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Salvador Dali

  1. gallery
    Elsa Schiaparelli and the Many Artists She InspiredA new book by André Leon Talley, Suzy Menkes, and Christian Lacroix.
  2. daddy issues
    A Possible Verdict in the Salvador Dalí Paternity CaseSalvador, you are … NOT the father!
  3. Phoenix’s 10 Favorite BooksIncluding Ernest Hemingway, Salvador Dalí, and Noam Chomsky.
  4. paternity
    The Salvador Dalí Paternity Case Proves That Drama Doesn’t End at DeathA judge has ordered that Dalí’s body be exhumed.
  5. Watch: An Authentic Salvador Dalí Surrealist Cookbook You Can Buy Right nowBorn from his own trippy dinner table.
  6. This Makeup Artist Is Basically the Salvador Dalí of the Beauty WorldInstead of melting clocks, this Instagram star morphs into them.
  7. gallery
    Which Artists Inspired These Fashion Designs?Photographs from the book Across Art and Fashion.
  8. The Fashion Patroness Behind Galliano’s Big MomentMore on the influential São Schlumberger.
  9. just browsing
    A Surreal Brooch That’s a Total Work of ArtBy Salvador Dalí.
  10. metamorphosis
    See: Dominique Paul’s Cool, Wearable SculpturesIn her new video, The Migration of Athropods, the artist takes a dip in the East River.
  11. life imitates art
    Moncler Publicist Allegedly Pulls a Thomas CrownHe was charged with stealing a Salvador Dalí painting and a steak.
  12. crimes and misdemeanors
    Man Who Stole (and Returned) Dalí Painting Also Took a Steak From Whole FoodsHe said “there was a lapse in security at the gallery and he wanted to point it out.”
  13. heists
    Stolen Dali Painting Returned to Gallery in ‘Pristine’ Condition The thief is either very mysterious or feared arrest.
  14. five-finger discounts
    Guy Walks Off With Dalí Painting From UES GalleryThe man shall call the work Dalí for Free.
  15. first looks
    Slideshow: Roxanne Lowit’s Iconic PhotographsPlus Amanda Lepore, Keith Haring, and Yves Saint Laurent.
  16. Interviews
    King Cole’s Longest-Tenured Bartender Talks Bloody Marys and SalvadorLouis Rodopoulos gives us the classic drink’s “original” recipe and tells us about Dalí’s ocelot.
  17. white men with money
    What Do Leonardo DiCaprio and Steve Cohen Have in Common?An auction at Christie’s.
  18. beauty marks
    Lunar Beauty at Armani Privé Couture; Corre Invests in IllamasquaAnd Salvador Dali is releasing another fragrance.
  19. the industry
    Jack Black Tied Down for ‘Gulliver’s Travels’Plus: Finally, Keyshawn Johnson will get his own reality show about interior design.
  20. the industry
    Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson: BridezillasPlus industry news on Ashlee Simpson and that guy whose family lives in Manhattan without using electricity or cars.
  21. quote machine
    Alan Cumming Finds Hilarity in Unexpected Places“There is a long sequence where I torture him … and there are all these blood spurts, and then you think I am going to set him on fire. It’s funny — almost hilarious in parts.”