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Rules Shmules

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    Report: Donald Trump Has Been Regularly Cheating at the DebatesThe violation was so egregious on Thursday night that Fox News let all the other candidates cheat as well.
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    Hermès’s Anti-Takeover Plan Will Probably Be Delayed Several MonthsIt’s going to be awhile before the Hermès family can actually put their anti-LVMH plan in motion.
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    Hermès Got That Exemption They Wanted From Stock Market RegulatorsThey’re (mostly) free to proceed with their anti-takeover plan.
  4. rules shmules
    Regulators to Decide If Hermès’s Anti-Takeover Plan Is LegalHermès’s anti-LVMH scheme could backfire.
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    Hermès Asks to Be Exempted From Trade RegulationsIt’s the only way their whole “unnamed holding company” scheme will work.
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    New York City Cabdrivers Are Now Permitted to Wear ‘Tube Shirts’The city has issued a new, more relaxed dress code for cabbies.