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  1. blowhards
    Rush Limbaugh Still Going to Be Inducted Into Hall of Famous MissouriansHe certainly hasn’t gotten any less famous, it’s true.
  2. blowhards
    Rush Limbaugh Still Losing Advertisers, Pissing Off Peter Gabriel [Updated]Dozens of companies have ditched the show after comments about Sandra Fluke.
  3. media
    Why Rush Limbaugh Is Facing a Perfect Storm of OutrageThe radio host is paying the price for his latest insult. Why now?
  4. politics
    GOP Candidates’ Reactions to the Rush Limbaugh Controversy Plus, what George Will thinks of their reactions.
  5. Despite Rush Limbaugh Apology, Advertisers Continue to FleeSeven sponsors have now backed away.
  6. Rush Limbaugh’s ‘Slut’ Attack Costs Him AdvertisersIncluding two mattress-makers. But is he losing any sleep?
  7. lady business
    Why Is Everyone Paying So Much Attention to Rush Limbaugh?Including us!
  8. jerks
    Does Rush Limbaugh Owe America a Sex Tape?We might be paying for his Viagra, after all. 
  9. Mediavore
    Heart Attack Grill Customer Goes Into Cardiac Arrest; Jamie Oliver Strikes GoldPlus: Rush blames Michelle for something stupid, Putin gets his own vodka, and more, all in our roundup of morning news.
  10. super bowl
    Rush Limbaugh’s Super Bowl PickHis nose. 
  11. stuck in the mittle
    Rush Limbaugh Does Not Consider Mitt Romney a ConservativeJust in case you were wondering.
  12. master debaters
    Gary Johnson Joke Even Less Original Than Initially RealizedIt’s been floating around for about two years now.
  13. yes we can
    Obama Speechwriter Moving to HollywoodHe hopes to write comedy.
  14. lies and the lying liars who tell them
    BREAKING: Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity Are LiarsThey’re claiming that President Obama inherited a 5.7 or 5.6 percent unemployment rate.
  15. Mediavore
    Win Dinner With President Barack Obama; Rush Limbaugh Pushes TeaThe loudmouthed conservative has a new brand to hawk called Two If By Tea.
  16. Mediavore
    ‘Big Soda’ Pours Millions Into Efforts to Block Proposed Soda Tax;Plus: President Obama raffles off an opportunity to enjoy dinner with him; and chain restaurants are stepping up their smartphone apps, all in our morning news roundup.
  17. eye of newt
    Newt Gingrich Participates in Most Uncomfortable Hand-shaking Ever“Why don’t you get out before you make a bigger fool of yourself?”
  18. osama bin killed
    Rush Limbaugh Said These Words Today: ‘Thank God for President Obama’ [Updated]WHAT IS HAPPENING?
  19. osama bin killed
    It Was a Record Night for ‘Obama’/‘Osama’ Confusion [Updated]Who messed up the worst?
  20. Windbags
    The 12 Most Asinine Things Rush Limbaugh Has Said About FoodHis recent comments about the first lady made us wonder how much other stupid stuff this guy has said. Turns out, lots!
  21. Mediavore
    Rising Corn Prices Blamed For Delaware Chicken Processor’s Demise; LibyaPlus: A House panel in Minnesota wants to prevent obese people form suing fast food chains; and rising food costs are fueling protests in Libya, all in our morning news roundup.
  22. windbags
    Did Rush Limbaugh Just Call Michelle Obama Fat?The radio host took issue with the first lady’s rib dinner.
  23. foreign affairs
    China’s Hu Makes Token Nod to Human Rights, Eats Apple Pie [Update]But the U.S. must employ a policy of “noninterference.”
  24. bons mots
    Rush Limbaugh Is Doing His Part to Foster a More Civil, Respectful Political EnvironmentNo, we’re kidding. He’s still a wretched blowhard.
