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  1. extremely online
    TikToker Charly Jordan Apologizes for Traveling to Rwanda During a PandemicAn extremely long multimedia parable-slash-saga about why we don’t engage in unnecessary international travel during a global pandemic.
  2. ebola panic
    American Travelers in Africa Are Now Being Screened for EbolaIn Rwanda, which has no reported cases of the virus.
  3. Interviews
    Blue Marble’s Alexis Miesen on Opening Rwanda’s First-Ever Ice-Cream“We had many managers and family members who thought we were not only crazy, but absolutely reckless.”
  4. timeline
    Everything Angelina Did During Her SurgeriesRed carpets, business ventures, and a refugee camp on three continents.
  5. good news
    It Hasn’t Been a Great Day for Mid-Nineties Genocidal ManiacsWhich means it’s a pretty good day for everyone else.
  6. Other Cities
    So Cool: Blue Marble Opens Rwanda’s First Ice-Cream ShopThe Boerum Hill ice-cream parlor makes strides at home and abroad.
  7. chat room
    Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Are Documentarians?And get this: It’s good!
  8. Cartography
    Blue Marble Debuts Ice-Cream Trike on Governors IslandPlus, the Brooklyn shop plans to open an ice-cream store in Rwanda.
  9. new york fugging city
    The Fug Girls: A Report Card for 2007’s Lawless LadiesWe were delighted by Tuesday’s news that Paris Hilton’s first major humanitarian effort involved encouraging people to stop making alcohol available to a roving gang of binge-drinking elephants in India. Given Paris’s countless inarticulate, heavy-lidded avowals that she would devote her post-prison life to charitable work, it seemed poetic than one of Hollywood’s most visible drunk party animals would gravitate to staging an intervention for actual drunk animals. Tragically, her publicist debunked the rumor, but it was too late: We were already reminiscing about the Summer of Legal Shenanigans, wondering how the midterm report cards of our favorite famous celebrity miscreants would look — and whether, as they promised, things are going to be different this time.