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  1. spoilers
    How House of Cards Pulled Off Claire Underwood’s Final Big TwistWhat to expect when you’re expecting an HOC surprise.
  2. close reads
    The Legacy and the Lunacy of House of CardsThe show’s final season considers serious issues raised by the 2016 election, and it also gets completely nuts.
  3. chat room
    House of Cards Star Michael Kelly on the Final Season and Doug Stamper’s Fate“When it all went down, there were a million emotions going through my head.”
  4. backstories
    The House of Cards Team Wrote Their Final Season. Then They Wrote It Again.How the writers’ room regrouped (and killed off Frank Underwood) in the wake of the Kevin Spacey allegations.
  5. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Missed His Chance at a House of Cards Role of a LifetimeRobin Wright confronts him about it.
  6. party report
    Robin Wright Says House of Cards Finale Is ‘Beautifully Macabre’No spoilers!
  7. trailer mix
    House of Cards Season 6 Trailer: Meet Your Commander-in-GriefIt’s Madame President to you.
  8. teasers
    House of Cards Teaser: ‘The Reign of the Middle-Aged White Man Is Over’Claire Underwood’s gone gangster.
  9. teasers
    House of Cards Teaser: Claire Visits Frank Underwood’s GraveLong live Robin Wright.
  10. first looks
    House of Cards: What Shady Things Are Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear Up to?And what is Claire Underwood doing with Frank’s ring?
  11. house of cards
    House of Cards’ Final Season Will Arrive Just in Time for the Midterm ElectionsMark your calendars for November 2.
  12. Robin Wright Breaks Her Silence About Kevin Spacey: ‘I Didn’t Know the Man’“Kevin and I knew each other between action and cut.”
  13. who runs the world?
    We Have Robin Wright to Thank for Saving House of Cards, Post-Kevin SpaceyHer co-star, Patricia Clarkson, spills all.
  14. first looks
    See Robin Wright Take Charge on the Set of House of Cards’ Final SeasonShe’ll lead both the White House and the show when it returns this fall.
  15. House of Cards Final-Season Teaser: Her TurnDon’t let the White House door hit you on the way out, Frank.
  16. get it
    Robin Wright Caps Off 2017 With a Magnifique French BoyfriendGet yours, girl.
  17. Why Did Netflix Decide to Move Forward With a Final Season of House of Cards?Producers plan on scrapping most, if not all, of the footage they’d already shot in October, sources tell Vulture.
  18. the post-weinstein reckoning
    Robin Wright Will Take Over Kevin Spacey’s Lead Role in House of CardsMaybe harassers and assaulters won’t ruin the shows you love after all.
  19. the industry
    House of Cards’ Hiatus Has Just Become a Lot LongerNetflix hasn’t solidified its post–Kevin Spacey plan yet.
  20. Blade Runner 2049 Trailer: There’s a Replicant on the LooseBlade Runner 2049 will be released October 6.
  21. praise be
    Hollywood, Give Robin Wright More Badass RolesWhen did you realize that you needed to see Robin Wright barrel down a mystical beach, racing into a battle against a bunch of Germans?
  22. literally strong female characters
    Give Thanks: Robin Wright’s General Antiope Will Appear in Justice LeagueThe Amazon’s greatest warrior will ride, and perhaps shoot arrows, again.
  23. Is This House of Cards Character Actually Dead?“All will be revealed in time.”
  24. house of cards
    House of Cards’ Showrunners on Murder, Intrigue, Real-life Parallels in Season 5“If there are any similarities, it’s because we were tapping into things that were happening around us culturally and politically.”
  25. hollywood wage gap
    Turns Out Robin Wright Didn’t Get That House of Cards Raise She DemandedWait. How?
  26. House of Cards Season 5 Trailer: ‘One Nation, Underwood’The series returns May 30.
  27. first looks
    Here’s Your First Look at House of Cards Season 5And Doug, and Leann, and the Conways, too!
  28. teasers
    House of Cards Has an On-the-Nose TeaserReturning May 30.
  29. calendar girls
    No-Makeup Julianne Moore Tackles Unreal Beauty Standards in Pirelli CalendarPeter Lindbergh said it’s about “calling out the terror of perfection.”
  30. a flotus for all of us
    Wright, Witherspoon Developing First Lady SeriesThe FLOTUS series we need.
  31. equal pay
    Even Claire Underwood Had to Fight for Equal PayRobin Wright said she’d go public if she didn’t get it.
  32. the industry
    Superpowered Robot Robin Wright Joins Blade Runner SequelIn an unknown role.
  33. first looks
    Robin Wright Is an Actual Freakin’ Goddess in Wonder WomanDid you expect anything less?
  34. trailer mix
    The House of Cards Season 4 Trailer Is HereIt’s election season.
  35. portraits
    Famous Faces in a New LightRaw, honest portraits by Brigitte Lacombe for NeueJournal.
  36. first ladies
    On House of Cards, Claire Underwood Wears Lipstick From TargetThroughout all of season three on House of Cards.
  37. sexpositions
    What It’s Like to Be a Movie Body-DoubleA whole lot of stars want Laura Grady’s body. 
  38. netflix
    The Next Season of House of Cards Has a Premiere DateIt’ll start streaming on Netflix February 27.
  39. video
    This Is Definitely One of the Weirdest Things Robin Wright Has Ever DoneYou’ve never seen anything like her new movie.
  40. whcd
    See: All the Looks From the 2014 White House Correspondents’ Dinner Lupita Nyong’o, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Freida Pinto attended.
  41. trailer mix
    Watch Philip Seymour Hoffman in the A Most Wanted Man TrailerCo-starring Robin Wright, Willem Dafoe, Rachel McAdams, and Daniel Bruhl.
  42. party chat
    Ashleigh Banfield on Defending Herself From House of Cards Fan Outrage“She’s clearly not a real person, that Claire Underwood lady.”
  43. 37 Backstage Polaroids From Last Night’s Golden Globes AwardsBehind the scenes.
  44. mawwage
    Robin Wright and Ben Foster Are EngagedHuzzah!
  45. trailer mix
    A Most Wanted Man Trailer: Like Homeland With a German AccentStarring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Wright, Willem Dafoe, and Rachel McAdams.
  46. movie review
    Ebiri on Adore: Two Hot Mothers, Two Hot Sons, Sexy TimeNaomi Watts and Robin Wright star.
  47. party dump
    Partiers of the Week: Mischa Barton Is BaaackWhile Courtney Love never left.
  48. exclusive
    Adore Clip: Robin Wright and Friend’s Son FlirtThings are getting sinful.
  49. Best Haircut: Robin Wright on House of CardsShort hair with the versatility of long hair!
  50. cannes 2013
    Robin Wright’s Film Takes ‘Craziest Movie at Cannes’ HonorsShe plays “Robin Wright,” an actress whose career grinds to a halt because she never sold out, in the half-animated The Congress. There is cartoon sex with Jon Hamm.
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