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  1. A Mattress Company Launched a Service to Talk to You in the Middle of the NightHey, it’s better than texting your ex.
  2. side chicks
    Chanel Wants You to Wear Robot Heads, Side Ponytails, and CoralCoco Roboto.
  3. The Future of Room Service Is These Friendly AutomatonsBe warned: They can’t read your “do not disturb” signs.
  4. This Precious Fleet of Loyal Robots Delivers Packages From MinivansOur future overlords are also in the delivery business.
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    Who Needs Bankers When You Have Robots?They have already invaded the market. Their total victory is where things get interesting.
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    This Terrible Robot Dog Is Your New Best FriendThis dog is so bad. It’s perfect.
  7. Creepy Robot Babies Don’t Deter Teens From SpawningClearly they haven’t seen Toy Story.
  8. robobabies
    Creepy Robot Babies Don’t Deter Teens From SpawningClearly they haven’t seen Toy Story.
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    This Terrifying Robot-Snake Surgeon Could Save Your Life Some DaySay ah!
  10. Harvard Just Developed the First Entirely Soft RobotAlso, it’s pretty cute.
  11. This Robot Is Ready to Give You the Tattoo of the Future Wherever You Want ItIt also won’t judge you.
  12. Please Enjoy This Video of an Army of Robots Setting a Dancing World RecordLook at them go.
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    Nothing to See Here But 1,000 Dancing RobotsAfter dancing for 60 seconds, these bots set a new world record.
  14. If You Don’t Live in a City and Hate Buying Tomatoes, Try This RobotGet your produce from the dirt.
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    This Is Either the Year’s Best Horror Film or a Lovely Video of Men and a PetThe stuff of nightmares.
  16. 300-Pound Robot Security Guard Topples ToddlerUber uses the same type of guard to patrol its cars.
  17. Meet the Future of Security: A $7-an-Hour RobotUber uses this robot to patrol its cars.
  18. the future
    San Francisco Restaurant’s Robots Will Crank Out 400 Burgers an HourSay good-bye to those burger-flipping jobs.
  19. Engineers Finally Made a Real-life Wall-E Robot to Be Your FriendIt’s like a less creepy Furby for the millennial era.
  20. casting couch
    Captain Phillips Star Barkhad Abdi Joins Blade Runner SequelHe’ll be a friend or robot foe with Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, and Robin Wright.
  21. The Future
    Pizza Robots Are Almost a RealityThe founder calls it “Domino’s without the labor component.”
  22. Google’s Newest Robot Will Give You a Heart Attack and Help Do the Dishes2016 is terrifying, but efficient.
  23. This Is What Happens When an AI Robot Writes a Sci-Fi MovieIt’s pretty weird.
  24. Dad’s Robotic Harry Potter Sorting Hat Weirdly Puts Donald Trump in GryffindorThe device is powered by IBM Watson.
  25. Researchers at Harvard Created a Robotic Bee That’s Scarily LifelikeIt’s essentially a bee-shaped drone.
  26. Someone Invented a Roomba for Grills, and It Could Save Your SummerIt’s like a Roomba, but for grills.
  27. The Chain Gang
    Turns Out the Robot Apocalypse Will Begin at Fast-Food RestaurantsSkynet? More like FryNet.
  28. hot bots
    The 11 Most Memorable Met Gala Beauty LooksThere were definitely looks. 
  29. horrible things
    A Lot of People Would Actually Date That Scarlett Johansson RobotOne in four Brits say they’d be down to date a robot.
  30. This Video Game Could One Day Be Used to Treat Social AnxietyIt matches patients with avatars that act just like them.
  31. sorry nerds
    Looks Like Robots Won’t Be Making Sex ObsoleteA new study finds that humans do not feel comfortable touching the “butts” of robots.
  32. from the muddy banks of the uncanny valley
    An Engineer Built a Scarlett Johansson Robot, HmCongratulations to your boyfriend on his new robot!
  33. uncanny valley
    Hot Robot Feels More Emotions Than Your ExHer emotions are more complex than the average millennial male’s!
  34. The Chain Gang
    Fast-Food CEO Wants to Automate RestaurantsRobots are “always polite,” “always upsell,” and “never take a vacation.”
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    Americans Believe Robots Will Take Everyone’s Jobs But Their OwnThe American workforce is a fat sitcom husband cracking open a beer, farting into the couch, and saying, “She’s been with me too long to leave me now!”
  36. People Blindly Follow Their Robot LeadersEven if they are clearly going the wrong way.
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    Spot the Bot: Watch Google Robot Play With a DogSee Spot Run. See Spot Bark at Terrifying Robot Google Dog.
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    Happy Wednesday, Meet Your DoomAs Facebook deploys fun new buttons, Google is building a terrifying robot.
  39. Falling Markets Harshing Billionaires’ Mellow at DavosIlluminati winter break spoiled.
  40. Reasons to Love New York
    You Can Try a Robot-Brewed Pour-Over Coffee at the Chelsea Café GrumpySo new-Brooklyn it hurts. But it’s also mesmerizing fun to watch in action.
  41. the future
    Robots Could Be Making Your Next Pair of YeezysNo. 1 robot fan Kanye West must be thrilled!
  42. This Robot Cord Makes the Digital Real A line-shaped robot from MIT Media Lab is the best assistant the internet could ask for. 
  43. ayo technology
    Shhh, It’s Okay, the Robots Love UsThey want to whisper sweet nothings in our ears.
  44. technology
    Your Driverless Car Could Be Programmed to Kill YouAdventures in the ethics of autonomous vehicles.
  45. ayo technology
    Sex With Robots: Something New to Worry AboutEmbrace the future?
  46. behold the future
    This Creepy Robot Baby Will Force You to SmileResearchers used an animatronic infant to confirm that babies grin to make their moms do it back.
  47. social experiments
    Innocent Hitchhiking Robot Murdered by AmericaIt had successfully studied the interactions between robots and humans in Europe and Canada, until it got to Philadelphia, where somebody decapitated it. 
  48. the future
    Could This Be the End of Passive-Aggressive Emails?A helpful new program lets you “tone check” your writing.
  49. graceful robots
    The Rules of Walking and Talking Like a Robot, According to Humans“Synths lead with their eyes, and the skulls kind of following.”
  50. bleep bloop i can love
    Humans, and Why Robots on TV Are Just Like UsRobots on TV are a stand-in for the denigrated, asking audiences: Is this really how you treat the least among you?
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