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  1. the loudest voice
    How The Loudest Voice’s Actors Compare to Their Real-Life CounterpartsHow closely does Showtime’s miniseries about Roger Ailes’s Fox News reign hew to the real thing?
  2. tv review
    The Loudest Voice Is All Bluster and Little InsightRussell Crowe plays Fox News mastermind Roger Ailes with zeal (and awkward prosthetics) in a Showtime series that’s more about the what than the why.
  3. tv
    Is It Time to Root for Roger Ailes?The making of Showtime’s series about the Fox News founder.
  4. trailer mix
    The Loudest Voice Trailer: Russell Crowe and His Roger Ailes Chin Have ArrivedThe Loudest Voice premieres June 30.
  5. showtime
    Showtime’s Ailes Show Isn’t Trying to Trash-talk the Megyn Kelly Movie, But …“I’m sure the movie will be lovely … [but] we are doing our best to reflect a reality.”
  6. upcoming releases
    The Star-Studded Roger Ailes Movie Finally Has a Release DateStill no title, though.
  7. nicole kidman
    Here’s Nicole Kidman As Gretchen Carlson With Not One But Two HandbagsOr is it Naomi Watts?
  8. casting
    Connie Britton Joins Bevy of Blondes in Roger Ailes BiopicShe’ll play his wife.
  9. women and power
    Nicole Kidman Married Tom Cruise for Love — and Got Protection“I married for love, but being married to an extremely powerful man kept me from being sexually harassed.”
  10. movies
    Kate McKinnon the Latest Blonde to Join Fox News Sexual-Harassment MovieAlongside Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie…
  11. movies
    John Lithgow Is Going to Test Your Love for Him by Playing Roger AilesJust remember, once the movie is over, he goes back to being John Lithgow.
  12. movies
    Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie Join Charlize Theron in Roger Ailes MovieGet those roots retouched!
  13. Bill Shine, Disgraced Former Fox News Exec, Is Trump’s New Comms DirectorBill Shine is accused of enabling former CEO Roger Ailes’s years-long pattern of sexual harassment at the news network.
  14. casting
    Russell Crowe to Star As Roger Ailes in Showtime Limited SeriesBased on the book The Loudest Voice in the Room by Gabriel Sherman.
  15. the industry
    Charlize Theron to Play Megyn Kelly in Film About Disgraced Fox CEO Roger AilesThe as-yet unnamed film has a screenplay by The Big Short screenwriter Charles Randolph.
  16. Megyn Kelly Tears Into Fox News After Latest O’Reilly Harassment ReportShe said she protested his behavior to the network’s co-presidents.
  17. Report: O’Reilly Settled Additional $32 Million Harassment CaseWeeks before he was awarded a giant new contract from Fox News.
  18. first person
    I Went on a Date With My RapistI was ashamed of my behavior for years. Now I know I’m normal.
  19. sexual harassment
    Gretchen Carlson Says Roger Ailes Isn’t the Only Man in Media Who Harassed HerThe former Fox News anchor talked getting harassed by a cameraman early in her career.
  20. This Gallery Asked Artists to Submit Work Inspired by Roger Ailes and Fox News“Fair and Balanced” wants to explore what it means to “emerge from the other side” of the Roger Ailes era.
  21. fox news news
    Fox News Is Dropping Its ‘Fair & Balanced’ SloganIt was too closely associated with Roger Ailes and had become a target for mockery, say insiders.
  22. roger ailes
    Roger Ailes Offered Rachel Maddow a Job to Keep Her Off AirShe recounted their relationship on “The Howard Stern Show.”
  23. Read Monica Lewinsky’s Scathing Good-bye to Roger Ailes“He harnessed a sex scandal to build a cable juggernaut and then was brought down by his own.”
  24. Here’s How News Outlets Are Treating the Allegations Against Roger AilesSome stories are upfront about the allegations, while others don’t mention them until the last paragraph.
