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Same Sex Marriage

  1. 2020 elections
    GOP Congressman Who Officiated Same-Sex Marriage Ousted in Drive-Thru ConventionVirginia’s Denver Riggelman offended conservatives so badly, even support from Trump and Falwell couldn’t save him.
  2. vision 2020
    South Carolina Priest Denies Joe Biden Communion Over Pro-Choice ViewsIt’s an old if sporadic problem for Catholic pro-choice politicians.
  3. mike pence
    Pence Is the Enforcer of Trump’s Compact With the Christian RightPence’s war on Planned Parenthood is just one token of his role in the administration as the chief representative of the Christian right.
  4. religion
    Trump Is Not a Defender of Religious Liberty but a Threat to ItTrump’s combination of hate-mongering and loud identification with Christianity is the antithesis of the American tradition of religious pluralism.
  5. marriage equality
    Alabama May Abolish Marriage Licenses to Protect Homophobic JudgesIt’s far less harmful than abolishing public schools to avoid desegregation, but it’s the same basic idea.
  6. centrism
    Democrats Aren’t Cultural ‘Extremists,’ They’ve Moved With the CountryRoss Douthat is wrong: Republicans are the ones who have abandoned “cultural centrism.”
  7. healthy competition
    Two Rival Olympic Hockey Players Get MarriedTwo teams both alike in dignity … a pair of star-crossed lovers take their vows.
  8. Bracing for a Supreme Court Retirement BombshellAt the end of the term, the focus is on Kennedy, whose retirement could ignite the Senate races. But Thomas’s exit might spark a battle in the GOP.
  9. Billy Graham Lived at the Crossroads of Faith and PowerAfter getting too close to Richard Nixon, Billy Graham stayed away from partisan politics. But his son Franklin Graham is up to his ears in it.
  10. Clarence Thomas Angry That SCOTUS Doesn’t Love GunsThomas can’t seem to get three other conservative justices to get aggressive in defending gun rights. So he’s drawing attention to the problem.
  11. lgbt rights
    Bermuda Reversed Gay Couples’ Right to MarryThey’re the first country to pass and then repeal same-sex marriage.
  12. Trump Religious Liberty Order Mostly a Symbolic Sop to Christian RightUnlike the draft order of February, Trump’s order is rhetorical and doesn’t mention LGBTQ issues. He’s feeding the Christian right in other ways.
  13. Alabama’s ‘Ten Commandments Judge’ Is Running for SenateAfter a bizarre career, famed theocrat Roy Moore wants to go to D.C.
  14. Trump Veep Contender General Michael Flynn Can’t Stop Pissing Off ConservativesThe GOP base just isn’t looking for a pro-choice candidate who celebrates same-sex marriage.
  15. today in donald trump
    Donald Trump Would ‘Strongly Consider’ Overturning Same-Sex MarriageHe had previously said that anybody still fighting the Supreme Court ruling was just playing politics.
  16. gallery
    See Moving Portraits of Same-Sex Couples Both Real and ImaginaryCombating homophobia in France.
  17. same-sex marriage
    Ireland Celebrates First Same-Sex Marriages“It really is so nice to have the full marriage, and I’m every bit as emotional.” 
  18. religion
    Let’s Be Honest: The Pope Probably Agrees With Kim Davis on Same-Sex MarriageLiberals are deluding themselves about Francis’s openness and radicalism. 
  19. same-sex marriage
    Rowan County Gives Out First Marriage Licenses to Same-Sex Couples [Updated]Meanwhile, Kim Davis is still in jail. 
  20. same-sex marriage
    Kim Davis Sent to Jail in KentuckyShe will be released as soon as she agrees to comply with the court’s order.
  21. same-sex marriage
    Kentucky Clerk Still Denying Marriage LicensesEven after being instructed by the court to issue the licenses, Rowan County clerk Kim Davis rejected two more couples this morning, citing “God’s authority.”
  22. same-sex marriage
    Hardware-Store Owner Amends ‘No Gays Allowed’ Sign to Make It ‘Nicer’“People told me I ought to do it a little bit more, make it a little nicer because I’m a very blunt person.”
