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  1. white house
    What We Learned From Leaked Trump Transition Vetting DocumentsMany would-be appointees had “red flags,” but they were hired anyway.
  2. politics
    Even the Trump Transition Team Knew Some Appointees Were Bad Hires: ReportIn newly obtained documents, the Trump transition team flagged some candidates as worrisome for the exact reason they were eventually let go.
  3. conflicts of interest
    Trump’s Nominee for U.N. Ambassador Kelly Craft Has Billion-Dollar Ties to CoalCraft once expressed climate denialism and her husband is a coal baron. She may soon represent the U.S. at the key venue for combating climate change.
  4. nefarious things
    What You Need to Know About the Massive Times Pesticide ReportIf you enjoy fruit or vegetables or living a long, healthy life, you’ll want to know more about this story.
  5. New EPA Chief Worries Trump’s Pro-Car-Pollution Plan Is IllegalBut other administration officials believe the plan is legal — because Brett Kavanaugh will say that it is, when the issue reaches the Supreme Court.
  6. Auditor: Tom Price Owes Government $341,000 for Unauthorized Travel ExpensesIt’s amazing how much Price spent on travel that accomplished nothing of great note during just seven months in office.
  7. The EPA Is Hiding Proof That a Widely Used Chemical Causes Leukemia: ReportTrump appointees are (reportedly) refusing to release a blockbuster EPA report — because industry lobbyists asked them not to.
  8. Scott Pruitt Shows Loyalty to Trump Protects You — But Only for So LongThe EPA chief’s bond with the president let him hang on far longer than he should have. But ultimately, Trump is only loyal to himself.
  9. Scandalous EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Finally ResignsPruitt heads off to the Scandal-Ridden Cabinet Members Hall of Fame, without so much as a moment’s acknowledgement of his misdeeds from the president.
  10. summer of scam
    Scott Pruitt Resigns: The 14 Biggest Scandals From His EPA CareerThe former EPA chief was the greatest scammer of the Trump administration.
  11. the national interest
    Why Hasn’t Trump Fired Scott Pruitt? Because Pruitt Can Fire Robert Mueller.The EPA administrator pitches President Trump on a sinister plan to quash the Russia investigation.
  12. scams
    Scott Pruitt Reportedly Tried to Get Aides to Find His Wife a $200,000 JobD.C.’s greatest scammer is at it again.
  13. protests
    Watch a Woman Confront EPA Chief Scott Pruitt at LunchKristin Mink held her 2-year-old son in her arms as she urged the politician to resign “before your scandals push you out.”
  14. confrontations
    Mother and Toddler Confront Scott Pruitt in a D.C. Restaurant“I just wanted to urge you to resign because of what you’re doing to the environment and our country.”
  15. drain the swamp
    Scott Pruitt’s Lobbyist Landlord Tried to Get EPA Job for FriendNewly released emails reveal Vicki and J. Stephen Hart’s correspondence with, and requests of, Pruitt and his chief of staff.
  16. Trump Dumps Obama Effort to Prevent Oil SpillsBoth the business and “populist” wings of the GOP support Trump’s heavy tilt toward oil and gas at the expense of the environment.
  17. Natural Gas Is Hurting the Climate More Than We ThoughtScott Pruitt tried to suppress research on methane emissions at gas plants. A new study reveals that he had good reason to fear the truth.
  18. Scott Pruitt Has His Own Email Problem NowThe EPA claims that the administrator sent only one email from his official account in his first ten months on the job.
  19. It’s Time for Your Daily Scott Pruitt Scandal ReportToday, the EPA administrator is under fire for using staffers to help his daughter get into college and using his position to get Rose Bowl tickets.
  20. Some of Pruitt’s Allies Are Starting to Turn on HimThe ongoing ethical disaster that is EPA administrator Scott Pruitt may finally be running out of luck.
  21. WaPo: Scott Pruitt Had an Aide Ask Donors to Find His Wife a JobThe EPA administrator’s latest scandal may run afoul of federal ethics rules.
  22. the national interest
    How Trump Could Get Scott Pruitt to Fire Robert MuellerDeep in a New York Times story on palace intrigue lies a key revelation of a potential republic-shaking plot.
  23. power
    Report: Scott Pruitt a Fancy Little Snack BoySources say the EPA Chief loves his yum yums.
  24. beauty
    Scott Pruitt Reportedly Made His Staff Drive Him to Pick Up His Favorite LotionHe makes his security staff drive him around in search of his favorite lotion.
