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  1. Trump Border Policies Uniting the Faithful — Against HimFrom religious progressives to Trump’s conservative Evangelical friends, the “zero tolerance” policy is under heavy theological attack.
  2. What the Christian Right Sowed, Trump ReapedA prominent Evangelical who once advised George W. Bush makes the case that his fellow believers lost their way long before falling into Trump’s lap.
  3. No, Sexual Abuse of Minors Isn’t a Plus for Alabama VotersAlabama’s patriarchal culture may provide some cover for sexual predators. But a more likely reason for sympathy for Roy Moore is hatred of the media.
  4. Forgotten Mainline Protestants Challenge Evangelicals to Stand Up to TrumpWhile most conservative evangelical leaders are avid Trump fans or passive enablers, mainline Protestants are urging them to show some independence.
  5. Some Conservative Christians Still Object to the ‘Heathen’ in the White HouseWhile most conservative Christians cheered Trump’s victory, influential intellectuals like Ross Douthat think it would be better to turn inward.
  6. Baptist Leader Could Pay the Price for Opposing TrumpRussell Moore spoke out against the billionaire candidate. Hard-line powers of the Christian right don’t seem ready to let him forget that.
  7. Trump Victory Gives Christian Right a Second WindThe crisis Trump’s candidacy produced in some conservative evangelical circles abated with his election victory. But some issues still remain.
  8. Why Donald Trump’s Campaign Could Prove to Be the Death of the Christian RightEven as most white conservative Evangelicals prepare to vote for Donald Trump, he’s unleashed tensions that could change the Christian right for good.
  9. How Donald Trump Has Split the Christian RightFracturing a coalition that has held firm for nearly four decades. 
  10. Presidential Eats
    What They Ate Last Night at the Big Obama Fundraiser in S.F.The Scoop has the menu.
  11. Foodievents
    Camino’s Russell Moore Plans Send-Off for Crab SeasonFebruary 27th’s last-call crab feed will feature homemade kimchi from Russell Moore’s personal stash.
  12. Video Feed
    Russell Moore Cooks for Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb on TodayThe Oakland chef popped up in New York on the ‘Today’ show this morning.
  13. Lists
    Skenes, Lee, Moore All Nominated for Food & Wine People’s ChoiceFood & Wine is doing a poll this year, separate from their editorial choices for Best New Chefs, for “The People’s Best New Chef.”
  14. Chef Shuffle
    Camino Gets a New Pastry ChefRikki Garcia, most recently of the Village Pub and formerly at Brick, moves into the pastry seat.
  15. Trends
    The Journal Urges You to Cook in Your Living Room Fireplace ThisWe see this new how-to as fraught with potential for holiday disasters.
  16. Deals
    Oktoberfest Brings Boudin Blanc Back to CaminoFor a prix fixe of $28-32, enjoy a perfect boudin blanc.
  17. The Poor Man’s Menu
    Tasting the Poor Man’s Boudin Blanc: Show Dogs v. CaminoIn the first of a series, we look at whether the wallet-friendly boudin blanc at Show Dogs stands up to the $22 version at Camino.
  18. The Food Chain
    Russell Moore Is Captivated by Il Buco’s Beef Empanadas“He sent out these empanadas in the middle of the meal, as if it was a pasta course or something.”
  19. The Food Chain
    Bakesale Betty’s Alison Barakat Covets Russell Moore’s Boudin Blanc“I basically lied and told Alice [Waters] I knew how to make it, and I spent the next twelve hours figuring it out on my own.”
  20. Openings
    2009: The Year Oakland Leapt Onto the Foodie RadarFrom Commis to Camino, Oakland truly came into its own as a dining haven in ‘09.