop that was the Golden Globes (the opening night of awards season), it’s tempting to ignore Hollywood’s annual self-congratulation spree and embrace a good old-fashioned orgy of shame. That’s right, the Razzie Awards! They beat Oscar to the punch Monday, naming their choices for 2007’s very worst. As ever, the race for the Golden Raspberry is as tight as Burt Reynolds’s face. We can’t contain ourselves! So, we won’t: Read on for our exuberant choices as to who stank up the screen the most. Worst Supporting Actor Nominees: Orlando Bloom, Kevin James, Eddie Murphy, Rob Schneider, Jon Voight. Not to ruin his moment, but we dispute Orlando’s inclusion: He looked smoking hot in Yet More Pirates of the Caribbean, and that’s truly the most supportive an actor can be. Chuck & Larry’s problems go way beyond poor Kevin James, and, let’s face it, there’s no way Rob Schneider was any worse in that than he is in anything else. That leaves Jon Voight in Bratz (oy) and Eddie Murphy as Mr. Wong in Norbit, another of those parts he hogs because he’s a whore for latex makeup. But it’s Voight’s Razzie to lose, if only because seeing his name next to the word “bratz” makes us want to crawl back into the womb.
  44. the early-evening news
    Jeff Fahey’s Scary Eyes Join the Cast of ‘Lost’Crackheads. Plus: Rob Schneider!
  45. the industry
    Today in Auteurs: Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso Cuarón, Rob Schneider
  46. quote machine
    Johnny Depp Disputes Pirates’ Hygiene