  25. 43
    Was George W. Bush Willing to Endorse Barack Obama?Probably not! But that’s the rumor in England.
  26. bons mots
    Please Do Not Take Health Advice From Rush Limbaugh“Now, my doctor has never told me to restrict any intake of salt, but if he did, I wouldn’t.”
  27. oh no
    You Don’t Want to Know What Eminem Gave Elton John for a Gay-Marriage PresentNo really, you don’t.
  28. early and awful
    Rush Limbaugh Elevates the Political Conversation Once AgainObama looks “demonic” in photos.
  29. Rush Limbaugh and Family Guy, Together At LastCombining two things I very much respect and enjoy, Rush Limbaugh is guest starring on Family Guy this Sunday. Now if only they could add the […]
  30. gop
    Limbaugh and O’Reilly Enter the O’Donnell-Sparked GOP Civil War“Where was this anger directed at a Democrat ever?” Limbaugh asks.
  31. in other news
    Rush Limbaugh Is Angry That Fox News Anchor Acted Like a JournalistThe nerve of some people.
  32. stay classy
    Rush Limbaugh Is Incapable of Discussing Anything in Non-Racial TermsHow he mourns the death of George Steinbrenner.
  33. real estate
    Rush Limbaugh’s Penthouse Sells for $11.5 MillionHe’s getting out of town.
  34. gossipmonger
    Jay-Z Isn’t Wooing LeBronHova says friendship comes before business and ball.
  35. surprises
    Rush Limbaugh Hires an Unlikely Wedding SingerThe Rocket Man!
  36. casting couch
    Who Should Star in the Rush Limbaugh Biopic?John Goodman? Ricky Gervais? Kevin James?
  37. barack obama
    Obama Calls Out Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck As ‘Troublesome’The president references the two hosts when asked about the “level of enmity” across the airwaves.
  38. rush limbaugh
    Rush Limbaugh Makes Racist Comment in Reference to PatersonThings get dicey in chat with caller about Massa scandal.
  39. health carnage
    Rush Limbaugh May Have Just Given Health-Care Reform the Votes It NeedsHe’s, illogically, moving to Costa Rica if it passes.
  40. you can practically feel the ocean breeze
    Rush Limbaugh Likes to Pretend He’s at the Beach, Even When He’s NotImages of Rush’s Manhattan penthouse reveal his softer side.
  41. america's sweetheart
    Sarah Palin’s Responses to the ‘Retard’ Comments of Rahm and Rush, ComparedWhich one, do you think, was exponentially harsher?
  42. slow learners
    Rush Limbaugh: ‘There’s Going to Be a Retard Summit at the White House’When you think of it, it’s sort of generous coming from him. As though he thinks there hasn’t been one going on there all along.
  43. tv
    See Rush Limbaugh Dance Like a Maniac to ‘Poker Face’
  44. rush limbaugh
    Rush Limbaugh ‘Shows Us What He’s Got’Gaga would be proud … or disturbed.
  45. rush job
    Rush Limbaugh Is Healthy as a HorseRelax dittoheads, he’s just fine.
  46. the most important ailments in the world
    Rush Limbaugh Was on Medication for a ‘Back Problem’Wonder what kinds of medications are used for “back problems”?
  47. breaking
    Rush Limbaugh Rushed to the HospitalThe radio host is spending the holidays in Honolulu.
  48. ink-stained wretches
    ‘This Might Be Funny, in a Sad Way, If It Weren’t for the Fact That My Mailbox Is Already Heaped With Hate Mail’A ‘Times’ reporter reacts to Rush Limbaugh’s suggestion that he kill himself.
  49. the race card
    Rush Limbaugh Blasts His Race-Card-Playing EnemiesControversial radio host claims his only crime was conservatism.
  50. what other people think
    Did Rush Limbaugh Deserve to Lose His NFL Bid?Or was he a victim of the vast left-wing conspiracy? Other people with blogs have opinions.
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