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  1. fyre festival forever
    Fyre Festival Is Dead, But Its Chaotic Energy Lives OnCompeting documentary alert.
  2. scams
    GoFundMe Scammer Girlfriend Says She Got Scammed, TooThe latest in the saga of the New Jersey trio who almost got away with a $402,000 con.
  3. okay sure
    The Summer of Scam Is Bleeding Into WinterJered Threatin is either a performance artist or a short-sighted con man
  4. scams
    J. K. Rowling’s Assistant Reportedly Scammed the Hell Out of HerShe allegedly spent thousands on candles and luxury cats.
  5. scams
    Jacob Wohl Demonstrates the Limits of the Right-Wing Misinformation SystemJacob Wohl was easily sussed out because he developed in the hothouses of the right-wing fringe and couldn’t survive the harsh climes of reality.
  6. scams
    How One ‘Sugar Daddy’ Scammed at Least Three WomenThe Times details the saga of a ‘sugar dater’ who cheated women out of thousands of dollars.
  7. scams
    Fyre Festival Founder Billy McFarland Sentenced to 6 Years in PrisonThe judge called him a “serial fraudster.”
  8. scams
    Attorneys Say Fyre Festival Founder Should Get 20 Years Due to ‘Lack of Remorse’They called him a “consummate con artist.”
  9. bruuuuuuce
    Bruce Springsteen Impersonator Scams Woman Out of $12,000A cautionary tale.
  10. scams
    Fyre Festival Founder Says Mental Illness Led Him to Commit FraudHe has “delusional beliefs” according to a psych report.
  11. scams
    This Literary Scammer Story Includes the World’s Most Hilarious LieWhat.
  12. select all
    Insane Clown Posse Calls Out Shoddy Online Fur-Suit Retailer“Online sellers, how do they work?”
  13. scams
    Scott Pruitt Reportedly Tried to Get Aides to Find His Wife a $200,000 JobD.C.’s greatest scammer is at it again.
  14. scams
    Fyre Festival Organizer Allegedly Sold Fake Met Gala Tickets While Out on BailHe’s accused of selling fake tickets to events like the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and Coachella.
  15. crime
    Anna Delvey Wants to Make a Plea DealThe scammer wore her Céline glasses to court.
  16. money
    How an Aspiring ‘It’ Girl Tricked New York’s Party People — and Its BanksSomebody had to foot the bill for Anna Delvey’s fabulous new life. The city was full of marks.
  17. niche drama
    Wildlife Photographer of the Year Disqualified for Using a Stuffed AnimalAnteater drama!!!
  18. scams
    The Ataris’ Ex-Bassist Allegedly Masterminded a $27 Million Real-Estate ScamMichael Davenport has been indicted on federal conspiracy and fraud charges and could face more than 30 years in prison.
  19. select all
    Hhusali i7 Right Earbud: The Select All ReviewWe go all-in on the hottest new right-ear-exclusive gadget.
  20. scams
    The Guy Who Scammed His Tinder Dates Out of Money Is Going to PrisonBrandon Kiehm’s lies got his dates to hand over almost $50,000.
  21. The Cast of Shut Eye Recounts Their Experiences With Psychics“Some day you’ll be sitting in a huge pile of balls.”
  22. revenge of the wu
    Did Martin Shkreli Pay $2 Million for a Fake Wu-Tang Album?“It’s not an authorized Wu-Tang Clan album. It never was.”
  23. scams
    Woman Who Allegedly Drugged and Robbed Rich Men Avoids Jail TimeAlexandra Martinez, who allegedly made off with several Rolex watches, took a plea deal.
  24. scams
    ‘Fyre Festival of Pizza’ Says It Will Give Refunds to Angry AttendeesThe decision comes after “much back and forth” about attendees’ “best interests.”
  25. scams
    NY Attorney General Opens Inquiry Into Brooklyn’s ‘Total Scam’ Pizza FestivalSeveral dozens attendees also say they’re filing a lawsuit.
