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  1. coronavirus
    School Reopenings Are Not Going WellMany districts that have resumed in-person classes are already seeing outbreaks.
  2. coronavirus
    The Push to Move Classrooms Outdoors Is Gaining MomentumNew York City officials, and others across the nation, are hoping to teach students in the open air this fall to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  3. coronavirus
    Photos: Graduating in the Time of the CoronavirusFrom socially distanced ceremonies on a NASCAR track to virtual graduations at home, the class of 2020 is graduating in some novel ways.
  4. the teens
    It’s Forbidden to Meme the PSAT — but That Won’t Stop the TeensTo the College Board’s dismay, teens won’t stop making hilarious jokes about the test material.
  5. crime
    A 6-Year-Old Girl Was Arrested for Acting Out in SchoolThe girl, who suffers from sleep apnea, was reportedly handcuffed and charged with battery after throwing a tantrum.
  6. ask polly
    ‘I’m Juggling School With Full-Time Work and I’m Miserable!’You feel guilty for sleeping eight hours or having sex? Dude.
  7. power
    How Bad Do You Think Trump’s SAT Scores Were?Michael Cohen says he was ordered to threaten the president’s former schools to prevent his academic records from leaking.
  8. sexism
    High-School Cheerleading Team Under Fire for ‘Big Booty’ and ‘Big Boobie’ AwardsThe school has apologized after an ACLU investigation.
  9. education
    Georgia School Announces It Will Start Paddling Children As Punishment“There was a time where corporal punishment was kind of the norm in school and you didn’t have the problems that you have,” said the superintendent.
  10. Your Daughter Appears to Be Our Daughter’s Kindergänger, So Now We Have […] Hello, and come in, please! We’re so glad you accepted our invitation to lunch. Can I get you some water or iced tea? We might have a beer or […]
  11. crises
    Pumpkin Spice Air Freshener Leads to School EvacuationThe smell was so nauseating, it sent people to the hospital.
  12. select all
    A School Is Using Facial-Recognition Technology to Make Sure Students FocusUsing artificial intelligence to figure out who is daydreaming in class.
  13. The Biased Policies That Are Pushing Black Girls Out of SchoolAnd the instructional tool kit trying to change that.
  14. Here’s Why Public Preschool Education Should Start at BirthA Nobel Prize winner says early initiatives have a higher return on investment.
  15. working moms
    A Case for the 9-to-5 School DayA new report suggests that kids should go to school during the same hours that their parents work.
  16. An Idea: Let’s Get Rid of Middle SchoolA big new study suggests kids would be better off in K–8 schools.
  17. Maybe Stop Asking Kids to Recap Their School DayBeing a high-school student is already exhausting.
  18. A Letter to the Editor Regarding School Attendance of Students Whose […] I’m writing this letter today to object to the proposed legislation, the so-called Fairness in Education for the Parasitically Infected Act, […]
  19. First-Generation Kids Excel in School, But Then ‘Immigrant Optimism’ FadesSomething strange is happening as families assimilate into the U.S.
  20. Here’s a Helpful Rundown of the Homework DebateThere’s a serious disconnect between researchers and those in the homework “trenches.”
  21. adhd
    The Youngest Kids in the Class Are More Likely to Be Diagnosed With ADHDA month or two can make all the difference when it comes to development in young children.
  22. New Video Shows Baltimore School Cop Slapping and Kicking StudentThe chief of the school police has been placed on administrative leave.
  23. A Syllabus From a Really Cool Professor, by Zack Stovall What follows is a syllabus that was discovered following an extensive legal background examination, unearthed from the pages of a textbook […]
  24. tragedy
    Sweden School Attack Being Treated As Hate CrimeTwo people were killed by the 21-year-old attacker.
  25. high school hackers
    3 Long Island Teens Accused of Hacking High School and Tweaking GradesProbably trading college for some prison time. 
  26. kids
    Kids Do Better With Four-Day School WeeksThree-day weekends for everyone, please.
  27. studies
    How Parents Give Their Kids Math AnxietyAnd why math-anxious parents should maybe find a tutor instead of helping their kids with their homework. 
  28. Emerson College Will Offer a BFA in Comedic Arts Next YearAre you a young, bright high school graduate interested in accumulating thousands of dollars in student loan debt all in the name of comedy? If […]
  29. youth
    The Kids of P.S. 205 Share Their Favorite Yoga PosesChild’s pose, in class.
  30. Ditch Digger University, by Dan RozierListen up! Are you tired of parents, relatives, and friends telling you to apply yourself? Do you want an education that works for you? How’s […]
  31. The Marshmallow Diaries, by Howard MittelmarkDay one: Brought to the Stanford campus with other four-year-olds for “tests” starting tomorrow. All very mysterious. Something about […]
  32. A Note From the Principal About the Myths of Santa Claus and Democracy, by […]Dear Teachers and Staff, It’s that time of year when students begin asking questions about Santa Claus. Some are believers, some are doubters, […]
  33. we believe that children are the future
    In the U.K., Male Teachers Are Teaching Schoolboys the Art of WooingCovering the three Rs: Reading, ‘Riting, and Romancin’.
  34. things that are gross
    Brooklyn Students Hospitalized by Axe Body SprayWhat a way to go, bro.
  35. things that hopefully won't make us sad
    Brooklyn School’s Famous Chess Program in Danger of GuttingAs part of $130 million in city childcare funding.
  36. boy problems
    Study: Kindergarten Rigged Against BoysEconomist swears it’s not the end of men. Look at their test scores!
  37. Watch a Supercut of the First Day of School As Seen on TVSaved by the Bell, anyone?
  38. school daze
    Calling People ‘Gay’ Still Very Much a Thing in High SchoolIt’s even gay to play basketball now?
  39. school daze
    When Kids From a Ritzy Private School Burned Down a Public School Playground, Parents Somehow Took It As a Class IssueHow did they come to that conclusion?
  40. school daze
    Bronx Charter School Busted for Stacking the DeckEven though legally charter schools must admit by lottery, the Academic Leadership school has been weeding out weak applicants.
  41. clickables
    Read a Tumblr Devoted to Ridiculous High School Paper Excerpts“Frederick Douglass coped with his anguish by hopping.”
  42. school daze
    Stuyvesant High School Kids Disciplined Over Racist Rap VideoReally, it was pretty racist.
  43. nursery school
    Children’s Aid Society School Rescue Effort Gets Celebrity BackingBrooke Shields is on board to save the Children’s Aid Society School.
  44. school daze
    Cathie Black Takes on Teacher TenureWow, going after the golden goose so soon?
  45. school daze
    Schools Chancellor Nominee Cathie Black’s Son Dropped Out of College After One SemesterSpecifically Notre Dame, where Black herself is a trustee.
  46. school daze
    Prolific Prostitute/Teacher’s Students Surprisingly Not Good at GooglingEither that, or they are surprisingly chill.
  47. the most important preteen in america
    Lourdes Makes Her Public-High-School DebutBraces and all.