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Sandy Hook Elementary School

  1. SCOTUS Won’t Mess With State Assault-Weapon BansEven as national legislation is stymied by the power of the gun lobby, the Court takes a reasonable position.
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    Florida Atlantic University Fired Its Sandy Hook–Truther ProfessorJames Tracy claimed parents of Sandy Hook victims were government agents.
  3. conspiracy theories
    Will a Sandy Hook–Truther Prof Lose His Job?“Tracy even sent us a certified letter demanding proof that Noah once lived, that we were his parents, and that we were the rightful owner of his photographic image.”
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    Man Confronts Sandy Hook Family With ‘Theory’Matthew Mills just wants answers.
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    Newtown Shooter’s House Has Been DemolishedNeighbors said it was a “constant reminder of the evil that resided there.”
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    Some Monster Called in a Bomb Threat at Sandy Hook Elementary SchoolPeople are the worst.
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    Connecticut Police Release Sandy Hook Documents More grim details.
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    Newtown Quietly Observes Sandy Hook Anniversary The media was asked to stay away.
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    Extremely Intense Sandy Hook Video Pleads for Gun ControlThe ad will air on television to mark the one-year anniversary of the killings.
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    Should You Listen to the Newtown 911 Calls?Probably not.
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    Officials Drop Fight to Withhold Newtown 911 CallsThey’ll be released on Wednesday.
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    Sandy Hook Report Finds No ‘Conclusive Motive’The question of why “may never be answered.”
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    One Year Later, There Won’t Be a Trace of the Old Sandy Hook ElementaryThe demolition is extremely thorough.
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    Sandy Hook Elementary Will Be Torn Down, RebuiltNewtown residents voted on the plan.
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    Adam Lanza’s Online Life As Kaynbred: Guns, WikiAs a teenager, the Sandy Hook shooter talked firearms.
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    Task Force Recommends That Sandy Hook Be DemolishedUnanimously.
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    Newtown Survivors’ House Burns Down, Killing DogThis sucks.
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    Newtown Parents Needed to Tell Adam Lanza’s Father SomethingOne couple became the first to meet with Peter Lanza.
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    The Very Sad Stories of Tonight’s State of the Union GuestsLots of gun victims.
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    Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys Prime the Field for BeyoncéWhat happened before Queen Bey entered the stage and took out the stadium lights.
  21. Here’s the Sandy Hook Chorus at the Super BowlWell done, kids.
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    Newtown Considers Whether to Demolish Sandy Hook ElementaryThe community met today to discuss the building’s future.
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    Newtown Politician to Gabby Giffords: ‘Stay Out of My Towns!!’ [Updated]DebraLee Hovey’s Facebook rant has since been deleted.
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    A Horrible Moment on the Worst Day of Obama’s PresidencyA White House photo shows the president as he hears details on Sandy Hook.
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    Connecticut Newspaper Extremely Sorry for Gun Ad Next to Sandy Hook StoryIt’s not the first time, or the last.
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    The Kids of Sandy Hook Started Classes Yesterday“The safest school in America.”
  27. School-Shooting Specialist Bill Bond on Why Lockdowns Save LivesThe principal of a Paducah, Kentucky, school saw three of his students killed. His one word of advice? Lockdown.
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    The Rise of Right-Wing Gun KeynesiansThe year’s strangest ideological development.
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    Michelle Obama Writes Letter to Newtown Families“As a mother of two young daughters, my heart aches for you.”
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    Nancy Lanza’s Funeral Is Held in New Hampshire, ATF Investigates Gun Purchases“It’s a hard time,” said her brother. “It’s a very hard time right now.”
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    New York Will Observe Moment of Silence, Ring Bells for Sandy Hook VictimsBells will ring 26 times, not 27.
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    Suprise School Safety Drill Terrifies Students and Staff in Harlem“We really thought we were not going home that night,” says a teacher.
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    Nancy Lanza Is Rarely Counted As a Sandy Hook VictimAlthough she was the first person killed in the attack.
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    Obama ‘Actively’ Supports Assault-Weapon Ban After NewtownThe White House said the president “wants to move in the coming weeks.”
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    Teachers and Mothers: Our Real Heroes After TragedyIn the wake of Newtown, simply nurturing children still doesn’t earn the wealth, privilege, or respect it deserves.
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    Adam Lanza’s Computer May Not Yield AnswersIt may be impossible to recover the data.
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    Newtown Residents Form Advocacy Group, Head to D.C.They’ll meet with gun control advocates on Tuesday.
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    Adam Lanza Had No Known Connection to Sandy HookDespite confusion in earlier reports, police now say Lanza had no recent ties to the school.
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    Newtown Funerals to Begin Without AnswersThe first children will be buried today as authorities continue their investigation.
  40. Obama on Newtown: ‘We’re Not Doing Enough’The president exhorted the nation to unspecified change.
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    Newtown Massacre Prompts Lawmakers to Pledge to Actually Address Gun Control Could it really happen this time?
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    Authorities Slowly Uncover Details of NewtownThousands gathered for a candlelight tribute to 27 victims of gunman Adam Lanza. 
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    Obama Cries During Speech on School ShootingThe president delivers a moving address in the wake of tragedy.