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  1. reboots
    Say Hello to Luca Guadagnino’s Little Scarface RebootWritten by the Coen brothers.
  2. anniversaries
    Carlito’s Way, Scarface, and Brian De Palma’s Fantasies of PowerWhere Scarface is a film of manic highs leading to a sudden stop, Carlito’s Way is a movie of regretful mornings after.
  3. Revisiting the Controversy Surrounding Scarface“I told Marty, and Marty said, ‘We’ll go to war with these people.’ And that’s what we did.”
  4. tribeca film festival 2018
    Michelle Pfeiffer Politely Demurred a Question About Her Scarface WeightAmid boos from the crowd.
  5. videology
    Zayn’s New Music Video Is His Own Little Scarface RemakeWith a feminist plot twist!
  6. The Scarface Reboot Script Is in the Hands of the Coen Brothers NowMeanwhile, Universal looks for a new director after the exit of Antoine Fuqua.
  7. the industry
    Antoine Fuqua Won’t Be Directing the Scarface Reboot After AllSay goodbye to his little friend.
  8. the industry
    Antoine Fuqua Might Direct a Scarface RebootOr not.
  9. black lives matter
    Jay Z, Miguel, and Swizz Beatz Pen Protest SongsThe tracks are in response to the deadly shootings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and police officers in Dallas.
  10. new on streaming
    What’s New on Netflix: March 2016House of Cards! Daredevil! Scarface!
  11. kickstarter
    Geto Boys Crowdfunding First Album in 10 YearsYou could get a coffin in return.
  12. The Sexiest Dresses of All TimeOf course Tom Ford is heavily represented.
  13. stunna shades
    The 50 Most Iconic Sunglasses of All TimeLolita’s heart-shaped glasses, Kanye’s shutter shades, and so much more. 
  14. director's chair
    No Director Might Helm Scarface RebootWhich is to say, a director.
  15. quiz
    Who Said It: Scarface or Walter White?Say hello to my little friend. His name is Jesse Pinkman.
  16. reboots
    Harry Potter Director David Yates Circling ScarfaceHmmm.
  17. scarface
    Can Scarface Get You Laid?IRL? Not so cute.
  18. i quit!
    Watch the Many Ways Movie and TV Characters Dramatically Quit Their Jobs“Frankly, I’d rather have a job wiping Saddam Hussein’s ass.”
  19. scarface
    Universal Is Developing a Scarface RebootDon’t call it a sequel.
  20. al pacino
    Al Pacino Credits Rappers with Scarface’s Enduring PopularityWhere would Tony Montana be without hip-hop?
  21. party chat
    This Is What Happens When You Try to Edit Oliver Stone“I wrote ‘Scarface’.”
  22. scarface
    What Was Viral Kiddie Scarface Really Marketing?Yes.
  23. movies
    See Children Reenact ScarfaceWith popcorn in lieu of cocaine.
  24. vulture lists
    10 Greatest Hit Jobs in Movie HistorySomething about a guy killing another guy at the behest of another guy sets filmmakers’ imaginations racing in a way that few other narrative devices can.
  25. Separated at Birth
    The World Is Fabio’s Empty ClamshellFabio from ‘Top Chef’ looks a lot like Scarface.
  26. quote machine
    Clint Eastwood Hated Your High-School Production of DroodPlus: 50 Cent overcomes his addictions.
  27. chat room
    Culture Critic Ken Tucker on the Enduring, Inexplicable Influence of ‘Scarface’We talk to critic Ken Tucker about the ‘great shallow masterpiece’ ‘Scarface’ — and why Brian De Palma won’t allow a new hip-hop soundtrack.
  28. Morgan, Big Boi, & Ce-Lo at VH1’s Hip-Hop HonorsSmoke up with Cypress Hill!
  29. Foodievents
    92nd Street Y Offers Dinner and Some MoviesFood historian Francine Segan hosts a tasting based on great food scenes. We’re hoping Scarface will be included.
  30. it just happened
    It’s Time to Party for Joe Girardi!It looks like Fox broadcaster and former Yankees catcher Joe Girardi is going to be the next manager of the Yankees, according to ESPN. “The Yankees have offered Joe the opportunity to become their next manager. Discussions are ongoing.” Steve Mandell, Girardi’s agent, said. Girardi beat out Steinbrenner favorite Don Mattingly and Yankees coach Tony Pena for the contract — reportedly $6 million for three years — after a ten-hour interview in which he apparently charmed the pants off the Steinbrenner family. But not everyone thinks he’s so sweet. “There remain concerns about Girardi’s aggressive style of handling people,” George King and Joel Sherman of the Post wrote in an article that appears on the Fox News Website. “He isn’t afraid to bruise feelings.” Aw, did someone at News Corp., perhaps, get his feelings hurt? Yanks Offer Job to Giardi [Fox] Yanks Officially Offer Skipper Job to Giardi [ESPN]