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Russian Spies

  1. spies
    The Mystery Around the Alleged Russian Spy Whale Keeps DeepeningPer new reports, the beluga’s real career may be something much more altruistic.
  2. power
    Accused Russian Spy Maria Butina Speaks Out for the First TimeShe denies being a spy after pleading guilty to conspiracy.
  3. power
    Gun-Loving Russian Woman Accused of Being a Spy Pleads Guilty to ConspiracyHere’s all we know about Maria Butina’s guilty plea.
  4. power
    Accused Russian Spy Maria Butina Didn’t Trade Sex for Power, Prosecutors Now SayProsecutors say they misinterpreted a joking text between accused Russian spy Maria Butina and a friend.
  5. trailer mix
    Ewan McGregor’s Hair in Our Kind of TraitorNo, no man could be a traitor with hair that luxurious.
  6. anna chapman
    Anna Chapman Ruins It for Miracle KidThe Russian super-spy now debunks adorable myths!
  7. the spy who shagged america
    Sexy Spy Anna Chapman Presented With Herring on Russian TVNo wonder she misses New York.
  8. russian spies they're just like us
    Anna Chapman Meets With Vladimir Putin, Sings to Live Music“We talked about life. We sang.”
  9. anna chapman
    Anna Chapman: ‘It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times’The spy speaks.
  10. spy swap
    Russian Spies’ Homes Might Go Up for AuctionAlong with all the crap they left here.
  11. spies like us
    U.S. Officials Knew About the Russian Spies for Ten YearsThis keeps getting weirder.
  12. spies like us
    Russian Spy Gang Pleads Guilty Ahead of Swap - UpdateThen comes the Spy Swap!
  13. the spy guys
    Paul Browne Might’ve Been Turned by the Russians, If They’d Had Hotter Girls“Sadly, I was the only cute redhead in the mix,” New York’s deputy police commissioner recalls.
  14. the spies among us
    Thousands of Russian Spies Could Still Be Among UsLook closely at your neighbors. Look what they did with the hydrangeas.
  15. trailer mix
    Salt Trailer Finds New Ways to Capitalize on Angelina Jolie’s Sex AppealJust imagine what this would’ve looked like had they kept Tom Cruise in the lead role.