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Sally Yates

  1. politics
    Brace Yourself for Second PlaceA female VP isn’t nice; it’s strategic. And for many, a tough pill to swallow.
  2. The Many Expressions of Sally Yates▶️ Come for the “smug ownage,” stay for the “stoic righteousness.”
  3. Sally Yates Told White House That Russia Could Blackmail Mike Flynn“To state the obvious, you don’t want your national security adviser compromised by the Russians,” the former acting attorney general testified.
  4. Trump Asked for Veto Power Over Sally Yates’s Testimony at Russia HearingThe former acting attorney general refused — then, Devin Nunes canceled her hearing.
  5. Trump Was Told Weeks Ago That Flynn Had Misled PenceAfter 17 days of reflection, the “unbelievably decisive” president fired his national security adviser due to eroding trust, Sean Spicer explained.
  6. Trump’s Lawyer Knew Flynn Was Lying. Why Did Nothing Happen?The White House was informed last month of the nature of Flynn’s conversation with Russia’s envoy. That raises big questions.
  7. last night on late night
    Samantha Bee Questions Donald Trump’s Immigration Ban and Emphasis on LoyaltyDonald Trump and Gilmore Girls’ Paris Geller have a lot in common.
  8. Trump Could Have Easily Avoided the Confrontation With Sally YatesWhy not just hold off on the travel ban until after Jeff Sessions’s confirmation?
  9. the body politic
    Trump’s Nightmare: Women Opposing HimFrom Kamala Harris to Sally Yates, they’re on the front lines of the fight.
  10. early and often
    Trump Fires Acting Attorney General for Defying Immigration OrderAfter Sally Yates told Justice Department lawyers to stop defending the order, the White House said she “betrayed” the agency.