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  1. Sean Spicer Does It AgainWait, the top official in Trump’s campaign had only a “very limited” role?
  2. White House Angers Britain by Claiming Obama Used U.K. Spies to Wiretap TrumpSean Spicer suggested Obama used GCHQ to spy on Donald Trump last fall. Britain told the White House to never make that “ridiculous” claim again.
  3. Trump Stands By ‘Wiretap’ Claim — Even As House Intel Committee Rejects It“Wiretap covers a lot of different things.”
  4. Trump Hasn’t Donated His Salary to Charity Yet, But the Check’s in the MailThe president will honor his promise of giving away his paycheck at the end of the year, the White House said Monday.
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    Sean Spicer Should Have Anticipated This Apple Store Visit Going BadlyTrump’s press secretary visited an Apple Store and was interrogated, on Periscope, by a customer saying he works for a fascist.
  6. on comedy
    Sean Spicer Joked About His Saturday Night Live Impression at a Press BriefingSo Spicey!
  7. Spicer’s Giddy Jobs Tweets May Have Broken a Federal RuleExecutive-branch employees are supposed to keep quiet on jobs numbers for an hour after their release.
  8. Sean Spicer Begs America to Look at His Tiny Health-Care BillThe press secretary explains that large stacks of paper are “government,” while smaller stacks of paper are “not.”
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    Sean Spicer Goofs, Announces Donald Trump As New HUD Secretary on TwitterSpicer meant to announce Ben Carson’s confirmation, but his tweet said otherwise.
  10. Sean Spicer Was Almost Certainly Not Born in KenyaThere has been a lot of drama lately in the White House press office — including over the question of the secretary’s birthplace.
  11. Seth Meyers Takes ‘A Closer Look’ at White House Leaks and Trump Whining […]Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Night, where Seth Meyers takes “A Closer Look” at Trump’s agenda ahead of his first address to Congress […]
  12. politics
    Sean Spicer Got a Style MakeoverAfter Trump reportedly dissed his style.
  13. leaks
    White House Staffers Leak News of Spicer’s ‘Phone Check’ Targeting LeaksHe made them surrender their electronic devices for a surprise search, then warned them not to tell the press.
  14. twitter trolls
    This Book Publisher Has Really Committed to Trolling Sean Spicer on Twitter“hey ……. u got dippin dot on your face”
  15. White House Bars New York Times, CNN, and Politico From Press BriefingEarlier in the day, Trump explained that the media isn’t the “enemy of the people” — but the fake news media is.
  16. Sean Spicer Does Melissa McCarthy Doing Sean SpicerThe White House press secretary reminded reporters to behave “like big boys and girls.”
  17. How the White House Lies: What Jonathan Swift Has to Say About Kellyanne Conway“We’re putting conundrums on top of hypotheticals on top of conjecture here.”
  18. great spaces
    Sean Spicer’s Office Décor Is BleakThat’s it?
  19. Trump Was Told Weeks Ago That Flynn Had Misled PenceAfter 17 days of reflection, the “unbelievably decisive” president fired his national security adviser due to eroding trust, Sean Spicer explained.
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    Nighttime Voice-mails From the White HouseHi Kellyanne. I can’t sleep.
  21. hot shot
    Sean Spicer Spends Another Busy Day Cleaning Up After Trump’s TeamThis particular mess required a lint-roller.
  22. roll clip!
    Melissa McCarthy Rages As Sean Spicer on Saturday Night LiveSealed with a spicy kiss.
  23. last night on late night
    Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer Returns to SNL in the Hope of Becoming Calm“There was some light terrorism this week when Nordstrom stopped selling Ivanka Trump’s line of clothing and accessories.”
  24. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Discusses Sean Spicer and Melissa McCarthy’s SNL ImpressionLong ties, big lies, and made-up crowd size.
  25. the national interest
    Spicer Calls CNN Report on Dossier Fake News, Tries to Use Better Insult, FailsWhite House Press Secretary: The fake-news store called and they’re out of you!
  26. politics
    Sean Spicer’s Press Briefings Get More Viewers Than Actual Soap OperasEven if a lot of them are hate-watchers.