  25. farewells
    Roger and Me“Ailes and I developed a strange and intense connection. Sources at Fox said he thought about me as much as I thought about him”
  26. What Will Happen to the Sexual-Harassment Lawsuits Against Roger Ailes?An attorney explains.
  27. Roger Ailes, Fox News Mastermind, Dead at 77He is survived by a wife, a son, and nation ruled by a reality star his network helped elect.
  28. Gretchen Carlson Says Reporting Sexual Harassment to HR Isn’t Always a Good Idea“Who’s giving them the paycheck?”
  29. power
    Women Can Wear Pants on Fox News Now, But Not Much Else Has ChangedRupert Murdoch’s out-of-touch management of the disaster at his network.
  30. sexual harrassment
    Fox News Has Spent $45 Million Settling Sexual-Harassment CasesIt’s been $10 million this year alone.
  31. fox news news
    Murdochs Might Not Be Done Cleaning House at Fox NewsNetwork exec Bill Shine is out. Insiders don’t think he’ll be the last.
  32. media
    Black Fox News Anchor Joins Expanding Racial-Discrimination LawsuitKelly Wright says he endured “many racist comments,” and Bill O’Reilly rejected a proposed segment because its portrayal of blacks was “too positive.”
  33. fox news news
    Ex–Fox News Host Alleges Network Operatives Hacked Her Phone in Smear CampaignAccording to a new suit filed in federal court Monday.
  34. CNN Anchor Alisyn Camerota Was Also Sexually Harassed by Roger Ailes“I was embarrassed, and it is sort of humiliating.”
  35. fragile triggered conservatives
    Steve Bannon Unironically Referred to Megyn Kelly As ‘the ‘Devil’In a conversation with Roger Ailes, of all people.
  36. the industry
    Horror Studio Blumhouse Launches TV Arm, Announces Roger Ailes Showtime SeriesThe studio’s first major project for the small screen is a Showtime series about former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes.
  37. fox news news
    Fox News’ Julie Roginsky Files Sexual-Harassment LawsuitThe post-scandal nightmare at the cable network continues.
  38. everyday sexism
    Fox News Reportedly Settles With Contributor Who Said She Was Sexually AssaultedTamara Holder, a Fox contributor, said she was sexually assaulted by a network executive.
  39. true crime
    Law & Order: SVU to Air a Roger Ailes–Inspired Episode Inspiring an SVU episode about your life is the opposite of goals.  
  40. Megyn Kelly’s Departure Is a Big Clue About the Future of Fox NewsMaybe it won’t reinvent itself as a politically moderate network after all.
  41. Roger Ailes Demanded an Apology for Being Called a ‘Gropey Old’ ManHe called to complain about a New York Daily News headline.
  42. Roger Ailes Is Dumping His Treasured Upstate NewspaperHe turned the Putnam County News and Recorder into a mini–Fox News. Now he’s handing it over to the editor.
  43. sexual harassment
    New Lawsuit Alleges Roger Ailes Sexually Harassed a Fox 5 ReporterLidia Curanaj filed a 28-page suit on Tuesday.
  44. adaptations
    A Movie About Roger Ailes’s Alleged Harassment of Megyn Kelly Is in the WorksLooks like Ailes is about to be juiced.
  45. is this real life
    Triumph the Dog Staged Fake Trump TV AuditionsAt least it made you get your reel together.
  46. workplace sexual harassment
    Gretchen Carlson Was Afraid She’d Be Labeled a ‘Troublemaker’She was on 20/20 to discuss her experiences with sexual harassment.
  47. Watch Megyn Kelly Open Up About Being Targeted by ‘Vindictive’ Donald TrumpDuring a Good Morning America appearance promoting her new book, Settle for More.
  48. Gretchen Carlson Wants You to Fight Sexual Harassment“This is not only a women’s issue. It’s a societal issue.”
  49. Megyn Kelly’s Leaked Memoir Says Ex–Fox Head Roger Ailes Sexually Harassed HerThe passage of Settle for More, obtained by Radar Online, has details of Ailes’s alleged inappropriate behavior toward Kelly.
  50. Ailes’s Fox Ouster Is Getting a TV AdaptationWell, this should make for good TV.
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