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Science Of Us Animations

  1. There’s One Crucial Scientific Truth Everyone Gets Wrong About SexIf you understand that there are different types of arousal, your sex life will improve.
  2. Psychologists Discovered a Simple Thing You Can Do When You Run Out of IdeasThe gist is this: You’re more creative than you think.
  3. If You’re Feeling Guilty About Casual Sex, This Will Make You Feel a Lot BetterDon’t listen to the alarmist media coverage — for some people, casual sex brings important benefits.
  4. relationships
    Watch: The Reason the Happiest Couples You Know Are Probably Fooling ThemselvesBut in a good way.
  5. science of us animations
    Watch This Animation to Learn One Secret From Neuroscience for a Happy MarriageIt’s really not that hard. 
  6. science of us animations
    Watch: Why Feeling Ambivalent About Your Co-workers Is a Good ThingThe science of love-hate relationships.
  7. science of us animations
    Why Résumés Contribute to Discrimination at WorkThe secret, persuasive power of names and other résumé indicators.
  8. science of us animations
    Watch This Video to Learn How Taking Breaks Helps You Get More DoneAnd why taking a nap is the busy person’s secret productivity weapon.
  9. consumer psychology
    Watch This Video to Find Out How to Maximize Your Vacation HappinessIt’s all about storytelling.
  10. worrying
    Watch This Video to Find Out How Anxiety Can Make You SmarterYou don’t need to worry about how much you worry. 
  11. advice
    How to Sound Smart When You’re Feeling DumbIf you fear looking like an idiot when asking for help — don’t. 
  12. sex
    Explaining the Unnecessary Freak-out Over ‘Hookup Culture’How we fool ourselves into freaking out about “kids these days” over and over and over.
  13. the mind
    3 Reasons Why You Are Always Mishearing Song LyricsSo Taylor Swift is not actually singing about lonely Starbucks lovers?
  14. this is your brain on advertising
    This Is Your Brain on Advertising: Why Kids Are So Vulnerable to MarketingChildren are very, very suggestible.
  15. this is your brain on advertising
    This Is Your Brain on Advertising: How Marketers Target Your SensesIt’s not just sleek cars and sexy spokespeople.
  16. this is your brain on advertising
    This Is Your Brain on Advertising: Why Impulse-Buying Is So SeductiveThe psychological principle that helps explain the allure of purchasing stuff on a whim.
  17. This Is Your Brain on Advertising: Why Your Favorite Brand Is Like a FriendThe psychological and physiological underpinnings of brand loyalty. 
  18. this is your brain on advertising
    This Is Your Brain on Advertising: Why Sex Doesn’t SellNew research questions an old assumption about advertising. 
  19. stress
    How to Recover If Reading the News Is Stressing You OutPolitics, plane crashes, food-safety scares — what to do when it all gets to be too much. 
  20. narcissism
    Here Is a Really Easy Way to Identify a NarcissistIt’s just one question. 
  21. personality
    Where’s the ‘Real’ You — in Your Head or Your Heart?Your answer matters more than you might expect. 
  22. sex and love
    This Explains Why Men Always Think Women Are FlirtingIt’s something called sexual misperception — watch the latest Science of Us animated video to find out more. 
  23. positive thinking
    Why a Little Pessimism Is Good for YouPositive thinking usually just gets in the way. 
  24. wandering minds
    Mindfulness Is Great, But Spacing Out Is Good for You, TooCheck out the latest episode of the Science of Us animated video series. 
  25. pets
    How to Speak CatWatch the latest Science of Us animated video, this one all about kitty communication. 
  26. How to Recover From an All-NighterStep one, unfortunately, is to resist the siren song of the snooze button. 
  27. sleep
    There’s a Bright Side to Bad DreamsThey might make your actual, waking life less frightening. 
  28. science of us animations
    How Your Feet Can Help You SleepLet the Science of Us Sleep Institute offer you a helping foot.