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    Unsolved Mysteries’ 10 Creepiest Cases, According to Its Co-CreatorTerry Dunn Meurer guides us through the spontaneous combustions, random murders, and unexplained disappearances that still haunt her.
  2. scary stuff
    Jennifer Lawrence Is Unscathed After a Scary Plane MishapWhew.
  3. scary stuff
    So This Is Why Manholes Keep Catching on FireThe explanation is very simple.
  4. scary stuff
    Your Third Worst Fear Confirmed: Man Hit in Head by Flying Manhole CoverSecond only to falling through a sidewalk grate.
  5. Scary Stuff
    Colorado Parents Freak Out Over the Idea of Pot-Laced Halloween CandyLocal advocacy groups are worried that people might hand kids Buddafingers instead of Butterfingers.
  6. scary stuff
    The CDC’s Ebola Live-Chat Answers Are the Stuff of NightmaresBut they don’t want you to panic!
  7. Scary Stuff
    Japan Now Has Pitch-Black Hot Dogs, TooIt’s part of Tokyo DisneySea’s frightening Halloween menu.
  8. scary stuff
    Bret Easton Ellis and Rob Zombie Team Up for Manson ProjectFor Fox.
  9. egg agents
    The Egg Agents Are Coming for YouThey want your harvest. 
  10. scary stuff
    Jamie Foxx Is Creating a Horror Anthology for SyfyHe’ll be writing, directing, and executive-producing.