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  1. roll clip!
    Meryl Streep’s Big Little Lies Scream Is the Song of SummerOh, sorry, is her grief too loud for you?
  2. remixes
    You Need to Watch This Lady Bird Trailer Where Everyone Screams the Entire TimeLADY BIRD, IS THAT YOUR GIVEN NAME?
  3. select all
    Google’s Newest Robot Is a Leaping, Rolling, 6.5-Foot MenaceIts name is Handle, and it can jump four feet in the air.
  4. screaming
    James Drops Off $1.3 Million to Wall Winners[Festive Christmas screams.]
  5. Blac Chyna Films Delivery-Room Mannequin Challenge and It’s PerfectKris Jenner and Rob Kardashian are in it, too.
  6. select all
    These Tiny Raccoon Hands Are Going to Haunt My NightmaresTruly terrifying.
  7. select all
    This Is What a Deer Would Look Like If It Had Eyes at the Front of Its HeadAlso, a shark.
  8. workplace sexism
    Saatchi Chairman: Gender Diversity a NonissueKevin Roberts added that women don’t have “vertical ambition,” but a “circular ambition to be happy.”
  9. Google’s Newest Robot Will Give You a Heart Attack and Help Do the Dishes2016 is terrifying, but efficient.
  10. perception
    Why Screaming Gets Our AttentionWe all know there’s something compelling about shrill shrieks and blood-curdling wails, but a new study casts some light on what that something is.
  11. screaming
    Why Tweens Lose Their Damn Minds at ConcertsSociologists have some ideas. 
  12. screaming
    John Green Picks His Favorite Scenes From the Fault in Our Stars MovieAnd more from his BookCon panel.
  13. screaming
    Kanye on SNL: Scowls, Screaming, The WaterboyThis was aggressive.
  14. screaming
    Kanye’s Second London Show Got Weird, TooHe started screaming.
  15. Watch This Painter Make Art by ScreamingGiving new meaning to “loud art.”
  16. clickables
    Check Out the Latest in Moose-Scaring TechniquesYou’ll need a bar or stick of some kind.
  17. copycats
    Snoop Dogg Wants to Do Like James Franco, Appear on a Soap OperaThe British ‘Coronation Street.’