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  1. superlatives
    Lars Ulrich on Metallica’s Most Underrated and What Makes a Great DrummerThe legend on S&M2, the best drummers of all time, and Guitar Hero: Metallica.
  2. strange cases
    The Woman With No Sense of Personal SpaceA real-life close-talker. 
  3. quotables
    Victoria Beckham Is Spicing Up Her Life With Fifty Shades of GreyShe’s sharing her love for the book too — at least, to a point.
  4. copyrights
    Scenes From Rihanna’s New Music Video Look Rather Like a Sølve Sundsbø EditorialSee if you can spot the difference.
  5. lawsuits
    Rihanna and David LaChapelle Settled Their LawsuitRihanna allegedly copied LaChapelle’s images in her “S&M” video.
  6. s&m
    State Attorney General Suspends Prosecutor Over (Paid?) S&M GigLeather-clad crime fighters. Now, where have we seen that before?
  7. six feet under
    S&M Model Has Two Dead Boyfriends, Might Be CursedJade Vixen leads a very strange life.
  8. nana
    Rihanna Gets Tied Up in Technicolor for ‘S&M’ VideoS&M gets goofball.
  9. spankings
    It’s All Whips, Chains, and Leather at Derivatives ConferenceBoys will be boys.
  10. Foodievents
    Where to Experiment With Wine and Bondage in the New YearS&M event brings together rope bondage demos with wine tasting.
  11. company town
    ‘Post’ Ruins Man’s Life Because He Has Weird SexMEDIA • The Post violated a man’s privacy by publishing his name after he was injured in an S&M sex tryst. They also, um, called his wife and published where he lived. While activists protest, a spokesman says, “The Post will happily name every adult caught in a dog collar.” One day we need to really start “happily” naming every married Post editor caught at a strip joint. [Portfolio] • Sam Zell’s Tribune Co. will cut staff by two percent. Is it the same two percent that he’s already cursed out? [LAT] • Times scribe Alessandra Stanley spends a column (a few days late) talking about how MSNBC’s “Best Political Team on Television” is in disgrace. Sadly, it’s CNN that incessantly uses the “Best Political Team” moniker, which causes Gawker to ask whether the TV critic actually “owns a TV.” [Gawker]
  12. company town
    Speak, Models!FASHION • Turns out models can speak — at least in Ridley Scott’s new Prada movie. [Fashionista] • Bottega Veneta has designed the interior of a penthouse suite at the St. Regis. [British Vogue] • Model Paulina Porizkova has joined the cast of Dancing With the Stars. [Flypaper] • Naomi Campbell left Premier Models, where she’s spent most of her career, for IMG. [All Company News]