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  1. women’s march 2017
    See Lily Allen’s Women’s March Music Video “I’ve got a life to lead, America.”
  2. Douglas Gordon’s Not-So-Jolly Holiday WindowsBehind the Christmas candelabra at Gagosian.
  3. the rufus on fire
    Vulture Festival Video: Rufus Wainwright Talks to Julie Klausner and PerformsSongs and conversation with our Julie Klausner.
  4. photos
    See Broad City, OITNB Casts at Vulture FestivalSorry you weren’t there. Come next year!
  5. photos
    See Broad City, OITNB Casts at Vulture FestivalSorry you weren’t there. Come next year!
  6. vulture festival 2014
    Watch Highlights From the First Vulture FestivalFull-length videos coming soon.
  7. vulture festival 2014
    Vulture Festival: Watch Rufus Wainwright Talk About His Lana Del Rey Obsession“I find her really brilliant and fascinating.”
  8. vulture festival
    Vulture Fest: M.I.A., OITNB, Broad City, & More!May 10 and 11 in New York City.
  9. chat room
    Rufus and Martha Wainwright on Family Memories, Jealousy, and Fame“Did you get your name on the Gap commercial?”
  10. party chat
    Vulture Hosted a Party for the Wainwrights This WeekendRufus and Martha “look good in Lederhosen.”
  11. party chat
    Rufus Wainwright Had a ‘Fast and Furious’ WeddingHe’s also got some thoughts on Clint Eastwood.
  12. rufus wainwright
    Watch Rufus Wainwright’s ‘Instagram’ Version of His Video for ‘Out of the Game’Rufus just made the Facebook staff very happy.
  13. rufus wainwright
    Watch Rufus Wainwright Sing Jingles for Gum#LOL.
  14. rufus wainwright
    Watch Rufus Wainwright Perform in the Back of a CabNow, that’s how you see London.
  15. rufus wainwright
    Stream Rufus Wainwright’s New Album, Out of the GamePut him back in the game, coach.
  16. videology
    ‘Out of the Game’ Video: Helena Bonham Carter Is a Sad LibrarianAnd there are three Rufus Wainwrights.
  17. rufus wainwright
    See a Teaser for Rufus Wainwright’s Upcoming Album, Out of the GameCan Mark Ronson save Rufus Wainwright?
  18. rufus wainwright
    Listen to a New Rufus Wainwright Song, ‘Montauk’Rich, sad man sings about The End (of Long Island, that is).
  19. newt gingrich
    Listen to Loudon Wainright III’s Song About Newt GingrichThe folk hero and goofy dad you never had is feeling the Christmas spirit, seemingly hates Newt Gingrich.
  20. clickables
    Watch Rufus Wainwright and Sean Lennon Sing ‘Material Girl’ at Occupy Wall StreetYou get it, right?
  21. additions
    Rufus Wainwright and Leonard Cohen’s Daughter Have a BabyShe almost certainly will not grow up to be an accountant.
  22. quote machine
    Rufus Wainwright’s Poor BlackBerryPlus: Kristen Stewart’s fans making her a little nervous.
  23. Food TV
    Rufus Wainwright First Guest on IFC’s Dinner With the BandEpisodes of ‘Food Party’ are on tonight, too!
  24. quote machine
    JFK Reincarnated As Person With Questionable Taste in JewelryPlus: Rufus Wainwright outs 50 Cent.
  25. equal rites
    Rufus Wainwright Comes Around on Gay MarriageTrue love changed his mind, as always.
  26. music
    Hear, Download a Free New Rufus Wainwright Song, ‘Who Are You New York?’A solid candidate for the next ‘Ultimate New York Playlist.’
  27. gossipmonger
    Scarjo and RyReyno Move to the City Full-TimeHmmm. That nickname’s not working, is it?
  28. chat room
    Rufus on Albert Maysles and His Concert Movie“I always find myself buying porn and checking out the shop boys at American Apparel.”
  29. quote machine
    Jason Bateman Not Very DiscriminatingPlus: Swine contracts swine flu.
  30. party lines
    Rossellini, McInerney, & Wainwrights at WatermillTheir mother, Kate McGarrigle, claims her children never learned any games and just played music.
  31. just dance
    Three Performances of ‘Get Happy’ That Will Make You Forget Katie Holmes’s RenditionMichael Jackson! Rufus Wainwright! Leland Palmer?!?
  32. opera
    Rufus Wainwright’s Opera Was Totally Worth a Try, Say CriticsHow are the reviews for ‘Prima Donna’? Mixed!
  33. quote machine
    Harry Potter Films Continue to Keep British Actors Gainfully EmployedPlus: Will Mark Ronson write the next Bond anthem?
  34. gossipmonger
    Kiefer Sutherland Has Not Changed at All Since the EightiesThe ‘24’ actor got into a barroom brawl, just like back in the day. And more in our gossip roundup.
