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  1. movie review
    Acasa, My Home Shows the Poetry and Peril of a Life Off the GridA beautiful, bittersweet documentary from Romania.
  2. mystery
    A Second Mystery Monolith Has AppearedIn Romania of all places.
  3. rudy giuliani
    Rudy and Hunter Biden Both Worked for the Same Romanian KleptocratRudy Giuliani was for Hunter Biden abetting corruption in Eastern Europe before he was against it.
  4. Diplomacy
    Exports: Top Chef and Actual Chefs Being Shipped Overseas’Top Chef’ goes to Europe, and top chefs go abroad.
  5. The Complete Guide to Everything: VampiresHello there, dear Splitsider reader. We’re Tim Daniels and Tom Reynolds and we host a podcast called The Complete Guide to Everything, which is […]
  6. travel trends
    Romania Is Italy’s Divorce CapitolBucharest is not for lovers.
  7. international intrigue
    Insane Things Continue to Happen in Eastern European ParliamentsNow it’s Romania’s turn.
  8. daffy old folks
    Today in Old Ladies Who Live With Dead BodiesA woman kept her husband’s body for fourteen days to ensure he wasn’t trying to trick her so he could start a new life with his mistress.