  27. Cringe Your Way Through This Breitbart News Interview With Sean SpicerThe White House press secretary sat down with the right-wing outlet and the video is a sight to behold.
  28. Report: No One Wants to Be Trump’s Communications DirectorKellyanne Conway says plenty of people want the job, but the White House is “deciding what to do.”
  29. Spicer: Anyone Who Says the Yemen Raid Failed Should Apologize to Dead Navy SEALYou can’t call a military endeavor a failure without insulting the soldiers who died pursuing it. Donald Trump has always believed this.
  30. Donald Trump Is Not Happy About Melissa McCarthy Playing Sean Spicer on […]There’s one person in the world that isn’t a fan of Melissa McCarthy’s incredible performance as White House press secretary Sean Spicer during […]
  31. Seth Meyers Asks Sean Spicer the Tough Questions During ‘Late Night’s […]Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Night, where Seth Meyers holds his very own White House press briefing with Sean Spicer and asks him all […]
  32. Trump Reportedly Upset That Sean Spicer Was Spoofed by a Woman on SNLAnd now Rosie O’Donnell wants to play Steve Bannon.
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    Somebody Found Sean Spicer’s Venmo and Now People Are Asking Him for MoneyIf it’s really Sean Spicer’s account, this is hilarious and sad. If it’s not, this is an excellent scam.
  34. impressions
    Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer Impression Is an SNL Instant ClassicA close look at her soon-to-be legendary impression of the White House press secretary.
  35. the critic's corner
    Spicer Called McCarthy’s SNL Impression ‘Funny,’ But Critiques Her Gum-ChewingThe press secretary said Melissa McCarthy “needs to slow down on the gum chewing; way too many pieces in there.”
  36. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: Kristen Stewart Drops an F-Bomb, Taunts Donald TrumpMelissa McCarthy’s impression of Sean Spicer is an instant classic.
  37. last night on late night
    ‘Melissa McCarthy Debuts Her Incredible Sean Spicer Impression on SNL“I’m not here to be your buddy. I’m here to swallow gum and take names.”
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    Sean Spicer Retweets the Onion Saying He Gives ‘Misinformation’: ‘Nailed It’Unclear if Spicer realized the video from satirical news website the Onion was mocking him.
  39. Trump’s Aides Leak Embarrassing Story About How He Can’t Handle EmbarrassmentThree days in, and the president is consumed by rage, while his staffers are consumed by infighting. And reporters are hearing all about it.
  40. Contrary to What Spicer Says, Taxpayer Dollars Don’t Fund Abortions OverseasDissecting Sean Spicer’s statement about the Mexico City Policy.
  41. reality check
    Sean Spicer’s Inauguration Ratings Claims, Fact-checkedSince you asked, Mr. Spicer, there’s plenty of data that suggests the administration’s claim is false. 
  42. In White House Press Briefing, Sean Spicer Declares Intention to ‘Never Lie’But Trump and his team are “frustrated” and “demoralized” by media negativity, he said.
  43. women's march 2017
    What You Need to Know About the 89800 ‘Count Me’ TextThe organization behind the Count Me In effort provided an update.
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    A Brief History of Sean Spicer’s Best (Weirdest) TweetsFrom Dippin’ Dots to Daft Punk.
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    Sean Spicer’s Press Briefing a Sea of Angry Emoji on Facebook LivePeople are using Facebook’s emoji reactions to let Sean Spicer know how they feel about him.
  46. twitter rants
    Sean Spicer Has Hated Dippin’ Dots Longer Than Any Rational Person ShouldHe’s been at war with the company on Twitter since 2010.
  47. beefin'
    Sean Spicer Finds ‘Daft Funk’s’ Helmets ChildishHe also has some complaints about Dippin’ Dots.
  48. White House (Falsely) Declares Trump’s Inauguration Crowd the Largest in History“This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration,” the White House press secretary lied. “We’re going to hold the press accountable.”
  49. Donald Trump on Nuclear Weapons: ‘Let It Be an Arms Race’Future White House press secretary Sean Spicer immediately clarified that Trump will not let there be an arms race.
  50. Where Are the Latinos in Trump’s Cabinet?He is in danger of becoming first president since Jimmy Carter with no top Latino appointees.
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