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  1. beep boop
    Your Move, M3ganDisney wants you to meet a roller-skating bunny robot that is designed to “have an emotional connection” with you.
  2. screen time
    Elon Musk’s Incredible Shrinking FutureHe charmed his fans with visions of Mars and cool cars. But an “everything app” just sounds like a nightmare.
  3. rage against the machines
    Who Will Save Us From the Russian Chess Robots?A robot grabbed and broke a kid’s finger during their chess match at a tournament in Moscow last week.
  4. beijing winter olympics
    Robots Are Taking Over the OlympicsIt’s time to welcome our robot overlords.
  5. media
    Future Robot Overlord Pens Surprisingly Tender ‘Modern Love’The New York Times challenged AI to write for its romance column, and the results were, well, unexpected.
  6. vision 2020
    Andrew Yang Says the Media Is Ignoring Him. Does He Have a Point?Maybe Yang and others are getting less media coverage than their poll rankings would indicate. But they don’t have plausible paths to the nomination.
  7. last night on late night
    John Oliver Prepares Kids for the Inevitable Robot TakeoverA robot will take over your job one day. Allow Oliver to prepare you for that.
  8. food tech
    Robot Drive-throughs Are the Future of Fast FoodAt least at one restaurant in Denver, Colorado.
  9. a star is reborn
    Lady Gaga Is Reborn as a Las Vegas Robot WranglerDay one of her residency, complete.
  10. decisions
    How the Roomba Company Decided to Stop Making Bots for the MilitaryCEO Colin Angle explains why iRobot divested itself of its work for the defense industry.
  11. robots
    Amazon Is Testing Its Cashier-less Technology for Bigger StoresIf it’s implemented at Whole Foods, employees’ worst fears would be confirmed.
  12. technology
    Google Duplex Still Cant Get Its Disclosure RightGoogle said Duplex, its AI system that makes phone calls for you, would disclose it is a robot at the start of all calls. It’s not doing quite that.
  13. global tech
    Kind Companion Robots Help Qatar’s Autistic Children SocializeResearchers at Qatar University in Doha are programming robots to make autistic children feel more comfortable around other people.
  14. promos
    SNL Fires Up the Old Jonah Hill Robot for This Week’s PromoLooks like the real Jonah Hill won’t be hosting after all.
  15. select all
    Sony’s Newest Aibo Is Very Cute and Very ExpensiveIt also requires a service plan.
  16. select all
    I Tried to Build My Own DJ Roomba and It Nearly Broke MeParks and Rec fans be warned: Tom Haverford made it look easy.
  17. robots
    Robots Still Suck at Making LattesCafe X’s $25,000 machine can crank out 120 visually underwhelming craft coffees per hour.
  18. Watch: Are Grain Bowls Made by Robots the Food of the Future?Spyce is now serving lunch made by mechanical cooks.
  19. How Close Are We To Real-Life Westworld Robots?And how should we treat them when we get them?
  20. robots
    A Burger Chain Added a Burger-Flipping Robot — It Lasted for a DayFlippy already needs a bit of retooling.
  21. Men Find Me Intimidating Just Because I’m a Sentient Robot Sent Here From […] When I first arrived at these time-vector coordinates to stalk and kill John Connor, future leader of the human resistance, I didn’t realize […]
  22. robots
    Flippy the Burger–Flipping Robot Just Secured $10 Million in FundingThe future of grilling debuts soon in CaliBurger, and has backing from one of the U.S.’s biggest hospitality groups.
  23. passive aggressive robots
    Sophia the Robot Waits Until the Perfect Moment to Get Revenge on Chrissy TeigenA robot never forgets a shady tweet.
  24. the chain gang
    Jack in the Box CEO: It ‘Just Makes Sense’ to Replace Workers With RobotsWhat fast-food chain wants to pay humans ever-increasing wages?
  25. dystopia
    Party During Tech Expo Features Robot StrippersCES seems to be going great so far.
  26. robots
    Get Ready to Order Burgers With Your FaceCaliBurger has debuted the country’s first facial-recognition sales system.
  27. robots
    Is Robot Trump a Better Speaker Than Real Trump?Yes.
  28. select all
    Someone Knocked This Robot Security Guard Over and Covered It in Barbecue SauceIt was also covered in a tarp!
  29. motherhood
    Even Female Robots Can’t Avoid the ‘Do You Want Kids?’ QuestionRobots: They’re just like us.
  30. grocery wars
    Whole Foods Is Actually Hiring Another 6,000 Human WorkersA small victory against Amazon’s robot overlords.
  31. the future
    All-Automated Chain Eatsa Didn’t Impress Diners With Its Fancy Vending MachinesScore one for live cashiers.
  32. select all
    Robot Security Guard Commits Suicide in Public FountainSelf-inflicted short circuit.
  33. grocery wars
    Amazon Will Likely Cut Warehouse Jobs First at Whole FoodsThousands of robots will take over.
  34. select all
    Google Sells Boston Dynamics, Maker of Unnerving RobotsIt took over a year to find a buyer for Boston Dynamics.
  35. Working With Robots Helps People Get AlongNew research found that introducing AI into a group made its human members more flexible and collaborative.
  36. select all
    Welcome to the Future, Where Packages Are Delivered by Horrifying Robot DogsWho is a good dog? Answer: NOT THIS ONE.
  37. select all
    Drunk Man Arrested for Showing Robot Security Guard Who Is the BossThe 300-pound bot was patrolling in Mountain View when the incident occurred.
  38. select all
    No, I Would Not Let This Robot Stab Around My Hand With a KnifeTechnology has gone too far.
  39. select all
    A Mysterious Robot Is Printing Out Trump’s Tweets and Setting Them on FireLiteral fire tweets.
  40. select all
    Find Someone Who Looks at You Like This Little Girl Looks at This ‘Robot’“I wuv you, wobot.”
  41. robots
    The Robots Have Finally Arrived to Take Our Burger-Flipping JobsThe chain CaliBurger is swapping its human cooks with a robot named Flippy.
  42. select all
    Google’s Newest Robot Is a Leaping, Rolling, 6.5-Foot MenaceIts name is Handle, and it can jump four feet in the air.
  43. the machines
    Get Ready for the Robo-Barista RevolutionAutomated coffee maker Cafe X has landed in San Francisco.
  44. select all
    Is This GIF Robot Awesome or Terrifying?The way its little mechanical neck moves is something else.
  45. the future
    The Limits, and Possibilities, of a Robot ChefThe chef of the future makes only one dish: crab bisque. So it better be tasty.
  46. hairy situations
    This New Hairbrush Is Totally Judging YouPay $200 and get hair-shamed by a robot.
  47. This Creepy Baby Robot Is Teaching Scientists How Real Babies LearnWhen it’s not busy haunting your nightmares.
  48. Roomba’s Long, Bumpy Path From Prototype to Your Living RoomIt’s fair to say the project hit some walls. Inventor Joe Jones walked us through the ten-year odyssey of getting his adorable robot vacuum to market.
  49. health
    What Scientists Are Learning From a Chain-Smoking RobotIt could be an important breakthrough for better understanding what tobacco does to the human respiratory system.
  50. A Mattress Company Launched a Service to Talk to You in the Middle of the NightHey, it’s better than texting your ex.
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