  26. Brooklyn Pizza Festival Enrages Attendees, Drawing Comparisons to FyreThey paid for “really bad pizza” that was “cut into micro slices.”
  27. niche drama
    The Lisa Vanderpump Dog-Rescue Drama You Didn’t Know You NeededA sketchy dog-rescue organization claims Vanderpump scammed them out of $32,000.
  28. scams
    Please Do Not Follow This Woman’s Terrible Financial Advice“The universe” will not get mad at you for paying off your bills.
  29. scams
    Miranda Kerr Seems to Have Landed Herself in the Middle of a Diamond ScamThe U.S. government is attempting to seize millions of dollars worth of diamonds given to her by her ex, Malaysian billionaire Jho Low.
  30. scams
    This Story Has Everything: Joe Biden’s Niece, C.O. Bigelow, and a $100K ScamHow much body wash could Caroline Biden have possibly bought?
  31. scams
    Gwyneth Paltrow Has No Idea What Goop’s Deal Is Either“I don’t know what the f*ck we talk about,” she admitted.
  32. GOP Bill Would Let Your Employer Demand to See Your Genetic InformationAnd then force you to mitigate your genetic liabilities, or else accept higher premiums on your health insurance.
  33. scams
    Child Genius Uses Sleeping Mom’s Thumb to Unlock Phone and Order PresentsResourcefulness at its best.
  34. scams
    7 Plead Guilty to Stealing Millions in Nigerian ‘Romance Scams’They found their victims on online dating sites.
  35. scams
    This Former Sorority Girl Was Jailed for Scamming Gamma Phi Beta Out of $500KMore like Scam-ma Phi Beta.
  36. scams
    Weird That a Woman Named DKNY Swarovski Might Not Be All That She SeemedYou don’t say.
  37. l'amour
    Woman Made Up Kidnapping to Test If Her Boyfriend ‘Truly Cared About Her’Sounds pretty reasonable.
  38. Trump Paid Legal Settlements With His Charity’s MoneyThe GOP nominee used $258,000 of Trump Foundation donations to settle lawsuits against his for-profit businesses, the Washington Post reports.
  39. scams
    At Least Your Last Tinder Date Didn’t Scam You Out of $10,000 Like This GuyThe “Tinder Grifter” strikes again.
  40. Seller of Sketchy Vitamins to Address RNCGrifters have been a part of the conservative movement since its inception. With Trump’s nomination, they’re finally getting their moment in the spotlight.
  41. Scams
    Benoît Violier Was Reportedly the Victim of a Million-Dollar Wine ScamA new report says he got screwed out of millions in fine wine.
  42. cruel things
    Looking for Love on the Internet Often Ends in FraudAccording to the FBI, victims of online-romance scams were swindled out of more than $80 million last year.
  43. bad diets
    The Shadiest Weight-Loss Scams This YearRuled on by the Federal Trade Commission.
  44. Why Smart People Fall for Weight-Loss ScamsThe most knowledgeable people can often be the most gullible.
  45. Bad People Created a Fake Fund-raiser for Queens Girl Killed in Car WreckThe people behind the scam tried to collect $10,000 from well-meaning strangers.
  46. Pinterest Hacked, Butt Photos AboundSpam rumps.
  47. crimes and misdemeanors
    Calvin Darden Jr. Charged in Maxim, Knicks ScamsHe was charged with wire fraud, less than a decade after his last conviction.
  48. dubious cleanses
    Three Witches in a Walmart Parking Lot Offer to Cleanse SoulsFor just a few hundred dollars! What could go wrong?
  49. stand clear of the closing doors
    Metro-North Workers Paid Overtime While Doing No Work for DaysIt’s almost impressive.
  50. Everything You Thought You Knew Was a Lie: @Horse_ebooks Is a Fake ‘Art […]What’s real? What’s an illusion? Can you ever trust anything on the internet? Can you ever even trust another human being? Are we all just tied […]
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