  35. gossipmonger
    Neal Boulton Drags His Wife Into the Whole Bi ThingThe ‘Genre’ editor is now bragging that he and his wife make out with the same dudes.
  36. quote machine
    Josh Schwartz Discovers Possible Flaw in NBC’s Marketing Plan for ‘Chuck’Plus: Anna Faris on the greatest love story ever told.
  37. last night’s gig
    Martha Plimpton Hosts a Night of Too Many Wainwrights“Oh my God, it’s just going to be a night of awesomeness,” said Plimpton.
  38. loose threads
    Phoebe Philo Might Be In at Celine; DKNY Does MenswearAlso Cartier sues DKNY, Viktor & Rolf will hit the Hamptons this summer, and Cindy McCain shows more cleavage.
  39. intel
    One Surreal Saturday in the HamptonsSweaty celebrities trying on dresses, hot men chasing a tiny ball while riding horses, and performance artists prancing through the woods with cardboard boxes on their heads.
  40. last night’s gig
    Martha Wainwright Warns Men Against Buying Her UnderwearMartha brought her mother, brother Rufus, and a bunch of panties.
  41. quote machine
    Weezer’s Publicist Begrudgingly Admits New Album Cover Is Not a JokePlus: Kal Penn on ‘Indiana Jones,’ and Rufus Wainwright on the secrets of his songwriting.
  42. news reel
    Rufus Wainwright and His Mom Catch History at the Metropolitan OperaRufus Wainwright is still waiting for his encore, but not his mother!
  43. last night’s gig
    Rufus Wainwright Does It With the Lights OutLast night, Rufus played a show without lights or amplifiers to raise awareness of global warming. Hot.
  44. intel
    Rufus Wainwright: ‘Britney Spears Is Basically an Analogy for the World’So we recently talked to musician Rufus Wainwright about his new big plan for the summer solstice, or, as he calls it, Blackout Sabbath. He wants everybody to turn off all their lights and unplug everything in their house for twelve hours, in order to better think about how you personally can save the environment for the next year. He’s even been collecting magnets so that people can hang their ecoresolutions on the refrigerator. “In American culture, the fridge magnet and things that are on the fridge are really a strong indication of what is going on in one’s life,” he told us. “It has a certain status in the household. It’s almost like a little biblical in terms of, like, you know, This is the decree! Stamp it on the fridge with the magnet!” Indeed. We told Rufus we were impressed with his efforts to save the world and asked him about his efforts to save Britney Spears. He has said he is “probably the one person who can really help her.” That’s two awfully big goals! “Britney Spears is basically an analogy for the world. Whereas Judy Garland was an analogy for the world in the fifties and sixties, Britney is now,” he explained. “Save the whale! Oh, God, that’s awful.” Related: Rufus Wants You to Do It in the Dark [NYM]
  45. gossipmonger
    Lindsay Lohan Gives ‘Page Six’ the Chance to Use a ‘Retail Therapy’ Pun Lindsay Lohan spent her Thanksgiving shopping in therapy and shopping in New York with her mom and sister, while her boyfriend spent it partying. David Wright bought jewelry for his mom for Christmas. Tory Burch has been dating both Paramount head Brad Grey and Katie Couric’s ex, Tom Werner. Whoopi Goldberg, who supports Bill Richardson for president, slammed John Edwards and Michelle Obama for canceling appearances on The View. Hayne Suthon, the owner of Lucky Cheng’s, has finally made peace with ex-husband Robert Jason. Jerry Seinfeld is planning to stick to stand-up, not movies. Alec Baldwin bought the cast of 30 Rock mozzarella sticks after their show at the Upright Citizens Brigade.
  46. the take
    Lucinda Williams and a Brief History of Blatantly Nostalgic Concert Cash-InsThe “theme night” is not a new concept, but only recently has it become its own concert genre and an important revenue stream.
  47. party lines
    Rufus Wainwright Really Likes SausageParties for movies about human sex trafficking are a bummer. We guess we should have known that when we trekked over to the U.N. for the premiere of Trade, where we spent most of the night trying not to catch a case of self-righteousness from Mira Sorvino, Sigourney Weaver, Gloria Steinem, or the movie’s director, Kevin Kline. Happily, Rufus Wainwright was there. He had a song in the movie. “It’s by far my favorite placement of one of my songs in any films to date,” he said. “There’s nothing like having a song of yours play while somebody’s jumping off a cliff!” Rufus has a sense of humor! He also eats red meat. Jorn, his current German boyfriend, often cooks him Wiener schnitzel. “And every night for dessert,” he added, “we have sausage.” —Bennett Marcus
  48. vulture lists
    10 Favorite Beatles Covers of All TimeVulture tests out its sexy new streaming audio player!
  49. quote machine
    Vulture Now Officially Excited for James Blunt’s Spanish-Language AlbumGeorge Clooney, Stevie Nicks, and more!
  50. quote machine
    D.L. Hughley Actually Paid to Make People LaughD.L Hughley, Tina Fey, and more!
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