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  1. protests
    Portrait of a Lady on Fire Star Storms Out of Awards After Roman Polanski WinsPolanski skipped the César Awards to avoid a “public lynching” by feminist activists.
  2. sexual assault
    French Actress Valentine Monnier Accuses Roman Polanski of RapeMonnier told Le Parisien the alleged incident occurred in 1975.
  3. telling! it! all!
    14 Other Celebrities Who Might Want to Know They’re in Demi Moore’s MemoirRob Lowe, Flea, and … Lena Dunham?
  4. venice 2019
    Roman Polanski’s New Film to Premiere at the Venice Film FestivalAnd only two female filmmakers in competition.
  5. movies
    Roman Polanski’s Wife Does Not Appreciate Once Upon a Time in Hollywood“How can you take advantage of someone’s tragic life while trampling on them?”
  6. feuds
    Roman Polanski Is Trying to Sue His Way Back Into the AcademyWell!
  7. #metoo
    Roman Polanski’s Thoughts on #MeToo Are Just As Bad As You’d ImagineHe called it “collective hysteria.”
  8. the academy
    Roman Polanski Threatens Lawsuit Over Academy Expulsion“Mr. Polanski has a right to go to court and require your organization to follow its own procedures, as well as California law,” his attorney said.
  9. the industry
    Bill Cosby, Roman Polanski Expelled from Oscars AcademyThe board of governors voted that the men violated the newly implemented rules governing Academy members’ conduct.
  10. time's up
    Natalie Portman on Supporting Roman Polanski Petition: ‘I Very Much Regret It’“I take responsibility for not thinking about it enough.”
  11. the industry
    Roman Polanski Victim Accepts Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Sincere’ Apology“I felt my rape was being used to attack him by people who don’t care about what happened to me, and I do take offense at that,” says Samantha Geimer.
  12. Roman Polanski Victim Accepts Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Sincere’ Apology“I felt my rape was being used to attack him by people who don’t care about what happened to me, and I do take offense at that,” says Samantha Geimer.
  13. apologies
    Quentin Tarantino Apologizes to Roman Polanski Victim: ‘I Was Ignorant’“Fifteen years later, I realize how wrong I was.”
  14. rape
    Roman Polanski Rape Victim Says Tarantino Was ‘Wrong’ to Say She Wanted It“I hope he doesn’t make an ass of himself and keep talking that way.”
  15. crime
    Prosecutors Decline to Bring New Charges Against Roman PolanskiThe director was accused of allegedly molesting a woman in 1975 when she was 10 years old.
  16. vulture lists
    Search Party’s 13 Biggest Pop-Culture InfluencesThe major cultural landmarks that shaped Dory and the gang, from Alfred Hitchcock to The Comeback.
  17. roman polanski
    Los Angeles Police Department Is Investigating Roman Polanski Assault AllegationThe police department opened a new investigation after a woman came forward to accuse the director of molesting her in 1975 when she was 10 years old.
  18. msnbc
    MSNBC Cuts Ties With Sam Seder Over Roman Polanski Rape JokeSeder said the 2009 tweet was a satirical response to Hollywood’s defense of Polanski that is now being “willfully misinterpreted.”
  19. polanski
    Roman Polanski Accused of Molesting 10-Year-Old Girl During Photo Shoot“Then he wanted me to take my bikini bottoms off.”
  20. sexual assault
    Former German Actress Accuses Roman Polanski of Raping Her When She Was 15Renate Langer is the fourth woman to publicly accuse the director of sexual assault.
  21. court
    Roman Polanski Gives Statement on Rape Case: ‘As Far as What I Did: It’s Over.’Polanski is at the Zurich Film Festival.
  22. lawsuits
    Another Woman Claims She Was Sexually Victimized by Roman Polanski As a TeenagerThe woman says she was 16 when the assault occurred.
  23. lawsuits
    Another Woman Claims She Was Sexually Victimized by Roman Polanski As a TeenagerThe woman says she was 16 when the assault occurred.
