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San Francisco Giants

  1. the sports section
    Giants Recreate Full House Opening CreditsStarring Brandon Crawford as John Stamos.
  2. the sports section
    Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo on Why the San Francisco Giants Are the New YankeesHe’s picking Kansas City in seven.
  3. 2012 world series
    Giants Win Second World Series in Three YearsThey made it look easy.
  4. 2012 world series
    San Francisco Wins World Series, Celebrates With FireThe city’s second Series sweep leads to the usual unhinged celebration.
  5. 2012 world series
    Giants Take 2-0 World Series LeadThe San Francisco Giants beat the Detroit Tigers 2-0 to go up 2-0.
  6. 2012 world series
    Pablo Sandoval Hit Three Homers in Game One of the World Series Last NightHe became the fourth player to hit three homers in a single Fall Classic game.
  7. a grown man watching a video game play itself
    Our PS3 Likes Tigers in FiveThe Tigers will be the World Series champs, says a machine.
  8. interview
    Chatting About the New York Baseball GiantsThe Sports Section spoke with Bill Kent.
  9. 2012 world series
    More Than a Century After Merkle’s Boner, a Giants-Tigers World SeriesThe Giants and Tigers will finally meet, 104 years later, in the Fall Classic.
  10. 2012 world series
    It’s a Giants-Tigers World SeriesThe Giants pound the Cardinals to advance to their second World Series in three years.
  11. mets
    The Mets Fall to the FreakTim Lincecum strikes out twelve Mets in seven innings.
  12. if you’re going to san francisco…
    Is This Week the True Beginning of Jose Reyes Trade-Buzz Season?With San Francisco in town this week, lots of people are realizing how great a fit Reyes would be on the 2011 Giants.
  13. interview
    A Conversation With Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo About the World Series Champion Giants“It wasn’t like I drank a bottle of Champagne or anything, or dumped Champagne over my kids’ heads.”
  14. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Chilean Miner Edison Peña’s Hilarious Letterman AppearancePlus, David Sedaris explains to Jon Stewart why he enjoys writing about animals, on our regular late-night roundup.
  15. good things come to those who wait
    Here’s Yesterday’s Chris Russo Giants Monologue“Hey, I’m a lucky guy. I got four good kids … I’ve got a nice job. And now I’ve got a world’s championship.”
  16. good things come to those who wait
    Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo Is a Happy Guy Today“ONE TIME” has arrived.
  17. 2010 world series
    The San Francisco Giants Are Finally World ChampionsA 3-1 victory in Game 5 seals the championship.
  18. 2010 world series
    The Baseball Season Could End TonightThe Giants are a game away from winning the World Series.
  19. 2010 world series
    The Giants Go Up 2-0After a big eighth inning, they defeat the Ranger 9-0.
  20. 2010 world series
    Cliff Lee Is HumanThe Giants hit Lee about as hard as Lee can be hit in Game 1 of the World Series last night, en route to an 11-7 victory.
  21. a grown man watching his video game play itself
    Our PS3 Likes the Giants in the World SeriesOur PS3 says Giants in seven.
  22. mets
    The Mets Get Lincecum-edThe Mets lose 2–0 in Carlos Beltran’s first game back.
  23. ike davis
    The Mets Impress, If You Ignore OllieThe Mets win two out of three from the Giants.
  24. mets
    The Mets Could Use a Series Win Right About NowThe Mets play the Giants thrice.