  23. supreme court
    Supreme Court Rules that Same-Sex Couples Can Now Get Married Nationwide“The court now holds that same-sex couples may exercise the fundamental right to marry. No longer may this liberty be denied to them.”
  24. celeb reactions
    How Celebrities Are Reacting to the Supreme Court Legalizing Same-Sex MarriageSam Smith, Jussie Smollett, Ellen DeGeneres, and more.
  25. scotus
    Parsing the Clues Ahead of the Supreme Court’s Same-Sex Marriage DecisionHas Justice Scalia already tipped their hand?
  26. Texas Recognizes Same-Sex DivorceBut same-sex marriage is still banned. 
  27. the national circus
    What Does Ireland’s Same-Sex-Marriage Vote Mean for the U.S.?The Irish vote recast the country’s relationship with the Catholic Church. Will America be able to do the same with the religious right?
  28. awesome things
    Ireland Votes to Legalize Same-Sex MarriageBy an overwhelming majority, Irish voters have made their country the first in history to achieve marriage equality through popular mandate.
  29. scotus
    Where Will SCOTUS Fall on Gay Marriage?Trying to decipher the oral arguments to see how the justices might rule. 
  30. Supreme Court Debates Same-Sex MarriageAnd judging from the number of people outside the Supreme Court, many, many people are interested in what the justices think.
  31. put a ring on it
    The Tiffany Proposal Fantasy, Gay EditionThe jeweler’s first wedding ring ad featuring a same-sex couple.
  32. equal rites
    Supreme Court Allows Same-Sex Marriage in KansasIt’s the 33rd state where gay couples can marry.
  33. equal rites
    Judge Strikes Down Oregon’s Same-Sex Marriage BanCouples began marrying immediately.
  34. equal rites
    Same-Sex Weddings Begin in ArkansasProgress continues its march South.
  35. mazel tov
    Elton John and David Furnish Are Getting MarriedMazel tov!
  36. equal rites
    Same-Sex Marriage Is Now a Reality in England and WalesThe first couples tied the knot right after midnight on Friday.
  37. equal rites
    Justice Dept. to Give Gay Couples Equal RightsThat means the right to decline to testify against a spouse and to file for bankruptcy together.
  38. equal rites
    Scenes From New Jersey’s First Same-Sex WeddingsAt midnight, Cory Booker started marrying people at Newark City Hall.
  39. equal rites
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Officiate Her First Gay Wedding TonightThe judge will marry Kennedy Center president Michael M. Kaiser and his fiancé.
  40. Eight Kisses for Same-Sex MarriageMwah.
  41. blog-stained wretches
    Guess Who’s Supporting Gay Rights NowStarts with a “Huff” and ends in “Post.”
  42. equal rites
    Claire McCaskill Is Fine With Gay Marriage NowShe announced her support on Tumblr.
  43. Senator Rob Portman Reveals He Has a Gay Son, Now Supports Same-Sex Marriage“It allowed me to think of this issue from a new perspective,” says Portman.
  44. don't ask don't tell
    West Point Marks Its Second Same-Sex WeddingThe first same-sex wedding at the Cadet Chapel.
  45. election night
    Gay Marriage, Legal Pot Lead Liberal-Pleasing Election Night [Updated]But not every lefty cause won.
  46. feng shui
    Restaurant Boss Says Gays Would Ruin ‘Feng Shui’No rehearsal dinner for you.
  47. chicken and morality
    Christine Quinn Is Totally Fine With Banning Chik-fil-A in New York CityShe’s started a petition.
  48. equal rites
    Episcopal Church Approves Rite to Bless Same-Sex UnionsBecoming the largest U.S. denomination to sanction same-sex relationships.
  49. same-sex marriage
    New York Appeals Court Rules Against Anti-Same Sex Marriage Lawsuit A conservative group challenged the state’s legalization of gay marriage on procedural grounds. 
  50. equal rites
    Tom Duane, New York’s First Openly Gay State Senator, Will RetireHe’s sick of commuting to Albany.
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