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San Bernardino Shooting

  1. San Bernardino Shooter’s Brother and Two Other Relatives ArrestedOn marriage-fraud charges and lying to authorities. 
  2. This Is How Much the FBI Paid to Unlock the San Bernardino Shooter’s PhoneHint: More than the FBI director earns.
  3. The FBI Won’t Say Whether iPhone Data Is UsefulMuch ado about probably nothing.
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    John Oliver Wants to Keep Your Dick Pics SafeThe debate rages! About encryption, not your dick pics.
  5. At SXSW, President Obama Gently Pushes Apple on EncryptionHe touched on the topic during his keynote speech earlier Friday.
  6. Apple Opposes Order to Unlock San Bernardino Shooter’s PhoneApple claims that unlocking Syed Farook’s iPhone would threaten the cybersecurity of all Americans.
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    San Bernardino Shooter’s Friend Pleads Not GuiltyHe is accused of buying guns and explosives for the shooters, as well as multiple forms of fraud.
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    San Bernardino Shooter’s Friend Faces New ChargesHe’s accused of purchasing the weapons used in the shooting, and plotting other attacks.
  9. San Bernardino Shooters’ Friend ArrestedEarlier this week, the attackers were buried.
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    San Bernardino Shooters Didn’t Post Publicly About Jihad on Facebook, FBI SaysThe latest on the San Bernardino shooting case. 
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    FBI Divers Searching for Hard Drive in San Bernardino LakeAnother update on the investigation into last week’s shooting.
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    San Bernardino Shooters Were Radicalized Even Before They Started DatingInvestigators believe Syed Rizwan Farook plotted another attack in 2012, and spent more than a year preparing for last week’s shooting.
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    Syed Farook Got a $28,500 Loan Before San Bernardino ShootingOfficials also said on Tuesday that they think the suspects may have tried to bomb those responding to last week’s attack.
  14. Colbert Responds to San Bernardino ShootingHe also defends “thoughts and prayers.”
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    San Bernardino Suspects Practiced Shooting at Gun Range ‘Days’ Before AttackThe couple was captured by a camera at Chicago O’Hare International Airport.
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    San Bernardino Shooters May Have Been Self-RadicalizedWhile an “act of terrorism” is suspected, many questions remain regarding why the couple perpetrated the attack.
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    Obama Calls No-Fly List Gun-Ownership Loophole ‘Insane’Meanwhile, the New York Times has called for more gun control in its first front-page editorial in 95 years.
  18. The Liberal Case for Allowing Suspected Terrorists to Buy GunsLiberals shouldn’t risk giving President Trump the power to unilaterally rescind their constitutional rights.
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    Reporters and Random People Wander Around Shooting Suspects’ HouseMedia outlets rushed to show viewers … the inside of closets. 
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    The Victims of the Shooting in San BernardinoThe victims ranged in age from 26 to 60 and most were civil servants.
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    A Dozen Pipe Bombs Found in Home of San Bernardino Shooting SuspectsAt least 14 people were killed in the massacre, which occurred at the male suspect’s workplace.
  22. It Took Less Than a Day for Awful San Bernardino Truthers to Hit YouTubeThat Freemason hat is an obvious clue.
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    What (Little) We Know About Couples Who KillMass shootings are rare. Mass shootings committed by couples are extremely rare.