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  1. portfolio
    Solidarity at SeaRockaway surfers unite for Black Lives Matter.
  2. gallery
    The Look Book Goes to the RockawaysWe set up outside Locals Surf School on Beach 69th Street to talk to the surfers, many of whom are there every morning, year-round.
  3. food fight
    Park Officials Removed a Chef for Being Too ‘Vulgar’With a nickname like that, how could anyone have known?
  4. openings
    Real-Deal Mission-Style Burritos Arrive in Rockaway BeachSuper Burrito, from two former Californians, is open for business.
  5. Summer
    The Palms Opens in Rockaway Tomorrow, With Latin American Snacks and Guest-ChefThe 5,000-square-foot outdoor venue will host Navy’s Camille Becerra this weekend.
  6. Coming Soon
    ‘Pizza Nazi’ Whitney Aycock Expanding With Rockaways Burger JointThe Rockaways will get a new steamed-cheeseburger spot this year.
  7. great room
    Tour a Rockaway Bungalow Restored After Hurricane SandyBack to its stained-glass, bunny-nose-pink self.  
  8. Startups
    Anthony Weiner’s Next Job: Restaurant OwnerThe project is called Rockaway Restoration Kitchen.
  9. buzzkills
    NYPD Targets Beach Boozers in RockawaysDrink at your own risk. 
  10. High Standards
    No Slice for You: How Rockaway Beach Got Its Very Own Pizza Nazi“We call him the pizza nazi because it’s his way or the highway.”
  11. See: Marcelo Gomes’s Dreamy Photos for Levi’s Made and CraftedOverexposed shots at their finest.
  12. Opening Again
    Here’s What’s Happening in the RockawaysCaracas, Motorboat and the Big Banana, and others are back.
  13. stand clear of the closing doors
    The A Train Is Scheduled to Return to the Rockaways at the End of the MonthWith only plywood and sandbags to protect from flooding.
  14. hurricane sandy
    Williamsburg’s Post-Sandy Rockaway Commute Won’t SufferThe Rockabus returns.
  15. ink-stained wretches
    The Wave Is Back, But Not Its Archives118 years of history lost to Sandy.
  16. crimes and misdemeanors
    The Rockaways Have Seen a 1,020 Percent Increase in Burglaries Since SandyCompared with this time last year.
  17. stand clear of the closing doors
    The Rockaways Won’t See a Subway Train Anytime SoonA Train service is reportedly out until mid-2013.
  18. hurricane sandy
    The Radio Days House Stands Tall in RockawayThank goodness for small miracles.
  19. boardwalk empire
    Trashed Rockaway Boardwalk Boards Are Surprisingly Valuable$250,000 a block, it turns out.
  20. election day
    Voting After Sandy Was a Frustrating MessLong lines, generator-powered tents, and voting by flashlight.
  21. Booze News
    LIC Microbrewery Opening Soon, Targeting the RockawaysSince the seaside has been called Williamsburg by the beach, seems like a smart move.
  22. real estate
    The Hip-fication of the Rockaways is Really AcceleratingWill there be a boutique hotel out there?
  23. hipsters
    Do You Ever Wish Williamsburg Was Farther Away, Dirtier, and More Bathing-Suit Friendly?Try the Rockaways!
  24. it just happened
    Clothesless Man Jumps From Rockaway Railroad Trestle Into Frigid Jamaica BayPolice are looking for him now.
  25. lacrosse
    Rockaways’ Lax Underdogs Triumph!Last-second victory beats Staten Island powerhouse.
  26. lacrosse
    The Rockaways, Lacrosse HotbedUnlikely high-school ladies’ champs seek repeat.
  27. Wanton Destruction
    Sheepshead Bay Gets ‘Fugly’ Restaurant Space (We’ll Be at thePlus, Coney’s amusement park gets a familiar name.
  28. Neighborhood Watch
    Dovetail Completes Expansion; Learn to Cook at Tabla TomorrowPlus: rare beers at the Brazen Head, and a cheese-themed brunch in Tribeca, in our regular roundup of neighborhood food news.
  29. neighborhood news
    The Old Man of the RockawaysDon’t say he didn’t warn you not to swim at night.
  30. neighborhood watch
    In the Rockaways, Safe Swimming Is a Luxury, Not a RightNasty razor teeth in Chelsea, bank-on-biker discrimination in Windsor Terrace, lifeguard inequality in the Rockaways … and other bad tidings to make you angry and anxious in today’s bitter boroughs report.
  31. neighborhood watch
    Joshua Kushner: Jared 2.0?Jared Kushner’s developer bro rocks the East Village shul crowd, the waterfalls installation is killing the trees at River Café, barges are rotting in Jamaica Bay, and scruffle venue Studio B in Greenpoint is shuttered. In today’s hood roundup!
  32. neighborhood watch
    Red Hook Residents Already Groaning Over ‘Real World’ InvasionThe disingenuous denizens of Red Hook, the doomed views of the West 15th Street co-op dwellers, and the junk food–craving office gals of Long Island City, all wrapped up into our daily boroughs report like the contents of a vegan burrito!
  33. neighborhood watch
    The Golden Rule, Graffiti-StyleEast Harlem’s incoming big-box mall, Rockaway’s unexpected turn, Gramercy’s strange tenements within a condo, and even more, in today’s boroughs report.
  34. neighborhood watch
    Hipster Influx Already Affecting Bushwick Community BoardRoosevelt Island may not get its ferry so soon, the Rockaways may get a $19 mil library … and Union Square Park–goers will still get free hugs! Even more gets in our daily boroughs report.
  35. neighborhood watch
    The ‘Post’ and ‘Daily News’ Have Contrary Takes on the Future of the Atlantic YardsJennifer Connelly ditches the Slope, Travolta hits Dumbo, and Warhol’s former porn house in the East Village. Those are all the celeb items in today’s boroughs report, we promise!
  36. neighborhood watch
    Art Deco Icon to Be DemolishedBrooklyn Heights: They’ll tear down the landmarked 1936 Purchase Building — a classic, WPA-style structure — as part of the construction of Brooklyn Bridge Park, which may begin next month. [NYDN via Gowanus Lounge] Fort Greene: All the shabby-chic vendors of choice are lining up for the Brooklyn Flea Market, coming here Sundays starting in April. [Brownstoner] Governors Island: Plans released today for the isle’s redo into a pomo eco-asis reveal that multiethnic children will frolic while seabirds fly overhead at dangerously low altitudes. [Queens Crap]
  37. photo op
    Surfin’ NYC Sure, if you want to be a snob, you could insist on Waikiki Beach on Oahu or Kirra Point on Australia’s Gold Coast. But you can’t get to either of those with a MetroCard — and today the city’s Parks Department opened New York’s second surfing-only beach in the Rockaways. Until 2005, a musty law banned surfing anywhere within the five boroughs. But that year a stretch of seashore at Beach 90th Street was opened to surfers and closed to everyone else, and, well, it was gnarly, dude. Today, after the local chapter of the Surfrider Foundation cleaned the area and a Parks commish Adrian Benepe led a small ceremony, the strip of sand at Beach 67th Street was also turned over to the boarders. It’s just an A-train ride away — and, on that note, we think we’ll call it a week. Catch you Monday.