  24. roman polanski
    Judge Denies Roman Polanski’s Most Recent Attempt to Resolve Rape Case“Polanski cannot avail himself of the court while standing in contempt of it.”
  25. roman polanski
    Roman Polanski’s Rape Victim Doesn’t Want You Boycotting Him on Her Behalf“I continue to be asked to be a victim so people can use my experience.”
  26. awards circuit
    Delon Refuses César Presidency, Cites PolanskiThanks but no thanks.
  27. cesar awards
    Roman Polanski Steps Down as President of César Awards Following Protest ThreatsFrench feminist organization d’Osez le Feminisme planned to protest the awards.
  28. roman polanski
    Feminists Decry César Awards’ New Pres PolanskiDirector Roman Polanski pleaded guilty to rape charges in 1977. 
  29. extradition
    Roman Polanski Extradition Appeal Denied by Polish Supreme Court The Polish government will not be allowed to extradite the director to the U.S.
  30. casting couch
    Eva Green to Star in Next Roman Polanski Movie Based on a True StoryThe director will write the screenplay with Olivier Assayas.
  31. extradition
    The Government of Poland Is Still Trying to Extradite Roman PolanskiIn October, a Polish judge declined to extradite the director to the U.S.
  32. enough
    Why Does the Media Keep Giving Abusive Men Platforms for Redemption?On Woody Allen, Chris Brown, and Greg Hardy.
  33. movies
    Review: Roman Polanski Self-Flagellates With Venus in FurIn his hands, the casting dims the dazzle.
  34. in memoriam
    A Look Back at Sharon Tate’s Carefree Glory DaysA new book, edited by her sister, aims to preserve her photographic legacy.
  35. trailer mix
    Watch a Trailer for Roman Polanski’s Venus in FurAn adaptation of the Tony-winning play.
  36. what to do
    Ethical Pop-Culture Consumption’s Slippery SlopeIt gets more complicated than punishing the Ender’s Game movie for Orson Scott Card’s writing.
  37. books
    Roman Polanski Took the Photo on the Cover of His Rape Victim’s BookFor her upcoming memoir.
  38. movies
    Roman Polanski to Adapt Venus in FurThe play that won Nina Arianda a Tony.
  39. movies
    Roman Polanski to Direct Dreyfus Affair MovieCalled D.
  40. roman polanski
    Roman Polanski Collects Zurich Film Festival Award Two Years LateNo arrests this time.
  41. trailer mix
    Carnage Trailer: Jodie Foster and Kate Winslet Play Family FeudJohn C. Reilly and Christoph Waltz also star in Roman Polanski’s new film.
  42. nyff
    Roman Polansk’s Carnage Will Open NYFFPolanski’s back, everyone.
  43. icons
    Slideshow: 12 Great Catherine Deneuve LooksIn all of Deneuve’s YSL glory.
  44. clickables
    See Roman Polanski’s Awkward Pose With Jodie Foster and Kate WinsletSomeone’s getting horizontal.
  45. the ghost writer
    Polanski’s Ghost Writer Sweeps European Film AwardsIt’s the European version of the Oscar.
  46. the ghost writer
    Roman Polanski’s The Ghost Writer Nominated for Seven European Film AwardsIncluding Best Director.
  47. Foster, Winslet Sign On for Polanski’s God of CarnageChristoph Waltz and Matt Dillon too.
  48. your dvd calendar
    The DVD Queue: A Jock, a Prep, a French-Arab Gangsta, and a Piranha!One of the most perfect lines in B-movie history: “People eat fish, Grogan. Fish don’t eat people.”
  49. roman polanski
    Roman Polanski Gets Back to WorkWith an adaptation of ‘God of Carnage.’
  50. roman polanski
    L.A. District Attorney: Polanski Decision Was ‘Disservice to Justice’State Department spokesman also expresses disappointment.
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