  25. Scott Pruitt Was Told to Stop Eating at the White House Mess So OftenThe EPA administrator was reportedly so fond of the well-priced White House mess that he had to be told to stay away.
  26. big spenders
    Scott Pruitt May Soon Be Forbidden From Spending Too Much on Fancy PensAfter he spent $1,560 of taxpayer money on 12 fancy fountain pens.
  27. departures
    Top EPA Aide and Lawyer Both Resign Amid Scott Pruitt ProbeShortly after leaked testimony revealed how much dumb crap he had done.
  28. Pruitt Used Position and Staff to Pursue a Chick-fil-A Franchise for His WifeThe EPA administrator is building an amazing record of abusing public resources for private gain and comfort.
  29. big spenders
    EPA Chief Asked Aide to Get a Used Trump Hotel MattressScott Pruitt apparently really wanted the “Trump Home Luxury Plush Euro Pillow Top.”
  30. Scott Pruitt’s Front Row Seat to a Coal Baron’s GenerosityWhen it comes to simultaneous ethics scandals, the EPA director is headed for the hall of fame.
  31. big spenders
    The EPA Chief Spent Over $1,500 on Pens From a Place Called the Tiny Jewel BoxAnd he only bought 12 pens!
  32. AP Reporter Forcibly Removed by Guard After Being Barred From EPA MeetingAfter publishing an account of her treatment, she was allowed back into the meeting.
  33. zing!
    Democratic Senator Delivers Totally Sick Burn to EPA Administrator Scott PruittHe went with a classic.
  34. Report: Pruitt Fast-tracks Superfund Cleanup After Hugh Hewitt–Brokered Sit-downJust another totally aboveboard move from the EPA administrator.
  35. California’s Governor Calls EPA Chief ‘Outlaw Pruitt’Jerry Brown intensifies his war of words — and lawsuits — with the Trump administration.
  36. Scott Pruitt Faces Yet Another InvestigationIt’s getting harder and harder to keep them straight.
  37. GOP Leader: Pruitt Has Some Explaining to DoAs Republican support for the EPA director wanes, Scott Pruitt takes out his frustration on environmental science.
  38. Lobbyist Who Rented Pruitt Cut-Rate Room Also Had Business Before the EPACan Pruitt survive his 75th ethical scandal in a month?
  39. big spenders
    Here’s Why the EPA Chief Upgraded to a Larger, Fancier CarSounds like Scott Pruitt was jealous.
  40. Pro-Trump EPA Official: Pruitt Asked Us to Rent Him a Private PlaneNew testimony that Scott Pruitt is far more corrupt than previously understood.
  41. That EPA Seal Scott Pruitt Hates? He Can Blame Neil Gorsuch’s Mother.When she ran the agency under Reagan, she went out of her way to save a dated logo from extinction.
  42. 13 Threats to EPA Chief Scott PruittIncluding: “I am considering dumping the old paint I just scraped off of my home outside your office door.”
  43. Scott Pruitt’s Problems Aren’t Going AwayA new report contradicts the EPA administrator’s story about pay raises.
  44. Trump Doubles Down on Pruitt, For NowAnd the hotel and real estate mogul may not actually understand what “market rate” means.
  45. After Pruitt Overstayed His Lease, Lobbyist Landlords Changed LocksA bad week gets a little more embarrassing for the embattled EPA administrator.
  46. Trump Unsure If Pruitt Is Too Corrupt for EPA – Or Just Corrupt Enough to Be AGDespite the EPA director’s scandals, Trump floated firing Jeff Sessions and making Pruitt attorney general just this week.
  47. the national interest
    Scott Pruitt’s Scandals Won’t Stop Coming, and Trump Might Actually Fire HimThe most corrupt Trump Cabinet secretary also happens to be very good at letting fossil-fuel companies pollute the environment.
  48. Pruitt Tries to Ruin the Planet Before Getting FiredIt was a busy day on many fronts for the embattled EPA administrator.
  49. Trump’s EPA Declares War on California’s Fuel-Efficiency and Emissions StandardsThe battle between the Trump administration and the state of California expands to public land sales and an old fight over fuel-economy goals.
  50. draining the swamp
    EPA Mulled Leasing a Private Jet, and Other Scandalous Scott Pruitt RevelationsWith a flurry of new reports on his ethically questionable behavior, the EPA chief may be pulling ahead in the race to see who Trump fires next.
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