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  1. coronavirus
    Brian Kemp Attacks Local Government Mask OrdersAs other states move toward mask requirements, Kemp seems to be attempting to balance responsibility with “political incorrectness.”
  2. Empire Building
    Sean Brock Expanding Husk in South Carolina and GeorgiaFirst in Greenville this fall, then Savannah in early 2017.
  3. Paula Deen
    Paula Deen’s Longtime Cook Has a Few Complaints of Her OwnA woman who cooked alongside Paula Deen for 22 years tells her side of the story.
  4. Paula Deen
    7 Ridiculous Things We Just Learned From Businessweek’s HugeThe celebrity chef ceded control of vast amounts of her empire to friends and relatives.
  5. Paula Deen
    Themed Paula Deen Buffet Restaurants Will Close in Caesars PropertiesThe Deen buffets are closing down.
  6. Mad As Hell
    16 Outraged Paula Deen Fans React to Food Network Firing on FacebookAll of this is Obama’s fault, somehow.
  7. Mea Culpas
    Food Network Drops Paula Deen After She ‘Begs’ for Forgiveness inThe celebrity chef’s video statement is an effort to protect her reputation — and a multi-million-dollar retail empire.
  8. Lawsuits
    Paula Deen Abruptly Cancels Today Interview With Matt LauerThe latest on the Deen and the damage done.
  9. Lawsuits
    Paula Deen Reportedly Planned a Wedding With Waiters Who Looked LikeThe antic Grand Empress of Butter allegedly admits to racist ways.
  10. one-named wonders
    See Savannah Miller’s New Clothing LineSister Sienna still helped a bit.
  11. movies
    Caviezel and Ejiofor Move to SavannahYes, it takes place in Georgia.
  12. Presidential Eats
    Obama Flips High Cholesterol the Bird, Feasts on Fried ChickenPlus, a pie baker turns against the Prez?